Best Dynamic Island Apps for iPhone in 2023

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Dynamic Island has opened up exciting possibilities for iOS users, allowing them to customize and interact with their home screen in new ways. If you want to enhance your iPhone or iPad’s functionality and add a touch of personalization, you’ve come to the right place. This Dynamic Island supports various apps, system notifications, now-playing interfaces, and ongoing calls. But that’s not all – there’s plenty of room for creativity and fun! If you’re eager to explore the possibilities, here is the list of Best dynamic island apps for iPhone that make the most of Dynamic Island on your iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. 

From music and productivity to messaging and entertainment, these apps will transform your home screen into a vibrant and interactive hub. Let’s dive in and discover the Best dynamic Island supported apps for iPhone that make the most of Dynamic Island’s potential!

1. System Alerts

Dynamic Island enhances System Alerts on iPhones by transforming them into interactive and visually engaging experiences. Instead of standard notification banners, you will be greeted with a dynamic island-themed interface with personalized avatars and music-related elements. 

2. Incoming and outgoing phone calls

Dynamic Island revolutionizes incoming and outgoing phone calls with its immersive experience. When you receive a call, the pill-shaped cutout will grow bigger, showing the incoming call details, and you’ll see options to reject or answer the call with buttons.

3. Face ID

Dynamic Island will turn into a window with clear face detection instructions during Face ID setup. After that, whenever you use Face ID for verification, a fun face animation will appear, adding a touch of excitement to the process.

4. Charging status

When you plug your iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max into a charger, the notch will get bigger, clearly showing the charging status and battery level.

5. SIM card notifications

When you insert a new sim card, the Island responds with an interactive notification, guiding you through the setup process. It displays essential information like carrier name, signal strength, and data status. 

6. Low power alert

When your iPhone’s battery level drops to a critical point, the Island displays an eye-catching notification with a personalized avatar. It also suggests power-saving tips to extend your usage. 

7. Timer and alarms

When you set a timer on your iPhone 14 Pro, a countdown will appear in the pill area. This way, you can keep an eye on the timer without going back to the timer app. Long-press the countdown to access quick functions like play/pause, and tapping it will open the clock app. 

8. Map Navigation

Dynamic Island now displays navigation instructions from both Apple Maps and Google Maps. You can view the remaining distance, directions, and turns. However, Google Maps only shows a navigation symbol without specific instructions or distance on the Island.

9. Screen Recording, Camera

Dynamic Island now shows the screen recording status, similar to voice recordings. When you start screen recording, a red dot appears on the Island. It remains there after a countdown. To stop and enlarge the widget, long-press the recording symbol when you’re finished.

10. Connect accessories (AirPods)

Dynamic Island shows the connection status and battery level when your iPhone 14 Pro is connected to AirPods or any wireless device. This happens for all wireless accessories connected to your iPhone, which will help you to monitor your connections and battery life on the Island.

11. AirDrop (File Transfer)

Dynamic Island is a helpful tool to check file transfers easily. When you receive something via AirDrop, a pop-up appears on the Island. If you long-press it, you can see the status of the file transfer process. It’s a convenient way to keep track of your transfers!

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12. Sharing hotspot

Dynamic Island displays a personal hotspot symbol when someone shares your iPhone’s internet. Tapping on it instantly opens the hotspot settings page, allowing you to manage your internet sharing easily. Stay in control with this convenient feature on the Island!

Third-Party calling apps (WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Voice, Skype)

Dynamic Island has amazing Apple CallKit features that show notifications for calls made through third-party apps. Whether you receive calls from Whatsapp dynamic island, Instagram, Google Voice, or Skype, the Island displays incoming call notifications like the built-in iPhone apps. 

Music and Audiobooks 

1. Spotify 

Spotify App for Dynamic Island

Spotify is the most used Third-Party Apps for the Dynamic Island, which allows you to access Spotify directly from the Island’s interface and explore music with the dynamic world. As you explore the Island, music discovery spots provide personalized playlists and song recommendations based on your taste. To view your live music on Dynamic Island, play a song on music apps like Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora. After leaving the app, Dynamic Island will automatically display a small picture of the album and a moving music icon, adding a touch of music to your island experience.

Pros of using Spotify:

  • Daily music mixes 
  • Subscribe to your favorite podcasts 
  • Bookmark favorite podcasts and music list

Price = Free (In-app purchases start from $3.99- $13.99)

2.  Apple Music

Apple Music App for Dynamic Island
Apple Music

Apple Music on Dynamic Island in iOS offers an excellent music streaming experience. You can access Apple Music directly from the Island’s interface and effortlessly explore a range of music. As you listen to your favorite tracks, the Island dynamically responds with visuals and animations that complement the music’s mood. On the Home screen, Dynamic Island displays a small album art image and a volume gauge. Pressing down on the Island shows a larger view with the album art, song name, artist, and controls like pause, play, skip back, skip forward, and audio output options. It’s a convenient way to manage your music experience with ease.

Pros of using Apple Music:

  • Provides real-time lyrics
  • Get personalized recommendations
  • Download and stream music to Apple watch

Price = Free 

3. YouTube 

YouTube App for Dynamic Island

Youtube is one of the famous Apps that support Dynamic Island. It shows a waveform and album cover for the music that’s playing. Its symbol will appear when your iPhone is connected to a compatible device. The Island will display a pause button and an audio visualizer specifically for audio. YouTube on Dynamic Island for iOS offers an exciting and interactive video-watching experience. You can easily access YouTube directly from the Island’s interface, seamlessly integrating entertainment with the dynamic world. As you explore the Island, video discovery spots provide personalized recommendations based on your interests. Additionally, you can share and discuss videos with friends, fostering a sense of community.

Pros of using YouTube:

  • Browse personal recommendations 
  • Create and upload your own videos
  • Start live streaming and join various communities

Price = Free (In-app purchases start from $1.99 – $29.99)

4. Audible

Audible App for Dynamic Island

Audible is one of the Cool dynamic Island apps that offers a captivating and immersive audiobook experience. You can quickly access Audible directly from the Island’s interface, seamlessly integrating storytelling with the dynamic world. You can connect with fellow audiobook enthusiasts, share your favorite titles, and discuss captivating stories together, fostering a sense of community. The Island displays album art, waveforms, runtimes, titles, and artists within its pill-shaped cutout. Whether you love audiobooks, podcasts, or music, the functionality of Audible and Amazon Music remains consistent on Dynamic Island, making it easy to enjoy your favorite content on the go.

Pros of using Audible:

  • Storytelling and entertainment
  • Wide range of originals, audiobooks, and podcasts 
  • switch between reading on Kindle and listening on Audible 

Price = Free (In-app purchases start from $7.99 – $159.99)

Spotlight on: The Dynamic Island

1. Apollo for Reddit 

Apollo for Reddit App for Dynamic Island
Apollo for Reddit

Apollo introduces a fun concept on the Island, allowing you to have a virtual pixel animal on the pill-shaped cutout. The free version includes Cat and Dog options, while the premium offers five animals. These creatures come to life as they roam, sit, and even sleep with a ‘Zzz’ floating above them. It adds a playful touch to the Island without affecting your app experience. Enjoy the unique and entertaining island feature!

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Pros of using Apollo for Reddit:

  • Easy and fast navigation
  • Fully customizable gestures
  • Offers Face ID / Touch ID / Password lock

Price = Free (In-app purchases start from $1.00 – $20.00)

2. Citymapper 

Citymapper App for Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island seamlessly integrates the Citymapper app into its interface on the iPhone. When you have Citymapper installed and open, it automatically displays relevant information, such as real-time transit updates, nearby transportation options, and suggested routes. This integration allows you to access the Citymapper features without leaving the Island, making your travel planning and navigation experience more convenient and enjoyable.

Pros of using Citymapper:

  • Offers step-by-step navigation
  • Allows to personalize city
  • Find the best and safest route

Price = Free (In-app purchases start from $1.49 – $99.99)


CARROT App for Dynamic Island

You can get a streamlined display of the Carrot Weather app on the iPhone. When you have Carrot Weather installed and running, it automatically shows you real-time weather updates, including current conditions, temperature, precipitation, and forecast. This integration allows you to check the weather without leaving the Island, making it a convenient and practical feature for staying informed about the weather while enjoying the dynamic world of Dynamic Island.

Pros of using CARROT:

  • It is Accurate & Detailed
  • Offers TV-news-style weather report
  • Give notifications and weather reports

Price = Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99 – $39.99)

4. Flighty 

Flighty App for Dynamic Island

When Flighty is installed and opened, the Island automatically displays real-time flight updates and tracking information. It shows details like departure and arrival times, flight status, delays, and even the aircraft type. You can track flights from various airlines worldwide, making it convenient to stay informed about your travel plans without leaving the Island. With Flighty on Dynamic Island, you can enjoy a hassle-free and comprehensive flight tracking experience in a visually engaging and interactive way.

Pros of using Flighty:

  • live-streaming and actual flight plans
  • Sync your trip with the calendar
  • iCloud backup & sync

Price = Free (In-app purchases start from $3.99 – $449.00)

5. FotMob 

FotMob App for Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island seamlessly displays FotMob, the sports alerts app, on the iPhone. Once you have FotMob installed and running, it automatically shows real-time sports updates and alerts. You can receive notifications about your favorite sports, teams, and leagues, including live scores, match results, and upcoming fixtures. FotMob’s integration with Dynamic Island allows you to stay updated regarding the latest sports news and events without having to leave the Island, making it a convenient and engaging feature for sports enthusiasts.

Pros of using FotMob: 

  • Live text commentary and video highlights
  • Detailed stats, including xG and shot maps
  • Offers alerts for favorite clubs and players

Price = Free (In-app purchases start from $2.49 – $7.49)

6. Dynamic Notch 

Dynamic Notch App for Dynamic Island
Dynamic Notch

Dynamic Island allows wallpaper apps to provide interactive and visually engaging wallpapers for the pill-shaped cutout area of the iPhone, commonly known as the “notch.” These wallpapers can be designed to interact with system notifications, music playback, or other app functionalities to create a dynamic and immersive experience. This app offers unique 3D wallpapers that respond to various actions and events on Dynamic Island, enhancing the overall user experience on the iPhone. You can easily open settings and select your desired wallpaper and change it.

Pros of using Dynamic Notch:

  •  Parallax 3D Live wallpapers
  • HD/Custom 4K Wallpapers HD
  • Offers various categories of animated and live wallpaper 

Price = Free (In-app purchases start from $2.99 – $19.95)

7. Hit The Island

Hit The Island App for Dynamic Island
Hit The Island

“Hit the Island” is a fun new Ping-Pong game. You earn points by hitting Dynamic Island with a ball using your paddle. You must be careful with your moves when you play this game! The game gets tougher as the ball speeds up after every ten points, splits into two balls, and your paddle shrinks. If you score above 45 points, you might rank in the top 1% of players on the leaderboard. Enjoy the challenge and aim for the highest score!

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Pros of using Hit The Island:

  • Convenient, fun game
  • NEW Levels modes
  • Share your high score on the leaderboard

Price = Free (In-app purchases start from $1.99 – $9.99)

8. Calzy 

Calzy App for Dynamic Island

Calzy is known for its unique features, such as memory tape, shareable calculation URLs, and various themes to customize the interface. To use the Calzy app for calculations on your iPhone, you can open the app separately and perform math operations. Calzy is a fun app for doing math on the go or while using other apps. When you enable Live Activities in Calzy’s settings, you can view numbers, calculations, and the results of equations right on your Dynamic Island. It’s a convenient way to stay on top of your math tasks without leaving your current screen. (Best Calculator Apps for Mac)

Pros of using Calzy:

  • Dynamic type support
  • Dark and Light modes 
  • Bookmarks and family-sharing support

Price = Free (In-app purchases start from $4.99)

9. Steps 

Steps App for Dynamic Island

Steps is a helpful Dynamic Island app for ios that lets you start a workout with specific goals, like reaching a certain step count or walking for a chosen time. Your workout progress appears on Dynamic Island, making it easy to check while doing other tasks on your phone, like checking other routes in Maps. This way, you could easily monitor your step count without opening the “Steps” app separately. The dynamic widget on Dynamic Island also shows your current step count, daily progress toward your goal, and other fitness statistics. As you walk or engage in physical activities, the step count on the widget will update in real time, keeping you motivated and aware of your fitness achievements throughout the day.

Pros of using Steps:

  • Calorie tracking and other customization
  • Siri and Shortcuts support
  • Record and measure your workout

Price = Free (In-app purchases start from $1.99)


The world of Dynamic Island offers many innovative and interactive apps that enhance the iPhone user experience. From music streaming services like Spotify to live flight trackers like Flighty, each app seamlessly integrates with Dynamic Island to provide users with a visually engaging and immersive journey. Whether tracking fitness goals with Steps or staying informed about sports updates with FotMob, the best Dynamic Island apps offer convenience, entertainment, and practicality. As technology evolves, you can explore more exciting app integrations that continue to enrich the dynamic world of Dynamic Island on iOS devices.

Have you explored any of the  Dynamic Island apps for iPhone 14 Pro? If yes, then do comment on your ideas in the comment section!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How many apps support Dynamic Island?

Currently, there are only a few Apple Apps using Dynamic Island, but more apps are expected to support it in the future. You’ll notice a fun animation when you unlock your phone with Face ID or plug it in to charge. These are just a couple of the simple interactions you can experience with Dynamic Island, and there will likely be more exciting features to come.

Which devices support Dynamic Island?

Dynamic Island is supported on iOS devices running iOS 14 and later versions. It includes iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 pro max. It will not support on devices with lower ios version than this.

Is Dynamic Island really useful?

Dynamic Island, also known as interactive home screen widgets introduced by Apple in iOS 14, can be useful for users who enjoy personalizing their iPhone or iPad experience. It allows to access relevant information and app functions directly from the home screen. However, its usefulness varies depending on individual preferences and needs. Some users may find it highly beneficial for increased productivity, while others prefer a more traditional home screen layout.

How do you activate the Dynamic Island?

You can pick the Apps with Dynamic Island that can activate DynamicSpot. Music apps like Spotify, YouTube Music, Audible, and others are good choices. You can also include messaging apps if you want. It’s pretty straightforward, but the real power of Dynamic Island shines when you long-press on it.
When you have two apps using Dynamic Island simultaneously, like music and a timer in the Clock app, the Island will display animations for both tasks. The timer will be shown as a small animation on the right side. You can interact with either app using the same tap or long-press action.

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