iOS 17.0.1: How to Delete Apps on iPhone and iPad 2023

Last Updated on Nov 4, 2022

The 3D Touch is included in the iPhone and iPad Pro, due to this interface of the latest iPhone model has improved a lot, and we are enjoying it. Sadly with this new feature, people are facing difficulties in deleting the app. In my experience when I try to press and hold on the app icon, the 3D widget triggers automatically instead of bouncing effect with (x) symbol. At the time to go Deleting app process change just like the evolution of iOS/iPadOS. So, Keep your Device Up-To-Date and Follow the tutorial to delete the app in the latest ways.

Deleting unnecessary applications from the iPhone is mandatory because low storage can affect your device in many ways. And after the iOS 14 update, we have four quick and easy methods to delete the applications on iPhone. Here are 4 methods to delete apps on the iPhone iOS.

2 Ways to Delete Apps on iPhone and iPad All Models: 3D touch and No 3D touch Devices

Way 1: How to delete apps on the iPhone and iPad, a quick method

In your iPhone with having 3D touch or no 3D Touch, deleting applications is quite simple and quick. You just have to Soft Touch and hold on the particular app that you want to delete. “Don’t Press hard on app icon otherwise 3D touch popup option will see” After that Select “Delete App” That’s it, ⇒ See Below the image,

  • In Old iOS/iPadOS, You will find that all the apps are jiggling on the screen. Select the app and tap on (x) to delete the app.
  • Press “Done” from Top right corner of your iPhone’s screen.
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Delete app on iPhone and iPad from home screen
Delete app on iPhone and iPad from home screen

Apps Won’t Delete from iPhone

Check the Restrictions settings, Apple Deleting restriction might be enabled on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Go to the Settings app > Screen Times > Enter Passcode and then iTunes & App Store Purchases > Set to Allow.
Deleting app Restriction on iPhone
Deleting app Restriction on iPhone
App Deleting Restrictions settings on iPhone
App Deleting Restrictions settings on iPhone

Way 2: How to Delete Applications in iPhone and iPad via the Settings app

An alternate way to delete the applications in iPhone XS Max is via the Settings app.

  • Step #1: Open the “Settings” app.
  • Step #2: Tap “General.”
  • Step #3: Select “iPhone Storage.”
    • NOTE: You cannot delete the applications directly, you have to open each app and then select an option whether you want to Offload the app or Delete the app.
  • Step #4: Select and tap on the app that you want to delete.
  • Step #5: Choose “Delete App” or “Offload App.”
Delete app or Offload app on iPhone and ipad
Delete app or Offload app on iPhone and iPad

Delete App: When you tap Delete App, the application will be removed with all the Data & Documents of it.

Offload App: When you opt to Offload App, the app will be deleted from the iPhone, but the Data will not be deleted. So when you download that app again from App Store, the previous data will be restored.

Install the new app and Deleting the app on the iPhone/iPad is easy. But sometimes it creates a problem and needs to learn for unknown iPhone users.

Video showing 4 Tips to Delete Apps on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

Share your feedback and query that you are facing on deleting the app.

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