7 Fix Do Not Disturb Not Working Mac after Monterey Update in 2023

is your Mac’s Do Not Disturb not working because some apps or selected apps still receiving the notification update with sound on your Mac Notification center. Or why does do not disturb turn itself on mac and All the Notification stop itself or on Specific Time scheduled? Several Mac users have been reported the issue with the mail app in the recent macOS update.

here are the quick soft troubleshooting solutions and Fixes that help to solve your DND mode from scratch. also checkout the settings for Allow people and apps to notify you immediately, even when you have Focus [DND] turned on. Let’s start!

Solution 1 → Do not Disturb Not Working Mac

If you have Do Not Disturb turned on your Mac but still receive notifications and have the proper settings in place. You can try putting your device in safe mode this will fix the issue caused by installed apps that loads on Startup, and if that does not work, you can try a primary solution that we have mentioned below.

The first option you may attempt is to reboot your device in Safe Mode and double-check it. Safe mode can assist you in determining whether software that runs when your Mac boots up can trigger a problem. 

Safe mode prohibits your Mac from autoloading certain apps when it boots up. It comprises login items, system features that macOS does not require, and typefaces that macOS does not install. It also does a simple check on your boot disk. Follow as per your Mac has intel or M1 Apple Silicon Processor.

Follow these steps to put your M1 Apple Silicon Mac in Safe Mode:

1. Shut down your Mac.

2. Wait for 10 seconds and turn it on again by pressing and holding down the power button.

3. Choose your starting disk, then hold the Shift key down while selecting “Continue in Safe Mode.”


4. Enter your Mac’s login information. It may prompt you to re-login.

To Exit from Safe mode: Restart your Mac to Exit from Safe mode. Apple Logo > Restart.

Follow these steps to put your Intel Mac in Safe Mode:

  1. Shut Down your Mac and Wait for 10 seconds.
  2. Next, Turn on your Mac, and Imidiately Press and Hold on the Shift key until you mac show the startup login screen with Safe boot lable on Screen at top right corner.
  3. That’s it.

If the problem persists in safe mode, or if your Mac restarts many times and then stops working in safe mode, you must reinstall macOS and ensure that all of your Apple software and third-party programs are up to date.

If the problem persists, there is a make-shift way to solve your problem.

Solution 2 → Turn on Notifications Manually

One thing you can do while you wait for Apple to fix the bug is manually turn off notifications. You can do it for individual apps or the whole device. 

That’s how to disable notifications on your Mac:

1. Select System Preferences from the menu by clicking on the Apple Logo at the top left corner of the screen.


2. Then, Notifications & Focus.


3. Choose the app.


4. To disable notifications, move the slider button to the left.

But, this is just a temporary solution. So, let’s look at a way to solve this bug.

Solution 3 → Why Does Do Not Disturb Turn itself on Mac

Now, Do Not Disturb mode comes on all the devices and is shared across on all of your Apple devices that are signed in with the same Apple ID account and the setting should be turned on. If you don’t wish to turn it on automatically on your Mac then Disable the option from Focus settings. as Explained Below,

  1. Go the Apple Logo from top Mac menu.
  2. Next, Click on System Preferences > Notifications & Focus.notifications-and-focus-settings-on-mac-system-preferences
  3. Select Focus Tab > and Uncehck the Option “Share across devices“. Turning off “Share across devices” will also prevent this device from sharing your Focus status and Automatically turn on.turn-off-share-across-devices-focus-on-all-apple-devices
  4. That’s it.

Also, the setting is available on your Other Apple Devices, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch.

Also, Check the Auto Turn off or Turn on DND mode under the Focus on Mac, Types of Automation are,

  • Add Time-Based Automation
  • Add Location-Based Automation
  • Add App-Based Automation

Remove if any added or Re-add if it’s not working. Select the Time Duration > Click on Minus sign to remove it from the list.


Restart your Mac and check the issue is fixed.

Solution 4 → Mac Do Not Disturb Bug

Apple has issued no official remarks addressing this flaw. However, users have discovered that it is tied to a Notification Center glitch. Therefore, restarting the app should immediately resolve the issue.

You may restart the notification center in two ways. 

The first way is through Activity Monitor. 

1. Locate Activity Monitor.

2. To access it, hold Command + Spacebar. 

3. Locate the Notification Center.


4. Select it with a tap.

5. Next, tap the X symbol in the top-right corner of the windows to finish the procedure.


The second way is through the Terminal

1. Using the Finder or Spotlight, launch the tool. 

2. Type the below command and press the return key.

killall NotificationCenter

This will restart the notification center and might remove the bug.

If the DND function is still not working, there are other ways to fix the DND error on Mac.

Sometimes Internal Software issues might be resolved by an app on the next Software update. Download and install, Go to the apple logo > System Preferences > Software Update > Download and install.

Solution 5 → Do Not Disturb not working on Mac fix

If none of the previous options is working, you can also restart the control center and check the Focus Mode menu. But, first, let’s see how you can do it. 

Restart Control Center

If rebooting the Notification Center does not resolve the issue, restart the Control Center. You can restart the Control Center through Activity Monitor or via a terminal.

The first method is through Activity Monitor

1. Find the Activity Monitor.

2. To open it, hold Command + Spacebar. 

3. Locate the Command Center.

4. Select it with a tap. 

5. Then, tap the X symbol in the top-right corner of the window to finish the procedure. 

The second way is through the terminal

1. Using the Finder or Spotlight, launch the tool. 

2. Type below the command line and press the return key.

killall ControlCenter

Let’s now peek at how to remove applications from the Focus List. Moreover, while the focus mode is on, applications in this category can give you alerts. It might be one of the reasons why the DND functionality isn’t functioning properly.

Solution 6 → Remove apps from the Focus List

The Monterey upgrade provides the Focus mode feature to Mac users. It works similarly to the DND feature but gives you customization options. So, if you are still receiving notifications from some apps even in DND mode, it could be because of Focus mode.

The fix is simple. Remove the apps from the focus list, and then the DND feature should work properly. You can remove apps from the Focus Mode list by following these steps:

1. Select System Preferences from the top apple logo menu.


2. Select Notifications & Focus.


4. Switch to the Focus tab.

5. Select the Apps tab. Press the Remove (–) option.


Thus, it will remove the applications or software from the list. Hence, you won’t receive notifications from apps while using DND mode.

Solution 7 → Why won’t Do Not Disturb Work On Mac?

On the Recent Update in Do Not Disturb mode, Lots of custom settings are available to manage on your Device and Other devices as well. as we checked earlier in this tutorial.

Now, One more important setting for Focus mode is Time-Sensitive notifications for the supported apps like Messages, Reminder, Calendar, and more…

  1. Go to the Apple Logo from top Mac menu. Click on System Preferences on Mac.system-preferenes-on-mac-for-dnd
  2. Next, Open Notifications & Focus.notifications-and-focus-settings-on-mac-system-preferences
  3. Select Focus Tab > Select “Do Not Disturb” from left side of window. Next Click on Options.options-setting-under-dnd-mode-for-time-sensitive-notifications
  4. Uncheck “Allow time-sensitive notifications“, Allow people and apps to notify you immediately, even when you have Focus turned on.allow-time-sensitive-notifications-on-mac
  5. That’s it.

Now, you will not receive any notification from the sensitive apps on your Mac.

These solutions should fix the DND feature not working on Mac after the Monterey Update. However, if you are still facing some issues, try restarting your device multiple times, and if nothing works, contact Apple customer care.

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