Easiest Way To Open / Edit a .Pages File On a Windows PC & Ubuntu

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Are you looking to view, edit, and open .pages file on Windows PC? From this tutorial, you’ll learn how to open Pages file online and convert them into Windows-compatible file format. The Pages App is Apple exclusive app, and whatever files are created within the Pages app are saved in .pages format, which is only accessible on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. What if you’ve prepared or received a task list in Pages App and want to share it with a Windows user? In that case, the .pages file format needs to be converted into .docx, Docx, or PDF; these are universal formats and can be accessed from any device.

We’ll use Apple’s iCloud web interface to open, view, export files on any computer, including Windows. You don’t need to have Mac or any Apple device to get access to the .pages file. Here’s how to open Pages files on any PC.

💡These tricks also helpful on your Pages Keep crashing unexpectedly on Mac, and won’t open because of internal software bugs or Updates.

How to Open/Edit/View .Pages File on Windows PC? or Ubuntu.

  1. Open iCloud.com on any web browser.
  2. Enter the Apple ID and Password to log in.
  3. If you already don’t have Apple ID, then Sign Up from the same page, you’ll get 5GB Free iCloud Storage to use. And there are no restrictions to use iCloud Account on Windows PC or Android Web Browser, even if you don’t own an Apple device. There are certain programs like Pages, iCloud Drive, Notes, Keynote, and Numbers that can be accessed from the web iCloud version.open-pages-from-icloud-on-pc
  4. Click on the Pages in the iCloud.
  5. Now, launch the Pages app on your Mac.
  6. To open .Pages file in Windows PC or anywhere, you need to convert in a compatible format, and that can be done using the iCloud’s Pages app, so upload the .Pages file from the Mac’s Pages app to the iCloud’ Pages. Drag the file onto the web browser.
  7. Alternatively, if you’ve opened the Pages in the browser, there’s a Cloud icon, click on that Cloud icon and upload the .pages document.upload-new-pages-to-icloud
  8. On a web browser, you can edit the .pages fileview it, and also perform various actions like Printing and Sharing right from there.upload-pages-to-icloud-on-pc
  9. Click on Pages document and open in Browser.open-pages-in-browser-on-windows
  10. On top of that, if you’re looking for an answer on how to open Pages file on an Android or non-Apple device, export it to the .docx or Docx format and edit it from any computer.
  11. Click on the Tools icon and choose to Download a Copy… and select from different format options DOC, PDF, PUB, and Pages, whatever suits you.
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How to Open Pages File on Windows 10? [Ubuntu]

Basically, when you create and save pages file on Mac, it is saved in .pages format, only accessible on Apple devices, which means sharing the Pages with Windows users is useless. However, a little effort could convert the Pages file into Word or PDF or any compatible format that you want.

But first, the .Pages files need to be converted using the iCloud on Web Browser, as I’ve mentioned above. Windows PC supports Doc, PDF, so convert the .pages into one of this format and then share with any Windows user; it will be easily accessible.

How to Open .pages file using Microsoft Word?

To open .pages file using Microsoft Word, it needs to be in .docx or Docx format. Microsoft Word doesn’t support .pages file format. Refer to the above guide, use the iCloud web interface and export the .pages file into Docx or .docx and then open it using Microsoft Word.


Save Pages file to Word with Export option in Pages menu. Open Pages Document on Mac > From top menu [File] > Export > Word.export-pages-to-doc-file-on-mac

Now, Choose Right Format, Docx or Doc (Word 1997 – 2004 Compatible) > Click on Next to Save in doc file.change-doc-format-for-pages-on-macchange-or-select-doc-version-for-save-pages-on-mac

That’s it.

💡Tips: Most Helpful Best Pages Tips and Tricks for mac.


The above Methods are the easiest & most secure way to open your Apple Pages document on any Windows OS or Ubuntu os as well. In the same way, we can also option Number, Keynote file on Windows PC without Data loss, and Third-Party app converter. Still, you found any issues then comment me here.

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