Fix Facetime Spatial Audio Missing or Not Showing Up on Mac Sonoma

New macOS users come with superb profitable features, Special for M1 Chip mac users. Plenty of macOS Monterey features won’t work with Intel-mac users, said on the Apple Press page. Overvalued facetime, messages app, Safari, and other small components added into other built-in apps.

For example, Apple’s Facetime brings FaceTime Spatial audio for macOS Ventura users. Unfortunately, Not All mac users able to get the Spatial audio feature,

According to the Apple site,
Mac 2018 and later users are eligible to use the facetime Spatial audio feature during Facetime Call to other users.

What does Facetime Spatial audio on Mac do?

Spatial audio Creates a sound field that helps conversations (in Facetime one-to-one calls, group calls) flow as easily as they do face to face. For Example, Your friends’ voices are spread out to sound like they’re coming from the direction in which they’re positioned on the Facetime call.

List of Mac devices that not supported Facetime Spatial audio

MacBook Pro (2017 and Earlier)
MacBook (2017 and Earlier)
MacBook Air (2017 and Earlier)
Mac mini (2017 and Earlier)
iMac (2017 and Earlier)
iMac Pro (2017 and Earlier)
Mac Pro (2014 and Earlier)

Kindly check your Mac model if you are facing Facetime spatial audio missing on your Mac Facetime App.

Facetime Spatial audio supported Macs

  • Mac 2018 and Later All Macs supported Facetime Spatial audio feature.

Why Apple drops out of Facetime spatial audio on Mac 2017 and Earlier users?

For spatial audio features, some special audio peripherals must have mac machine; I think Mac 2017 and earlier haven’t come with this. Hence, Facetime spatial audio on Mac 2017, and earlier users got the loss.

What to do to get Facetime Spatial audio on old Mac 2017 and earlier?

At least one option is to get Facetime Spatial audio on your mac, and it is to buy a new hardware system.

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