How to Fix Apple Pay Not working on iPhone 6S, iPhone SE

Apple pay offers an easy, most secure and private way to pay on iPhone and Apple Watch. An iPad is also useful to pay using Apple Pay but only for App purchase. We mostly prefer to use Apple pay at different stores such as Walgreen, Subway, MacDonald, Winn-Dixie, Whole Foods, MTA vending machine and more. For that users uses his/her bank credit, debit or Store cards like Capital One Visa, Chase, Amex etc. Unfortunately, there are many folks having an issue Apple Pay not working on iPhone and they got an instruction on the screen like ‘’Hold near to Pay’’. The merchant’s terminal does not recognize their device and decline transaction even they gently placed fingerprint.

In addition, we also heard from the lots of users, they said after upgrade iOS 9, Apple Pay not working or Apple Pay is broken. If you are one of them, Don’t worry. We offer following clues, hope this will help you to get back Apple Pay working flawlessly on iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. You can apply this troubleshooting for iPhone models such as iPhone 6S/6 Plus, iPhone 6S/6, iPhone SE and later, Apple Watch paired with iPhone Apple pay.

Potential Clues to fix Apple Pay not working on iPhone: iPhone 6S, iPhone SE

Note: Before get started below ways: keep remember that Apple pay facility still available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China and Australia.Apple Pay Not working on iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S plus iOS 9, iOS 8

Clue 1. Check Region on your iPhone, iPad

Go Settings app

Tap GeneralLanguage & Region settings iPhone 6s iOS 10

Language & Region then scroll down the screen to Region.change Region on your iPhone 6s, iPhone SE

For Apple Watch –

Go on Watch app on iPhone – tap My WatchGeneralLanguage & Region then check Region format.

If language and region settings in iOS 9 okay, however, Apple Pay not working on iPhone/ iPad or Apple watch keep continues.

Clue 2. Once do restart iPhone

Steps to Restart iPhone

Way to Restart Apple Watch

Clue 3. Update Software on iPhone and Apple Watch

Update iOS on iPhone,

Tap Settings > General > Software Update.

Update WatchOS  on your Apple Watch.

Clue 4. Delete and Re-add card on iPhone/ Apple Watch

Bank’s Credit card, debit, or store cards and use Apple Pay with Touch ID to make purchases easily and securely, right from your iPhone.

Launch Settings app > tap Wallet & Apple Pay > Tap the card that you want to remove, and tap Remove Card.

Now Re-add card again.Re-add card for Apple pay

Wallet & Apple Pay  screen to add new card in iPhone iOS 9If you still can’t add a card or use Apple Pay in stores or within apps, then you will get a message that the Your issuer Does not yet offer for This card. So, you should contact your bank or card issuer for help. You can check out here Apple Pay participating banks and Store card.

Many Other possibilities for Apple pay not working on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

  • Try Apple Pay after removing your iPhone case if any wrap.
  • In some case, Apple Pay not working due to bad hardware problem so, once you should go at nearest Apple Store and tell them about your device problem. If your Apple device has under coverage then they will swap.

Leave a reply, which way works done your job to fix Apple pay not working on iOS. Please don’t forget to share your feedback in below comment box.


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