How to Share Location on Facebook Messenger iPhone, Android 2023

Share Location from Facebook Messenger on iPhone and iPad

Now Facebook users also share their current location using the FB Messenger chat app. Get a very precious location where you stay at any corner of the globe. More functionality in this feature is discussing at here one by one. Live location share and tracking is the trading for all the users, that’s not available on other social apps that allow for sharing live location.

The good news is that Live location sharing is working for all groups members created by you. And an individual chat as well. So we can arrange a meetup and tour invitations in a single tap.

Explained: Share location using Facebook Messenger: iPhone, iPad

Share location using Facebook Messenger on iPhone and iPad

Privately alternately share your location: the Most crucial way is Facebook Messenger.

Step 1: Go to the Messenger app on iPhone, iPad. (First, check Facebook Messenger app is updated with the last version)

Step 2: Open Group or Personal (Friend or Family) Chat, Tap on the chatbox,

Start to send a message, Tap on the message box. Expand other control by a tap on the Blue button.

Again tap on the “+” Blue button.


Next, Screen shows up location icon, Tap on it and start to share live real-time location or remote place location.

Note: Live Locations requires “always Location Access” To share your location, Messenger needs to collect your location. in case you will get a pop-up then tap on Settings– Tap Location and choose Always. Then you can send the Live location to your desired one without any issue.


[Old Version of Messenger] Find More icon and Tap on Location. See the screen below,


Step 3: To identify current location and position on Map,

live Location not working on Facebook Messenger

We must enable location services for App and iDevice. (Go to the Settings > Privacy > location services). This might be a primary reason if you have trouble in a live location not working or Showing old Location and not updating with movement.


Live location sharing session auto-close after time limits (60 Minutes or 1 Hour), After that Track location from recipient auto close.

The more clear vision you can use your finger pinch zoom features for the address on Map. Here, I keep it maximum zoom then send it.

Start location sharing in Two ways: Static Location and Live location

Static location help to only share one time, on the specific address like a coffee shop, Mall, and favorite known the place.

Red pin, For the static location, it will not move. So you can send another Location or People are using it for fake Location.

Live location: Your friends can continually watch and target your position on Mac until we stop live Location within the Facebook Messager app. Detailed here we will see the Blue mark on Map visible automatically and auto change on the movement itself.

Set live or Static location on Messenger map

All is set, Press send button at the top right corner of the screen.

Stop To shared real-time current location on Map sent in Messenger

To stop Sent location, Open the chat conversation and Find at the bottom of the message, “Stop Sharing.”

3 Stop live location on Messenger from iPhone or iPad

At the Receiving end, Know the current real-time location on Map by a single tap on the Blue navigation point on Map. The user can also see someone’s Location on Facebook messenger.

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I experienced Share live location in Group not being able to stop some of the time for my case, but this will work correctly on individual chat only.

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