Why Gmail Not Working on my iPhone XS Max, XS, XR and old iPhone? Get Fixed

After entering correct password and ID, still getting an error message while login? Hence the problem is Gmail on iPhone XS Max not working, which is not acceptable. It is likely to have happened that you haven’t use your Gmail account for a while and then after a few days you try to log in and then Gmail won’t load on iPhone. This creepy behavior of Gmail is good for security purpose, as it avoids unwanted activity in your absence.

In this article, we have addressed all the possible solutions that might fix Gmail not working on iPhone XS Max/XS/XR. Follow the post step by step and try to bring your Gmail back into your iPhone. useful source when your phone screen showing cannot get mail the connection to the server failed.

Solution to fix Gmail Not Working on iPhone, iPad

gmail not working on iPhone iPad cannot get mail on iOS due to server error

Solution #1: Visit the Gmail website and check for alerts

Why Gmail on iPhone not working? That’s very tough to know on your Mail app. So to get the exact reason for Gmail not working on iPhone XS Max, you will need to visit the website and sign in from there. I would prefer to use a Computer because on a large screen it becomes easy to navigate. The choice is yours; you can also go to the Gmail website from Safari app in your iPhone or iPad. Once you log in with Gmail ID and password, find the mail that says “We blocked a sign-in attempt” or “Someone has your password.” When you encounter such mail in your Gmail inbox, open it. There you may find small tabs like “Review your device” or it might be “That was me” or written in another form. From now, you know what to do!

Note: Your device must connected to good internet connection either Wi-Fi or Cellular/ Mobile Data. In case of you’re using data plan then make sure that Mail App toggle On/Green under the Cellular/Mobile data into Settings App. [Steps- Open Settings App – Tap Cellular or Mobile – scroll down to Mail and make sure toggle On next to the Mail setting]. everything okay, however gmail dosen’t work on your iPhone or iPad then go to the next solution in order wise.

Solution #2: Review your recent devices on Gmail

Another way to find the devices that recently logged in with your Gmail account, if to check the “Your Devices” under Security. Now if you find any unknown device, then Remove that device from that page only.

Solution #3: Perform Captcha Reset

By the time, some situations don’t allow you to log in your own Gmail account, with the correct ID and password. This happens when you mistakenly enter the wrong Captcha code. Kindly refresh/reset the Captcha code if you are unable to decode it or else you have to face difficulties like Gmail not working in iPhone XS Max/XS/XR.

Solution #4: Make sure IMAP is Turned on

IMAP is an advanced server that is used by Gmail which delivers mails in your account. If you have disabled the IMAP settings in your Gmail account, then you might face Gmail on iPhone XS Max not working. Enable IMAP and check if you can receive emails in your Gmail account.

Solution #5: Remove Gmail account and set it up again

Luckily if you can log in the Gmail account with your ID and password and IMAP is enabled, then all you have to do is remove and set it up the Gmail account in your iPhone. Once you set up the Gmail, all the mails, contacts, notes, and other data will be restored in your iPhone with the Gmail account.

NOTE: Before removing the Gmail account from the iPhone, make sure all the emails are stored in your account. If you don’t find an email on the web interface, then don’t delete the Gmail account from the iPhone, because it might be possible that the mails are not stored on the IMAP server.

How to remove Gmail account from iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR,

Step #1: Open “Settings” app.

Step #2: Tap “Passwords & Accounts”.

Step #3: Under Accounts, tap on “Gmail”.

Step #4: Lastly, select “Delete Account”.

How to add Gmail account on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR

Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.

Step #2: Tap “Passwords & Accounts”

Step #3: Select “Add Account”.

Step #4: Choose “Google”.

Step #5: Enter the Gmail ID and Password to add account.

You can also use alternative best mail App for iOS. or you should add another email account on your iOS device such as outlook, Exchange etc.

So guys, Don’t miss to share with us that which clue resolved your smartphone Gmail not working issue. Let us know in the comments!

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