Insufficient storage on iPhone (FAQ and Quick Solutions)

Learn how to fix insufficient storage on iPhone and iPad with these easy steps. Free up space and optimize storage for improved performance.

Improved iOS app optimizes storage space and solves low storage issues on 128GB iPhones/iPads. The guide explains how to free up space instantly. Live photos and HD videos take up ample space.

Depending on your usage or interest, you need to consider a major role in filling up space in the device locally.

Solving Insufficient Storage on iPhone and iPad: Step-by-Step Instructions

Trick #1: Can’t Decide: Which types of Data? Where stored?

Go to Settings > General > About on iPhone/ iPad.

See Full Device Details about storage

The screen will show up Storage Capacity, Available Free space, Total saved songs, Videos, and Photos. Installed Applications and more in brief calculated under list.

Trick #2: Music App Storage Optimization

We can now optimize the latest iOS music app compared to the previous music app by setting the app. Go to Settings > Music > Optimize Storage (Set Storage limitation for the music app; Exiding limit automatically deletes songs that have never been played).

In iOS 11: Go to Settings > Music > Downloaded Music > Slide Left on Song Name or All Songs to Delete the Whole album or Songs.

Apple music storage optimize in iOS 10

Or remove selected albums or songs downloaded from offline Apple music songs. So you can do that from Downloaded Music > Slide left to delete songs.

Trick #3: Delete iMessage Photos or Remove Message History

Delete All Photos from iMessage conversation, or Set Auto remove message history Under the setting app. Go to Settings > Messages > Message History Section “Keep Messages: 30Days, 1 Year or Forever”.

For iOS 11: Go to the Settings > Messages > Keep Messages > Select Internval for Message.

Auto Delete old whatsApp message on iPhone

Trick #4: Follow the External Flash Drive

Keep tiny External Storage device for iPhone instantly move all data from iPhone/ iPad. The vast and smart flash storage device is beneficial for travel time or many uncomfortable places.

Trick #5: Remove Unused Apps

Reviews all installed an app from the home screen, to delete it completely Tap and Hold on the app icon continuously, until jiggle icon with “X” mark on each app.

Delete App from Home screen

Trick #6: Use a Third-party app for release space from the Photos app

Online cloud is a safe and most modern way to move your all data instantly from anywhere, Large storage space on free sign up and some pro features advantageous to all iOS users. I would like to recommend the app for online backup: Google Photos, Shoe Box, Trunx, Dropbox

Trick #7: Delete Document and Data in iPhone: iOS

From time to time all app is store Data in their portions under the created app folder under root and store types of searching history, Cache, Temporary Files.

Steps for iOS 15 to iOS 11 Users: Go to the Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Scroll Down To See List apps and Option for Delete App or Offload app.

For iOS 10 and earlier users: Go to the Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage > Tap on App > Delete app.

Remove all app Data and Documents

Also Useful:

Once delete the app for Remove Documents & Data then Re-Install it from the App store.

More Welcome suggestions and helpful ideas on free up space to fix insufficient storage in iPhone/ iPad, share on the comment.

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