Fix Screen Rotation Bug on iPhone X, Landscape Mode Note Working

Turn on Auto Rotate screen on iPhone X bug

Recently people facing the issue of Screen Rotation Bug on iPhone X. Now we can use all the device on the big screen by rotating the whole screen. So it will become more convenient and user-friendly. iPhone users keep this option is turn off or disable for all time because your iPhone lock screen auto turns in to landscape mode when in the pocket. Might be you getting trouble to unlock your device or swipe up on a screen to unlock locked screen. Some user asking and getting this problem after update iOS.

Troubleshooting: Screen Rotation bug on iPhone X, Landscape mode not working

Turn on Auto Rotate screen on iPhone X bug

Force Close app, Lock iPhone X

Swipe upward your finger on the screen from the bottom edge of iPhone X, You can see app switcher screen, tap on hold until you see red close mark appear on app corner. Swipe up the app using the finger to force clock app.

For Home button users: Double click on Home button, See the app switcher screen and Slide up finger on the app to close the app.

Hard Reboot/Force Restart

To Force restart or Hard reset your iPhone X,

Press and Release Volume up button

Press and Release Volume down button

Press and Hold Side button until you see the apple logo on the screen.

Reset All Settings

This reset set your iPhone all settings to the default value and fix internet error. Now check with the specific app like YouTube and Safari browser. This help to track problem on your iPhone or with the app.

Go to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

Check Auto-Rotate screen is disabled or Turn off

Open Control center on iPhone X, Swipe finger down from top right notch of the screen. Find the rotate icon and Try with the app.

Update iOS and Update App

Always apple release new iOS update with important bug fixes. Check for available update: Go to the Settings > General > Software Update > Check for Update.

App incompatible in landscape mode

Some apps is not compatible with landscape mode or 90-degree mode. Use the app like Safari, YouTube and more.

Camera app does not support in camera mode, after you can edit, rotate recorded video and picture in 90 angles.

Downgrade iOS

After update iOS, you suddenly are getting this issue. You are not able to wait for the next iOS update. Downgrade iOS is the best option to fix this problem.

See my tutorial that Explained: How to downgrade iOS 11 to Lower

Hope you fixed and enjoy your iPhone X portrait and landscape mode like before. Like it and Share it.

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