Fix Slow WiFi connection on Mac OS X: iMac, MacBook

In the whole world no one can endure against slow internet connection, are you one of them? right. So I decided to help in best way on Slow WiFi connection problem with your Mac, MacBook or iMac and Mac Mini.

So first analyze your situations and correct reason for low WiFi network connectivity. Because you might be experienced due to Router problem, Low bandwidth from internet service provider, Internal browser problem (Last time OS X Update created problem on Safari).

Common reasons on low WiFi connection

Misconfigured, Low Hardware profile router make problem on your Speed of internet data over the air. Here we have a best option as a Router for Mac. Mis configuration can be resolved by reset it.

Check speed test on different device, Through iOS app (SpeedTest). Or On Browser website:, Problem is there then contact your internet service provider.

Try to surf with Google Chrome (Best one), Safari, Mozilla as a Alternate browsers for Mac OS X Specially.

Troubleshooting steps for Poor/ Slow WiFi connection on Mac OS X

Right after check above Three steps, Still are you acquiring Slow WiFi connection or network, Then must go to forwards ways. Best Of luck!

Stuck with Network interface system files: Most of the OS X

your first attempt should be reset network preference files, by removing it completely from Mac system. Turn off WiFi from menu item.

Open Finder on Mac, Go to Go > Go to The Folder. Copy below folder path like and move. Slow WiFi connection on Mac OS X MacBook

/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ Move to Preference file on Mac

Find below files (plist) and move to another place as a backup on desktop.



restart or Reboot your Mac. Network File on System Preference

Reset SMC – System Management Controller

Shut down your MacBook. Connect with power supply (Power supply required during reset).

Press Shift + Control + Option at the same time and Start Mac from power button at the same time. and release after few seconds. Your MacBook will reboot by reset all the System configuration.

Read more about SMC apple guide for your model.

More suggestion on solve Slow WiFi connection MacBook might be fixed with Create a new network from network settings in your case. but not helpful in my case.

Thanks, and Welcome any suggestion on Poor/Slow WiFi connection. Share with us on our discussion section.