Fix Weather App or widget not working on iPad in iPadOS 17

Weather Widget No Data on iPadOS 17 in Today's Widget? Don't worry, this troubleshoot will guide to fix Weather Widget not working.

Weather app on your iPhone lets you know whether you need to carry an umbrella or sunglasses. However, there are times when the weather app or widget not working on iPad. There could be various unknown reasons for why the Apple weather app is not working on iPad. If are going through a same problem, follow these 8 easy ways to fix Apple weather app or widget not working on your iPhone.

Weather Widget Not Working on iPadOS on iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air

Solution #1. Check if Apple Weather servers are up and running.

Due to maintenance, The tech brand sometimes puts server outage according to region-wise. It may take some hours or even a day if a significant issue occurs. Please check the Apple server page to ensure that Apple’s weather service is under maintenance or not. You can check it here.

check if Apple weather servers are down

Solution #2. Check Your iPad’s Internet Connection

Points that you should Follow

Turn on Flight Mode and then turn it off.
Restart your iPad, as well as Restart your Wi-Fi modem/router.
If you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Proxy, Please turn it off and test again.

A proper network connected to your iPad is required because the weather app and widget require a stable internet connection. It can’t run offline.

So please ensure that your iPad (Pro, Mini, or Air) is connected to a strong Wi-Fi network, or if you have a Celluar iPad, please ensure you are at a perfect spot where an excellent cellular signal is available (Ensure that you have an active data plan. sometimes data plan expired and user don’t know that so).

Hint- Switch your iPad’s Wi-Fi network and open Safari browser to check internet speed. (Fix Wi-Fi connecting and disconnecting to iPad)

Follow the steps to check whether the network is connected or not.

Step #1. Open Settings App.
Step #2. Tap Wi-Fi and ensure the network is connected. For more information, you can see our given illustration below.

Click on wifi connection on ipad to check wifi network connected or not

Sometimes, the Device shows connected to the network (but the internet is not working); it might be due to ISP (internet service provider) outage; In such case, please get in touch with your network service provider.

The weather app doesn’t work, The Problem could be with the software.

Solution #3. Ensure Location Services is Enabled for The Weather App on your iPad.

The iPad’s weather app or widgets show blank or cannot load information accurately. The possible reason is “Location services for Weather is off” on your device or a weak internet connection.

Please follow the bottom steps to resolve weather app issues on your Apple iPadOS tablet.

Step #1. Open Settings App.
Step #2. Scroll down the screen to tap on Privacy & Security.
Step #3. Turn the Location service toggle to the right side to enable it.

Tap privacy & security click on enable location services tap weather on ipad

Step #4. On the same screen, scroll down to tap Weather.
Step #5. Please select “While Using the App or Widgets“. You can also turn on the toggle for “Precise Location“.

Select while using the app or widgets tap on precise location on ipad

Suppose both settings are turned on on your device; however, the weather widget or app is not working as expected. Please go through the next clue.

Solution #4. Disable Weather App Restrictions

Some users are facing issues with enabling location service for weather in the settings app, it might be due to parental control for location service. So please follow the bottom steps carefully and check this setting on your device.

Step #1. Open Settings App
Step #2. Tap Screen Time
Step #3. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Tap screen time click on content & privacy restrictions on ipad

Step #4. Tap Location Services appear under the Privacy section.

Tap location services appear under the privacy section on ipad

Step #5. Choose Allow Changes.

Click on allow changes on ipad screen time location service settings

Step #6. Again, select Don’t Allow Changes.

Select don't allow changes on iPad screen time settings location services

Step #7. Keep Location Service toggle ON/Green.

Keep location service toggle ON means green on ipad screen time settings

Step #8. Scroll the screen to tap the Weather

Scroll the screen to tap the weather on ipad Screen time settings

Step #9. Choose While using the App.

in weather screen time settings Choose while using the app on ipad

Now go back to the home screen and try to check weather app or widget shows up in an accurate location or not. For this, you can check our other solutions given in this article.

Solution #5. Install Recent Software update

For better usage of your iPad, your device must have installed the latest operating system, which Apple provides occasionally. Outdated OS causes problems like app crashes, inability to load data accurately, and various bugs. So please ensure your iPad has the latest iPadOS. To do so, follow the bottom steps.

Step #1. Open Settings App
Step #2. Tap General

Scroll the general tap on software update on ipad settings

Step #3. Tap Software Update.
Step #4. Please tap the Download and Install button to start the procedure if any pending updates exist.

Click on download and install on ipad Software update settings

Solution #6. Manually Select Location in the Weather Widget

To change the weather widget location, we have mentioned the steps below.

Step #1. Tap and hold on the Weather widget.

Tap and hold on the widget on ipad home screen

Step #2. Tap Edit Widget in quick option.

Tap on edit widget in quick option on ipad

Step #3. Tap on Location.

Click on my location in weather widget on ipad

Step #4. Choose a new location on the list that you want to show in Weather widget

Select newyork on ipad weather widget

Step #5. Now tap on the blank space on the screen to go back to the home screen. So finally, you can see new location weather details in the weather widget, In my case, before my iPad weather widget had a by default Cupertino location, and I changed it to New York.

Home screen on new york on ipad weather widget

Solution #7. Reset Location & Privacy on iPad

Sometimes, location service messes up the entire system with other third-party applications; in this case, you should reset your iPad’s Location & Privacy setting. Don’t hesitate to go through our steps given below to get help.

Step #1. Go to Settings App
Step #2. Tap General
Step #3. Scroll the screen to tap on Transfer or Reset iPad

Tap on general scroll screen to transfer or reset ipad on ipad

Step #4. Tap Reset

Click on reset on ipad settings app

Step #5. Choose Reset Location & Privacy

Click on reset location & privacy on ipad Settings app

Step #6. Enter your iPad unlocking passcode if asked,

Enter your iPad unlock passcode on ipad

Step #7. Tap Reset to confirm.

Select reset settings tap reset on ipad settings app

So a Pop-up shows what happens after Resetting this setting, Your iPad will get location and privacy settings to factory defaults.

Solution #8. Delete and Reinstall the Weather App

Sometimes, problems could be with a specific App, so in this situation, we should delete and re-install the application to bug fix.

Step #1. Find the Weather App on your home screen.
Step #2. Press and hold on the Weather app.

Press and hold on the screen on ipad

Step #3. Tap Remove App in quick option

Tap remove app to delete an app on ipad

Step #4. Tap Delete App

Click on delete app on ipad

Step #5. Finally, Tap Delete to confirm.

Select delete weather for delete on ipad

That’s Done.

Now follow the steps to re-install weather app on your iPad or iPhone.

Step #1. Open the App Store.

Open the app store on ipad

Step #2. Find the Apple Weather App in the search bar.
Step #3. Tap on the cloud with the down arrow icon next to the Weather app to re-install the process.

how to reinstall app on iPad

If you have any issues installing App or cannot update or delete the app, feel free to contact us.

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