Fix Pinned Weather Widget Not Working on iPad, iPadOS Unable to Load Error/No Data

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Weather widget keeps showing unable to load error on iPadOS. Here’s the common issue that we are facing with the iPad after updating to iPadOS 13 or Later. Although, Weather Widget not updating on iPad iPadOS. What should be done to get rid of such widget issues? No Clue? Don’t worry; today we have shown the best troubleshooting workarounds that will help you fix Weather widget not working on iPadOS.

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Beginning with the common solutions, you can start fixing the weather widget not working on iPadOS. Meanwhile, you can tell us which solution did work out for you, so that we can focus more on that and try to help other iPad users.

Pinned Weather Widget Not Working on iPadOS on iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air

Weather Widget not working on iPadOS on Home screen or Todays view Widget

Weather Widget not working on iPadOS on Home screen or Todays view Widget

Solution 1: Re-Add Weather Widget That Refreshes the Widget if Stuck on Error

I am Surprised on Poor Network Connectivity Doesn’t Load the Weather data on iPad Widget screen, So you should check it first, Your Internet connection is okay with browsing on Safari iPad App. If Speed is okay and working then follow the next solutions carefully.

Weather widget couldn’t load on iPadOS? Have you checked everything is splendid with a widget? Then you should remove the weather widget and re-add it to the iPadOS.

Step #1: Go to the Home Screen of iPad.
Step #2: Bring the Widget up on the screen.
Step #3: Scroll down to the last.
Step #4: Choose “Edit”.
Step #5: If already Weather widget is added, then tap on the red minus sign to remove it.

Remove Today View under Favorite Widget in iPadOS

Remove Today View under Favorite Widget in iPadOS

Delete Widget from the list on iPadOS

Delete Widget from the list on iPadOS

Step #6: And then tap on (+) sign near the Weather App to add.

Step #7: Tap “Done”.

Problem: There is not pinned Widget on iPad Home screen only Time and Date Show

Unable to load data on Pinned weather Widget on iPad Home screen. Have you remove and Re-add Weather widget on iPad that explained in the above steps. Still, the issue is same, Follow the below solutions.

Unable to load Widget on iPad Today's View

Unable to load Widget on iPad Today’s View

Solution 2: Reset All Settings [Will Not Erase Apps and Data]

Reset All Settings worked for me when weather widget unable to load the weather conditions. Though, Reset All Settings, will remove the custom settings, iPad’s fingerprint/passcode/face ID, etc. But later you can set these things once the weather widget begins to work ideally.

Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.
Step #2: Open “General”.
Step #3: Tap “Reset”.
Step #4: Select “Reset All Settings”.
Step #5: Enter the passcode to confirm the Reset All Settings.

Solution 3: Weather Widget on Home screen with Enable Location Services

It is evident that the Weather widget would require location services to fetch current weather data of your location. Therefore, go check it out whether Location Services is turned on for the Weather app or not.

Weather app not working on iPadOS

Weather app not working on iPadOS

Step #1: Navigate to the “Settings” app.
Step #2: Scroll down and tap “Privacy”.
Step #3: Go to “Location Services”.
Step #4: Enable “Location Services”.
Step #5: Now, go to the “Weather” app on the same tab.
Step #6: Tick mark “While Using the App”.

Solution 4: Hard Restart iPad

Hard restarting iPad will shut down all the background process and will refresh the entire device. I hope this will fix the weather widget problem on your iPad.

iPad without Home Button,
Step #1: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
Step #2: Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
Step #3: Lastly, hold down the Power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
iPad with Home Button,
Step #1: Press and hold the Power button and Home button until the Apple logo comes on screen.

Solution 5: Turn on Background App Refresh for Weather App

The name itself suggests what it will do when you enable the function. After turning on the background app refresh for the Weather app, the iPad will continuously refresh the weather app in the background to give real-time results. Unfortunately, you will have to compromise with battery consumption, but if the Weather app starts to work like before, then you can disable Background App Refresh.

Step #1: Navigate to the “Settings” app.
Step #2: Tap “General”.
Step #3: Select “Background App Refresh”.
Step #4: Locate and toggle on the “Weather” app.

Solution 6: Weather Widget Disappeared on my iPhone

I regret to inform you that if you have a Small screen size iPad, the Pinned widget doesn’t work on portrait mode. Because of a lack of space. Also Not Showing on Big Apps size on iPad Home screen. So, you have to enable or fix it fist to Show Weather Widget or other widgets on the iPad as a pinned widget. Follow the below solutions to fix the pinned widget issues on the Apple iPad.

  1. First is, keep your iPad in landscape mode. So you will able to find the widget and enable it. if the Pinned widget is already enabled on the iPad. then you should follow the next point.

    Enable Pinned Widget on iPad Home screen

    Enable Pinned Widget on iPad Home screen

  2. On your Small screen size iPad, Your Apps icon size must be small. that we can change from the settings app of iPad. Go to the Settings app > Scroll to Home Screen & Dock > Select More option and That’s it.

    Change Home screen app icon size to Enable Pinned Widget

    Change Home screen app icon size to Enable Pinned Widget

  3. Pinned Widget only Show on First Home screen of your iPad.
  4. That’s it.

Solution 7: Re-install Weather app

Still, if the weather app is not loading properly, then it is better to delete the weather app for once. After removing the weather app, don’t forget to restart the device as it will increase the chances of fixing the weather app issue.

Solution 8: Update iPad With Latest iPadOS

Required iPadOS 13 or later.., If you haven’t updated your iPad to the latest update available then, the iPad is likely to face such errors. To avoid terrible consequences, update the iPad as soon as possible. Before updating the iPad, check your network connection and follow the steps.

Step #1: Open the “Settings” app.
Step #2: Choose “General”.
Step #3: Select “Software Update”.
Step #4: Download & Install pending updates.

Problem: Pinned Widget Missing or Show only Time & Date on iPad Home screen

Widgets are there, But we haven’t enabled or added in Favorite widget.

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Pinned Widget missing that means you haven’t added any widgets into pinned widget section while you edit widget on iPadOS. But Keep on Home screen is enabled. Some iPad users keep this Deliberately, After that, we can check or View Widget after Swipe up a finger in the black space area.

Showing Only Time and Date No Widget on iPadOS Home screen

Showing Only Time and Date No Widget on iPadOS Home screen

Above all are the possible solutions that help to fix all the problems related to New Pinned Widget features. also Facing issues on Fetching Data on Weather widget on iPadOS Today’s view that either enabled for Pinned Widget or Not.

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