Fix Wi-Fi Not Working on Apple TV 4K after Update tvOS 15.6.1 in 2024

Here’s Fix Apple tv Wifi issues which are Apple TV kills internet connection, in this article, I’ll try to put possible workaround to fix Apple TV Wi-Fi issues, for example, Apple TV Won’t Connect to WiFi or Apple TV wi-fi keeps dropping out? It may also assist you while your device won’t play Movies, Songs, online videos like YouTube, Netflix channel, Hulu plus Show, iTunes Movie, or other content.

The general reason behind Wi-Fi problems on Apple TV is to be a weak signal strength or Wi-Fi device in off mode. That’s why, if your router and Apple TV are arranged at maximum range, then you should prefer a long-range Wi-Fi router modem for daily use either in your home or at your office, better for use. The Apple TV 4/ Apple TV 5th Generation has Wi-Fi, and its specs are 802.11ac wireless with MIMO and 10/ 100BASE-T Ethernet or broadband internet access. So, I hope you verify that your device is compatible with the system network requirement.

I know that still Wi-Fi not working so this is a panic time for you. Don’t worry. There are four compelling solutions to resolve Apple TV Wi-Fi issues. Let’s check out my potential workloads; this will be helping you to overcome your ATV Wi-Fi problems.

Useful tricks to resolve Wi-Fi not Working on Apple TV 4/ Apple TV 4K

Wi-Fi not working on Apple TV 4

Clue 1. First verify that the Apple TV, Router or Modem are in ON mode, connected, and in range

Keep your ATV streaming box in the range of your internet router. Because if you continue, it’s far away, then your ATV will not get enough signal to run Wi-Fi on TV.

Besides, make sure that your Wi-Fi router is connected to the modem, and both are Switch on, If both (router and modem) are combined, ensure that the device is Power On.

Clue 2. Connect ATV to Wi-Fi

  • For ATV 4th Generation – Go to SettingsNetwork.
  • For ATV 3rd, ATV 2nd generation – Go to SettingsGeneralNetwork

Choose the correct Wi-Fi name to join the Wi-Fi network, if asked for a password enter it. In case you forgot a password, get help here.

Note: The ATV cannot connect that kind of network that requires subsequent login or additional login Such as signing into a web page. These unique networks are called captive portal or Networks.

If you still addressed the same issue, please keep continues to resolve it.

Clue 3. Onetime Restart all devices

in case of your Apple tv won’t accept a wifi password or apple tv won’t let me change the wifi password. Try this ideal solution Just Unplug your cable modem and router from the power plug and then plug it back in.

  • Restart your ATV 4- Go to SettingsSystem and Select Restart.
  • For ATV 3 and 2nd Gen – Go to Settings – General and Restart.

I hope your Apple TV problem would fix.

Clue 4. Check Software update through Ethernet cable

Please if possible, connect your ATV directly with a router or DSL modem.

If you can then after successfully joining your networks, check out the tvOS software update.

For Apple TV 4 software update – Go to Settings SystemSoftware Update.

In case, you get an update there, then install it. Then unplug the Ethernet cable and try again to Wi-Fi.

You can get more solutions to Apple documents.

Apple TV Not Showing Wi-Fi Option

Apple TV not showing a particular Wi-Fi network or there are no networks on Apple TV? If you’ve got an issue with only one network, then troubleshoot that Wi-Fi network, or in another case, try these solutions.

  1. First, check the Wi-Fi Settings on the Apple TV, visit the Settings app > General > Network, and then select Wi-Fi.
  2. Restart the Wi-Fi Modem, power off the Wi-Fi router adapter and plug it back in after one or two minutes.
  3. Try connecting another device, have you tried connecting the iPhone or any other device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  4. Update the Router, to keep the network speed seamless, you should always keep the Router up to date with the latest firmware.
  5. Update the Apple TV, likewise, check for the tvOS update on the Apple TV. For Apple TV 2nd or 3rd Gen, Open the Settings app > General > Software Update and for Apple TV 4K Or Apple TV, Settings app > System > Software Updates. You might find this tough because, without Wi-Fi, it’s hard to update the Apple TV. Alternatively, connect the Ethernet to the Apple TV to get an internet connection.

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Apple TV Does Not Detect Wi-Fi Network

Why won’t my Apple TV find my Wi-Fi network name? Is it the problem? There are a few workarounds to check and try.

Check Wi-Fi Modem & Restart it

Whenever your Apple TV 4K No network detected. The very first to be checked is the Wi-Fi router that is providing the internet connection, if it isn’t working correctly, then none of the other devices could connect to that Wi-Fi network. Moreover, staying in the Wi-Fi range is mandatory, if possible bring the router closer to the Apple TV. Also, don’t place the router on the Apple TV, as placing this much closer would cause Signal Issues.

To restart the Modem, unplug the power adapter of the Router and plug it back in.

Reconnect Apple TV to Wi-Fi

Your Apple TV might face connectivity issues while connecting to Captive networks such as Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Stores, etc, they might require secondary login. Contact the authorized person to get it resolved.

  • On Apple TV 4K Or Apple TV HD, open Settings app > Network.
  • On Apple TV (2nd or 3rd Generation), navigate to the Settings > General > Network.

Choose the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect Apple TV.

Update the Apple TV

Since Apple TV not connecting to wifi, connect Ethernet to the Apple TV and see if you can update the Apple TV.

For Apple TV 4K Or Apple TV HD,

  • Open Settings app > System > Software Updates.

For Apple TV 2nd or 3rd Generation,

  • Open Settings app > General > Update Software.

Factory reset on the Apple TV and set it up from scratch

you should reset your Apple tv to factory default and again set it up, this solution is mostly workable for many Apple tv box users who facing an issue unable to connect to Wi-Fi when no other home device has not issued.

How do I connect my Apple TV to a new Wi-Fi?

You should switch your Wi-Fi network on Apple TV takes no time, here’s how to connect Apple TV to other Wi-Fi networks.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Choose Network.
  3. Select Wi-Fi.
  4. Let the Apple TV detect available Wi-Fi networks.
  5. Choose the Wi-Fi network on which you want to connect.
  6. Enter the password correctly and select Done.
  7. And select OK.

How do I connect Apple TV to a new WiFi?

If you’ve lost the Apple TV remote or it is not working, then use iOS or iPadOS device as a remote controller for Apple TV. Here’s how to do it.

  1. First add the Apple TV Remote on the Control Center, in iPhone or iPad.
  2. Navigate to the Settings app.
  3. Find and tap on Control Center.
  4. Scroll down to the end and tap the + Apple TV Remote option.
  5. Close the Settings app, and bring the Control Center on the screen.
  6. Now make sure to connect the Apple TV and iOS or iPadOS device that you’re going to use as Apple TV Remote to the same Internet Network. Since Apple TV isn’t connected to Wi-Fi, plug the Ethernet cable in the Apple TV and iPhone/iPad to the Wi-Fi network.
  7. Tap on the Apple TV Remote icon on the Control Center.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the setup.

Does Apple TV work better with Ethernet or Wi-Fi?

Ethernet connection is best so far, not only for Apple TV, but if you have a PC, Laptop that supports Ethernet, and you don’t work remotely, always prefer Ethernet. No doubt, Wi-Fi has improved much more, but Ethernet delivers the ultimate experience without compromising the speed and connectivity.

Why does Apple TV keep disconnecting from the internet?

Is your Apple TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi? Do you have Smart Home Appliances at your home? If yes, then are they nearby the Apple TV? Because these smart home appliances could create network interferences between the connections and that’s why your Apple TV Wi-Fi keeps dropping frequently.

Move them a little far from Apple TV. Besides, if you don’t have any smart appliances nearby Apple TV, then try this basic troubleshooting.

  1. Restart the Wi-Fi Router, to do so, unplug and re-plug the Power Adapter of the Router.
  2. Reboot Apple TV, power off the Apple TV as usual and reboot it.
  3. Reset Apple TV Settings, for Apple TV 4th, open the Settings > System > Reset and for Apple TV 3rd Gen or 2nd Gen, go to Settings > General > Reset.

This would probably fix the Apple TV 4k lost internet connection and Apple TV 4k Wi-Fi issues.

Apple TV Not Asking for WiFi Password

In the newest generation of Apple TVs, the WiFi password automatically syncs if you’re using the same Apple Account on both Apple TV and iOS/iPadOS/MacOS device. Still, if there’s an issue, then make sure you have set the password on the Wi-Fi network.

Apple TV won’t accept WiFi Password

This is quite a weird issue, Apple TV incorrect wifi password, while entering the correct Wi-Fi password on Apple TV, it still says incorrect password, plus the same Wi-Fi password is working on other devices, am I right? If yes, then start troubleshooting the Apple TV.

Don’t try to connect the Apple TV to that Wi-Fi, instead remove it as we do in iPhone by forgetting the network.

  1. Restart the Apple TV and the Router.
  2. Once they are on, try connecting the Apple TV to that network.
  3. It should be working fine. Alternatively, change the Wi-Fi password and reconnect the Apple TV.

Apple TV the WiFi Password you Entered is Not Correct Try Again – 100

Till now you must have rebooted the Router and Apple TV several times, but still can’t connect Apple TV to the Wi-Fi due to random errors. Reset All Settings on Apple TV, it might do a trick.

  • For Apple TV 4K Or Apple TV HD,

Open the Settings app > System > Reset.

For Apple TV 3rd Generation or earlier,

  • Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Can you watch downloaded movies on Apple TV without Internet?

Yes, of course, once the movie or video is downloaded on the Apple TV, it can be viewed anytime without an internet connection. However, make sure to download the entire movie, sometimes, the video might play if it is not fully downloaded.

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I hope, you would get the here clear solution to resolve Wi-Fi not working on Apple TV 4. Liked it? Share it. Be helpful to your colleagues, families.

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