Fix iPhone SE Call Volume Low issues

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Have you hesitated on your New iPhone SE, SE 2? Not for a big reason but only due to the low call volume coming from the receiver. So you need to go with Speaker mode or through the headphone. So Apple’s sound technology added a new option for filtering incoming sound or outgoing sound by removing unwanted or interrupted sound, automatically on iPhone SE low volume hitch.

Not new in the latest iOS users have this great option to purify volume and fix iPhone SE low volume. Still, aren’t satisfied with an option, Try carefully beneath all the troubleshooting steps one by one.

Resolve iPhone SE Sound Too Low During Calls

Solution 1: Update iPhone

Updating the iOS to the latest firmware stays the first choice to fix random errors like iPhone SE call volume too low or muffled. Suppose any pending update is available, better to update the iPhone and check whether the call volume is working. Otherwise, move down to the next solution.

  1. Open the Settings App on the iOS device.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Select Software Update.
  4. Download and Install the update.

Solution 2: Check the Network Signal

The carrier signal is the most important factor that plays a major role in keeping the network features intact. When the network signal is strong, the cellular data works seamlessly, calling services are clear, SMS works fast, and more. The top layer of the iPhone displays the network strength. Try moving out the iPhone in an open space, and see if the network signal increases.

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Solution 3: Check for Accessory Barrier

iPhone call volume low all sudden or after covering the iPhone with a new Case Cover or Screen Protector? Sometimes the incorrect placement of glass screen protectors or cases can be a barrier to calling services. Make sure to remove the case, and determine that the screen protector is not covering the ear speaker of the iPhone.

Solution 4: Clean Up The Speaker Grill

Over the years of use, Your iPhone speaker grill was mashed with debris and heavy dust on the speaker grill on the Ear speaker. Use Soft Baby Brush or Clean up tool and Smoothly Remove debris overlayed on speaker. Once you clean up, You will listen to the clear voice of your recipients.

Clean iPhone Speaker Grill using Soft Brush

The above steps are mostly working to fix iPhone SE low volume, or Sound doesn’t come out on a call.

Solution 5: Fix iPhone SE volume too low during calls

unboxing for clear voice on call

If you are a new iPhone user or iPhone SE user’ So Congratulations, then you might not be aware of this. The first check you removed iPhone’s plastic screen protector. I experienced this on my new iPhone SE. You set up a new screen protector or tempered glass protector, then make sure the rectangular hole is present on the top receiver slot.

Solution 6: Enable/Disable Phone Noise Cancellation

Manage all incoming and outgoing sounds during a call automatically from Accessibility settings.

In iOS 13 and later turn on Phone Noise Cancellation:

  1. Open the Settings App
  2. Tap Accessibility.
  3. Click on Audio/Visual
  4. Now you can see Phone Noise Cancellation.
Enable Phone Noise Cancellation on iPhone 11 (Pro Max)
Enable Phone Noise Cancellation on iPhone 11 (Pro Max)
  • Now turn on Phone Noise Cancellation toggle/Green.

  • For iOS 12 and Earlier iOS version installed iPhone SE users,

    • Go to the Settings on iPhone SE, installed with the latest iOS. > Next, Tap on General > Click Accessibility > Turn on Phone Noise Cancellation.
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    See the below picture like that,

    This feature really helps to reduce ambient noise on phone calls, when we hold the receiver to our ear. alternative you should make sure your Phone ringer switch is not mute that you can see in the given picture.

    how to increase ringer volume on iphone se

    Solution 7: Increase Volume of Ear Speaker

    During a call, time uses the Side Volume up button to increase the volume level of ear speakers. Level up the side volume button and Get Maximum sound.

    Increase Volume during call time on iPhone
    Increase Volume during call time on iPhone

    That’s it.

    Solution 8: This way help you to boost call volume on iPhone SE

    Update with latest new featured iOS, New iPhone SE pre-installed with latest iOS. But you can upgrade it easily in an official way over Wi-Fi or using iTunes.

    • For WiFi: Settings
    • Tap General
    • Click on Software Update > Update Now (Update Time will depend on your internet speed)

    Using iTunes: Connect your iPhone with iTunes installed Mac/ PC via lightning cable, After sync your phone appear on top in iTunes. Tap on it > under the summary update iPhone SE.

    Apple iPhone SE appear on iTunes on your mac or Pc click on iPhone icon

    Solution 9: Force Restart your iPhone SE to Stuck Volume mode

    The formal solution might be working in your case, Restart or Force Restart iPhone SE.

    Note This tutorial, not for Apple Music’s low volume.

    Solution 10: Turn Off Bluetooth

    Did you pair the Bluetooth speaker or headset previously? It is likely to cause the phone call volume on the iPhone. Disable the Bluetooth for once, and see if the call volume is resume to normal.

    1. Open the Settings
    2. Tap Bluetooth and disable it.
    3. Alternatively access the Bluetooth button from the Control Center.

    Solution 11: Reset Audio Call Routing

    When iPhone Call Volume Low on Bluetooth headphones or headset, then set the Call Audio Routing to the Automatic. The Audio Call Routing is the only responsible setting that transfers the audio to Bluetooth headset or loudspeaker or ear speaker, whichever is you choose during the phone call.

    1. Go to the Settings App.
    2. Scroll down to Accessibility.
    3. Tap Touch.
    4. Tap Call Audio Routing and set it to Automatic.
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    Solution 12: Turn off Reduce Loud Sounds on iPhone

    iPhone and iPad Get’s new iOS & iPadOS update with reducing loud sounds feature. So, Using this setting you can customize the volume level, If you have checked the Volume Level of the Headphone and Turn Down the Maximum volume using the Reduce loud sound options. Then you will get a slow sound for Call and Music Volume as well. So I recommended turning off the Reduce loud sound or increasing the volume level from the below step,

    1. Open Settings App on iPhone and Scroll to Sounds & Haptics option.
    Sounds and Haptics on iPhone settings
    Sounds and Haptics on iPhone settings
  • Now, Tap on Reduce Loud Sounds Options > Turn off the Toggle for Reduce Loud sounds option. Also, Increase the Deceble level on Output volume Using the Slider and Increase the Headphone Volume.
  • Reduce Loud Sound on iPhone Settings
    Reduce Loud Sound on iPhone Settings
  • That’s it.
  • Solution 13: Enable MFi Hearing Aids

    Hearing Aids is a great feature available for hearing impairment, but we can use it here to fix the low call volume issue on the iPhone. The MFi Hearing Aids focuses on improving the call, and sound quality.

    1. Navigate to the Settings
    2. Tap Accessibility.
    3. Under Hearing, select Hearing Devices.
    4. Toggle Hearing Aid Mode to ON.

    Solution 13: Try Calls on Loud Speaker

    The quick trick to deal with the low iPhone call issues is to use the Speaker while making phone calls. On dialing a phone call, tap on the Speaker button to enable the loudspeaker while calling.

    Solution 14: Erase Your iPhone and Restore

    First, take a backup of your iPhone on Finder/iTunes using a USB Lightning cable, Now, Find the Device on Finder Sidebar/ At the top in the iTunes window. Open the Summary page and under the Backup section, click on the Backup Now option (6th Option in below finder).

    iPhone on Finder Mac
    iPhone on Finder Mac – Restore Backup

    After Backup is taken on Mac/PC, You have to Erase your iPhone to Factory settings, Settings app > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings > Now your iPhone will be wiped completely. Your iPhone looks like a new one. Next, Test a sample call and Get the Result.

    Erase the Device
    Erase the Device

    If the Resolut is Okay and Improved sound quality, Then Restore the latest backup to your iPhone and Get all data back as like earlier. [7th Option in Above Finder screen]

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