Fixed iPhone SE low volume: Troubleshooting steps

Are you hesitated on your New iPhone SE? Not for the big reason but only due to low call volume comes from receiver. So you need to go with Speaker mode or through headphone. So apple’s sound technology added new option for filter incoming sound or outgoing sound by remove unwanted or interrupted sound, automatically on iPhone SE low volume hitch.

Not new in iOS 9, but iOS 8 users have this great option to purify volume and fix iPhone SE low volume. Still aren’t satisfied with option, Try beneath all troubleshooting steps one by one carefully.

Steps for Fix iPhone SE Low volume or Call sound on Call – Incoming/ Outgoing


If you are a new iPhone user or iPhone SE user’ So Congratulations, then you might be not aware about this. First check you removed iPhone’s plastic screen protector. I experienced on my new iPhone 6. You setup new screen protector or tempered glass protector, then make sure rectangular hole present on top receiver slot.unboxing for clear voice on call


Manage all incoming and outgoing sound during call automatically from Accessibility settings.

Go to the Setting on iPhone SE, installed with iOS 9, iOS 9.3 or new.

Next, Tap on General > Accessibility > Phone Noise Cancellation.iPhone SE low volume setting fixed

Enable Phone Noise Cancellation toggle. See the below picture like that,

This feature really help on reduce ambient noise on phone calls, when we holding the receiver to our ear.


Update with latest new featured iOS 9.3, New iPhone SE pre installed with iOS 9. But you can upgrade it easily in official way over Wi-Fi or using iTunes.

For WiFi: Settings > General > Software Update > Update Now (Update Time will be depends on your internet speed)

Using iTunes: Connect your iPhone with iTunes installed Mac/ PC via lightning cable, After sync you phone appear on top in iTunes. Tap on it > under the summary update iPhone SE.


Formal solution might be work in your case, Restart or Force Restart iPhone SE.

Note: This tutorial not for For Apple Music low volume.

Above steps are mostly work to fix iPhone SE low volume, or Sound doesn’t come out on call.