iPhone stuck in headphone mode [How to fix steps]

If you experience low volume on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on Audio or Video call (FaceTime, App on Skype/viber). But headphone is the #1 solution and most of the people like the way of use when you are in traffic, shopping, driving. So millions of user bothered about iPhone stuck in headphone mode or headset mode on running call. First check the below steps and mark for what are you going wrong with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

If you didn’t receive call on apple watch from iPhone, then you can try below fixed steps for no caller ID appear on Apple watch screen or  can’t receive apple watch call.iPhone stuck in headphone mode fixed

What are the cases mostly iPhone will get stuck? And Devices

Switch from Speaker to headphone, Connect or plug 3.5mm jack in between.

On use of Third party Wired or Bluetooth Headphone

Fixed iPhone Stuck in headphone mode step by step: iOS 9, iOS 8

First identify what’s creating problem either Hardware or Software. Try another headphone, if you are using third party headphone, then I would recommended apple’s headphone/ EarPods. But for the software issued follow the below ongoing steps.

Plug out or plug in 3.5 mm jack

Internal software creates issue on switch for hardware, either device’s speaker or Headphone. So repeat again by plug in/ out audio jack from iOS devices (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch).

Restart or Force Restart

Most of the case restart not worked then try force restarts (Press and holds sleep/ Wake button + Home button until you see slide to turn off screen). Otherwise for restart, press and hold sleep/ Wake button.

Clean your iPhone’s 3.5mm jack

Dust or oily layer inside the hole might be create interruption between contact between audio jack and hole pin. With care clean jack hole with cleaner tool. Also useful to clean all other gadget, keep with you useful for all the time.

Make sure about current iOS version: Up to date

New update available for your device, then update your iOS under Settings > General > Software Update.

Background Apps process

Stop or customize Background app refresh, Settings > General > Background App refresh.

Contact nearest apple store

Not help, Contact nearest apple store fix out any critical issue might be occurred in your iOS device. Also share with us, how you have fix iPhone stuck in headphone mode.