iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode? 7 Ways to Fix it in 2023!

🗓️ November 24, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

Even though the headphone is not connected, the iPhone is showing headphone mode. Besides, when playing songs or calling someone, there is no sound on the iPhone. All these common issues arise when your iPhone is stuck on headphone mode. In this troubleshooting, we have covered all the possible solutions that will help to get rid of this.

That’s why you are not listening to sound for an incoming calls on-ear speaker or Speaker mode. Also Music Play Silently but unable to listen audio from the iPhone speaker.

Fixed iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode Step By Step

First, identify what’s creates problems either Hardware or Software. Try another headphone; if you are using third-party headphones, then I would recommend apple’s headphones/ EarPods. But for the software issued to follow the below ongoing steps.

Why my iPhone is stuck on Headphone Mode?

It can happen when you switch from speaker to headphone, Connector plug 3.5mm jack, 8-Pin Lightning Connector in between, or the use of Third-party Wired or Bluetooth Headphone

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Quick Tip: 

Make sure any external speaker is not connected to the iPhone, go to the Bluetooth settings, and verify it.

Solution 1: Plug out or plug-in headphone

The very basic trick you should do to get rid of the iPhone stuck on headphone mode is to plug in and plug out. Your iPhone may not recognize that you have unplugged the headphone. Doing so will let it know. Generally, the internal software creates an issue on switch for hardware, either the device’s speaker or Headphones. So repeat again by plugin/ out audio jack from iOS devices (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch).

Solution 2: Enable Output Audio to Automatic

iPhone/iPad users have an amazing option for a set or Enable Output Audio routing to Manually, and Set for Bluetooth Headphone, Speaker to Automatic. So you will pick up the phone on the desired output medium. This is the Best practice to use your iPhone amazingly.

  1. Open Settings app on iPhone > Scroll to Accessibility Settings.
Accessibility Settings on iPhone
Accessibility Settings on iPhone
  • Now, Tap on Touch Option > Scroll to Last and Tap on Call Audio Routing.
  • Call Audio Routing Settings on iPhone
    Call Audio Routing Settings on iPhone
  • Next, set to Automatic.
  • Set Call Audio Routing to Automatic on iPhone
    Set Call Audio Routing to Automatic on iPhone
  • That’s it. Also, Make sure Auto-Answer Calls should be turned off.
  • Solution 3: Hard Reboot the iPhone

    Minor issues like this can be fixed by performing a quick restart to iPhone. iPhone stuck in headphone mode could be very annoying but a temporary bug, that can be thrown out with a restart.

    To Hard Reboot iPhone 11(Pro Max), Xr, Xs, Xs Max, 8 or later,

    • Quickly Press and release the Volume Up button.
    • Quickly Press and release the Volume Down button and immediately hold the Power button only until the Apple logo appears on the screen after the Black screen.
    • That’s it.
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    For iPhone 7/7Plus,

    • Press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

    For iPhone 6/6 Plus,

    • Press and hold the Home button and Power button, and release it when the Apple logo displays on the screen.

    Solution 3: Check Audio Output Settings

    Audio output settings should be okay because on your iPhone we can set any other audio accessories as output devices like HomePod, Car Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker around you, and Your Own Airpods very smartly. On your iPhone Control center, Touch and Hold on the music widget, So your music widget appears on the screen and Easily switch between your audio device.

    Select Correct Audio Output
    Select Correct Audio Output

    That’s it.

    Solution 4: Clean your iPhone’s 3.5mm jack or Lightning Port

    Even a small particle inside the lightning port could trigger the pin and your iPhone is stuck on headphone mode. With care try to clean the headphone jack or lightning port with Cleaner Tool, and check if the issue still persists.

    Clean Headphone Jack or Charging port
    Clean Headphone Jack or Charging port

    Check the Video Tutorial for Fix iPhone Stuck on Headphone mode,

    Solution 5: Update the iPhone to the latest version

    Headphone symbol won’t go away on the iPhone? It might be possible this is a software bug, and you are not the one with this issue. Try your chances by updating the iPhone to the latest version.

    • Update iPhone, Settings > General > Software Update.

    Solution 6: Enable/Disable Airplane Mode

    Turning on Airplane mode simply disconnects the network connection of the iPhone including Bluetooth connections, Wi-Fi connections, and more. So if the real culprit behind stuck headphone mode in iPhone is Bluetooth, then it should go away when you enable and disable Airplane mode. Pull Up/Down the Notification bar and enable Airplane mode.

    • Go to the Settings App on iPhone > Enable AirPlane mode toggle and Turn off.

    Solution 7: Contact Nearest Apple Store

    Yet, any of the solutions didn’t help to fix iPhone stuck on headphone mode? Contact the nearest apple store to fix any critical issue that might have occurred in your iOS device. Or Check out this guide on Talk and Book Appointment online or Phone to nearest apple store or Get Free help as well. Also share with us, how you have fixed the iPhone stuck in headphone mode.

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