Flags Not Working on Mac after Monterey/Big Sur Update [How to Use]

Last Updated on Jul 30, 2021

Flag in Apple Mail Messages on Mac, MacBook is a great way to organize your Work and Schedule your Task with Mail Flags. We can add or Rename Flag Lebel and Quickly access by Sort or filter using Flagged mailbox for Mail Messages on the Mail app sidebar. Some of the Mac users Reported Flag is not working in Mail on Mac, Because of Unacceptable changes on New layout of the Mail app on Mac. Know the Easy ways to Apply new Flags, Change Flag, or Remove Flags from a mail message.

Let’s follow this beginner guide for how to use Flag on the Apple Mac mail app. and Find your answer on Mail Messages with Flag.

Complete Guide on Flags in Mac Mail app

1. Add Flag Column in Mail Mailbox For Messages

Flags Not Showing on Mac mail inbox – “In Column” or “in Mail App Sidebar”

Suppose your all Flagged mail messages are disappeared and unable to find the option to sort Mails with your Flag. We can see flagged Email in a separate Flag column. To add Flag Column, right-click on Top column Header and Select Flags Option. How to enable Flags Column in Mailbox on Mac mail app.


Show In Mail app Sidebar:-

  1. By Click on the Plus icon next to the Favorites Section,add-new-mailbox-on-mail-app-on-mac
  2. Now, Select Flagged. And Ok to add under the Favorites Section.add-flagged-mailbox-on-mac-mail-app
  3. That’s it.see-all-flags-for-mail-app-on-mac

See, Flagged Mailbox added in Mail app Sidebar.

Now, How to Apply Different Flag to Mail Messages and Use it.

2. Apply Flag on Mail Messages

Now, Flagged Mail messages will be noted with your Marked Flag color in this column. To Add Flag on Any Mail Message, Right Click on Message > Select Flag [Color] that you easily identify with the Group or Sort with Flag color.


The second way is, Select Mail Message and Go to the Top Mac menu, Messages > Flag > Select Flag that you apply for an Email.


Apply Flag to Multiple Emails at Once: You can Add Flag to Multiple Mail Messages, Hold the Command Key + Click on Mail Message to select all. Now, Apply Flag by right click on Selection and Click on Flag.


3. Short or Filter Mail Messages with Flags

Flagged Mailbox will appear on the Mail app sidebar. If you do not see it on the mail app sidebar, then add it first.

  1. By Click on the Plus icon next to the Favorites Section,add-new-mailbox-on-mail-app-on-mac
  2. Now, Select Flagged. And Ok to add under the Favorites Section.add-flagged-mailbox-on-mac-mail-app
  3. That’s it.

To Filter Flagged Emails, Select the Flag color that you used for Flag mail messages. Expand the Flagged Mailbox by click on the Arrow icon.


That’s it.

4. Rename Flag on Mac Mail App

We can change the Default Flag name that’s assigned with the Color name. If you are confused with the name of the Flag color, then change it by Right Click on Flag > Rename Mailbox.


Type a new Flag name and Hit the Return to Save changes.

4. Re-Order Flags Mailbox on Mac mail app

Apple Mail app on Mac is Customized, Now Even more Clear User interface and Functional. You can now Re-order Flags Mailbox in Sidebar by Select the Mailbox and Drag it into another place.


Using the same techniques, you can move “Flagged” Mailbox entirely or the “Flag” Mailbox as well.

5. Remove Flags from Mac Mail Messages

Yes, we can remove Flag from the Mail message without deleting the mail. Also, we can Change the Flag to a Mail message, By right-click on the Message, From Flag Option on the Mail toolbar, or Messages Menu.

Remove the Flag from Mail message: Select Mail Message > Right Click on > Select Clear Flag. That’s it.


Or, Select and Open mail Message > From top Toolbar > Click on Flag Toolbox and Select Clear Flag. [Note: in the next step, See how to Add Flag tool on Mail app toolbar]


In the Same way from the Message menu, from the top Mac menu bar.


6. Customize Mail Toolbar: Add Flag on Mac Mail App Toolbar

Mac users can customize the Mail app to End level. To Customize Mail toolbar, Right Click on the Top Toolbar section from the Email Preview Section.

  1. Select Customize Toolbar option.customize-toolbar-on-mac-mail-app
  2. Here’s all Hidden or inactive Tool. Drag your Favorite item into the Toolbar to add it to the Apple Mac mail app toolbar.add-flag-tool-on-mail-mail-toobar-on-mac
  3. Click on Done to save the changes.
  4. clear-flag-from-mail-messages-in-mailbox-on-mac

That’s it.

From the Flag tool in the Mail app toolbar, Change Flag color, Clear Flag easily.

Can i Add More Flags to Mac Mail?

No, the User can’t add New Custom Flag colors to Mail Flags. Apple Gives Seven Basic Color to Flag Message in Mac app. But Yes, we can Rename & Re-order Flags by right click on Flag name and Select “Rename Mailbox” and Re-Order by Drag the Flag Mailbox to another place in the Mail app sidebar.

Hope you get the solution for your Mac mail app not showing Flag on Mail messages. Or Unable to filter with Flag.

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