Is Apple airtags Waterproof? Complete Guide

Want to attach your airtag on items which most of the travel on water space? For Example, Boat. let's justify Airtag is waterproof or not?

in this article, I will talk about Airtags is waterproof, splash, water, and dust resistant or not? Apple’s first-generation airtag is affordable trackers that have decent tracking coverage. So you guys, are you planning to buy Apple’s new item tracking device but before that, you might like to know that is airtags waterproof or not? so in this article, I will share about it.

As per Apple’s Airtag presentation, item tracker Airtag is splash, water, and dust resistant.

you don’t need to worry if it falls in a puddle or on the path of a colossal spill. An airtag was tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes).

in IP67 – the first digit 6 is indicated Solids Protection, while the second digit 7 denotes Liquids Protection.

For example, an airtag attached car key accidentally falls down in a puddle. so what happens? you can track your car key using Find My App on your iPhone without any error message. because of airtag’s water resistance. During tracking time, if you have a Precision Finding Supported iPhone then you can get a more accurate direction involved speaker too.

but one caveat is also that we should keep in mind that Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear.

in case your airtags fall in water then please you must Refer to the Safety and Handling documentation which comes in the box of Airtags. On that guide, you can learn how to clean and dry your Airtags to avoid any damage.

Pets (Dog) Example for Airtags

Second example, one of my NYC living friend asked me that he have a puppy. he would like to put Apple airtag tracking device on her collar to replace her name tag. So what is it ok to do, or not to do this? he also would like to engrave her name and his home phone on it. so I told him that you can’t engrave a lot of info; it is limited to a few characters. This means Apple will only engrave 4 to 6 characters on it.

One of the concerns is that his pets constantly dip their collar pendants in water while drinking. But I also told him that the Apple AirTags are water-resistant for up to 30 minutes. Kindly, Don’t worry about it. As well as adjust by good fit so he or she not able to chew up the device.

Apple did not mention that Airtag can track pets or children. but according to my ideas, pets owners or parents have nothing to lose if they put an airtag on a pet or child.
in more, It will still give you the better possibility to find them.
You’re more likely to lose your child in a town or city so it is a good thing to have an airtag.
similar way, you likely to lose your cat or puppy, dog in a town or city then in the woods, so it is a decent tips to have an airtag on its color.

What is Waterproof Rating for Apple item Tracker Airtag?

Airtag waterproof rating is IP67 it means the airtag was tested with Immersion up to 1m water depth. in short, it Protected from total dust ingress. The Tag is Protected from immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth.

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