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How to Save Instagram Photos to iPhone Camera Roll: iOS 10 and later

How to Save Instagram Photos to iPhone Camera Roll

An Instagram is a world’s popular platform to share Pictures globally. It provides free service to put/ upload Photos from smartphone and tablet. Users are enjoying Instagram on the web and smartphones. According to a survey, over the all devices, an Apple iPhone is a #1 handset, users would like to touch Instagram daily.

Fortunately, people take pleasure of Instagram Live Videos, share Story and can save favorites photos and Video in Instagram App on iPhone. But can’t save Instagram Photos to iPhone Camera Roll. If you would like to keep your desired pictures that are uploaded by other Instagram users, then the following guide will help you quickly.


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An easy way to Download or Save Instagram Photos to iPhone Camera Roll

How to Save Instagram Photos to iPhone Camera Roll: iOS 10 and later

  1. Download free instaGet App – Download Now (Video & Photo downloader for Instagram)
  2. Open Up Instagram App on your iPhone.
  3. Hold on the picture that you want to save on your iPhone, iPad camera roll.
  4. Tap on More (…) icon, appear right and top side on Picture.
  5. Choose Copy Share URL. You will appear Green color label – link copied to the clipboard. It’s excellent, now continue to next steps to download Instagram picture or video and save to your iPhone camera roll.

Save Instagram Photos and videos to iPhone Camera Roll


Lunch InstaGet App and Paste your link here.

download Instagram Photos to iPhone Camera Roll iOS 10 later

Now click on the Home button and Go to Photos App.

Tap on Albums and hit on All Photos, the last picture would be that you want to save.

That’s it.

So hey, friends, this is the simple method through you can download/ save Instagram Videos to iPhone Camera Roll for all time. A convenient way, anybody can compliance efficiently.

So don’t miss ever any single photo and video on Instagram those you most like. So try for you and share with your friends on Whatsapp, Facebook and other social networks directly from your iPhone.

Let’s guys, do you have any other tricks to download Instagram Photos and Videos on iPhone camera roll? Please drop them in below comment box. We will appreciate your ideas.

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