iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus Microphone not Working? Here’s Guide

Know everything about how to repair or fix iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus microphone not working? Your iPhone Microphone is not working properly, at that time, there are two possibilities either Hardware problem of Microphone or might be Software issue, too. But before completely iPhone Microphone test, we can’t justify, what is the actual fact over the Microphone doesn’t work or major issue microphone cutting out during call. Therefore, here we are also discussing, how to test microphone and fix iPhone mic problems.

FaceTime, Siri not hearing you because she can’t detect your voice and third big problem is call cutting out during call. Sometimes Microphone Muffled by any object so in that case, it does not working perfect as like you have use before.

there are many apps and even pro-active Siri access iPhone Microphone daily, you might experienced some disturbance coming in audio, Siri not understand your voice and so many. So these all problem occurs due to Microphone problem.

Instagram, FB messenger, Google Maps, Chrome, YouTube, Snapchat, WhatsApp messenger, imo and lots of no-apple applications that have requested access to the microphone of Apple devices.

Before getting started following Steps, you must be test iPhone mic. There are couples of way to testing iPhone microphone, which is listed below.

Here’s ways to test iPhone Microphone.

Fixes iPhone 7 Plus Microphone not Working

How to test iPhone Microphone iPhone 7 Plus Microphone not Working

Clean the Microphone

Take a needle and carefully clean your iPhone microphone. Try again to test your microphone. If in some case it won’t work, take help of Apple Support.

Check headphone jack

Make sure that, not any accessory plugged into the headphone port. If even any, please remove it. An try again.

Check iPhone Microphone Settings

Go to settings App and then tap on Privacy, here tap on Microphone and make sure microphone access is turn on next to the app, that you are trying.

Update iOS

Open up Settings App – Tap on General and then hit on Software update. If any update is available, please update it.

Reset All Settings

After tried above all ways if none of the way work in your case, please take help of Apple Supports.

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