How to Hide Alerts in Messages app on iPhone (One Peroson & More)

Are you disturbed by getting new text message alerts from a single conversation on the Apple iPhone or iPad? You can hide or stop showing notifications for a new message every time on the lock screen by enabling the Hide alert option for a particular contact in the messages app. Without any third-party applications, we can hide alerts from the individual conversation in the iOS app. Also, we don’t need to save unknown contacts or block them. Just like a promotional message from a particular service and financing company’s message, we can control it. By stopping out, an alert comes to your iOS device.

Follow my guide and get easy tricks on the best options and ways to hide or Show/ unhide alerts from individual conversations in iOS on iPhone and iPad.

Stop or hide alerts means there is no notification sound or text preview on the lock screen or home screen.

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Steps for hiding & Unhide alerts from the individual conversation in iOS on iPhone, iPad

1. Launch the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Open Conversation or Unknown Senders from your messages list.

Launch the messages app tap on messages on iPhone

4. Search Messages with recipient name [And Hide alert for that conversation]
5. Slide Right to left on Messages list,
6. Tap on “Bell icon”.
7. Once you enable hide alerts or stop alerts, the Grey Bell icon will show next to the Message.

Select alerts on iPhone

Unhide/ Show alerts or Turn on Alerts for text Message conversations on iPhone, iPad

1. How to quickly check which conversation has enabled the Hide alert?
2. In front of the message (Grey Bell icon), the notify alert is disabled for this conversation only on iPhone and iPad.
3. Slide Right to left on the Text messages list; see and tap on Show alert.

Click on swipe right to left tap on alerts on iPhone

That’s it.

To disable or Hide text Message alerts for the Messages app on the Cover Sheet

Are you not getting text message alerts in iOS on iPhone or iPad? Check these steps.

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Next to the Settings App, tap on Messages on iPhone.

Launch the settings app tap on messages on iPhone

3. Select the Notifications and turn on Allow Notifications, then tap on Alerts under uncheck Lock Screen and then Check Banners on iPhone.

Click notifications turn on allow notifications uncheck lock screen check for banners on iPhone

Unable to find conversation from list of Message

1. Launch the Messages App and tap on the Messages tab on your iPhone.

Go to the messages app tap on messages chat on iPhone

2. On the top center of the messages chat, tap on people and turn on Hide Alerts.

Tap on messages chat turn on hide alerts on iPhone

Message Repeat alert settings

Another important setting is Repeat alerts, by default repeat alerts is two times on every single notification on the lock screen.

1. Launch the Settings App, Scroll the screen, tap on the Messages, and then select Notifications on iPhone.

Go to the settings app next tap on messages then select notifications on iPhone

2. Scroll the Customize Notifications. Click on Repeat Alerts and tap on Check on Never.

Scroll the customize notifications tap on repeat alerts check never on iPhone

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