How to Customize “Hey Siri” on HomePod 2024

The Main function of Siri is to make a good connection between you and HomePod. And especially for that only the apple and given Siri feature in HomePod. However, if you’re bored with Siri, then you can turn off or Turn on Hey Siri for HomePod, or change the language and accents or Siri or also you can switch the voice of Siri between male and female and much more things you can customize related to Siri and HomePod.

Once you setup HomePod, Hey Siri Automatically turned on by Default.

Steps for Customize Hey Siri on HomePod

1 Manage Hey Siri on HomePod

How To Turn Off “Hey Siri”

No offense Siri is the best personal assistant, but if you don’t want that facility, then you can turn it off. There are two ways to disable Siri on HomePod.

By using your Voice

  1. Just say “Hey Siri, stop listening”.
  2. And after that Siri will ask you confirmation say “Yes”.

Using iOS device

  1. Go to the “Home” app.
  2. Click on the Rooms tab, located in the bottom middle.
  3. Now press and hold HomePod and click on “Details”.
  4. Turn off Listen for “Hey Siri.”

How to turn on “Hey Siri.”

After disabling the “Hey Siri” are you feeling regret? Don’t worry we can enable it in few seconds. Why disable when you have the best voice with you.

Using your voice

  1. Tap on the top of the “HomePod”. Also Remarkable useful HomePod Touch Gesture.
  2. And say “Hey Siri, start listening”.

Using iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the “Home” app.
  2. Open Room tab and search your HomePod by swiping the rooms.
  3. Press the HomePod and click on “Details”.
  4. Turn on Listen for “Hey Siri”.

How to disable touch-and-hold for Siri

By default when you set up the HomePod this feature is enabled. When you touch and hold the top surface of HomePod, the Siri invokes. If you don’t like this feature, then you can turn it off easily.

  1. Go to “Home” app.
  2. In the bottom middle, click on Rooms banner.
  3. Now open “HomePod”.
  4. Press and hold HomePod and tap on “Details”.
  5. There turn off the “Touch and Hold for Siri”.

How to disable light or sound when using Siri

It is kind of indicator that shows you that Siri is actively listening to your commands. Siri indicates in two ways by light and sound. If you want to turn it off, yes you can do it.

  1. Open Home app on iOS.
  2. Click on “Rooms tab”.
  3. Swipe the rooms tab and find “HomePod”.
  4. Tap on “Details”.
  5. Turn off “Light when using Siri” and “Sound when using Siri”.

How to change Siri’s language and accent

If you want to switch languages, you can easily change between HomePod’s supported languages.

  1. Launch “Home” app in iPhone/iPad.
  2. Click on the Rooms tabs.
  3. Find the “HomePod” by swiping the Rooms.
  4. Long press the HomePod and tap on “Details”.
  5. Now select your language from given list.

How to switch the voice between male and female

By default Siri talks in female voice but you can change the voice to male. The HomePod will follow the settings of iPhone/iPad for voice, but if you want to change the voice specifically in HomePod, you can do.

In iOS device

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Find and click on “Siri and Search”.
  3. Tap “Siri Voice”.
  4. Select Male or Female to change the voice.

To change specifically in HomePod

  1. Open “Home” app in iDevice.
  2. Click on Rooms tab.
  3. Find you’re “HomePod” by swiping Rooms.
  4. Press and hold “HomePod
  5. And tap on “Details”.
  6. Click on “Siri Voice” and select between Male and Female.

Above all are the alternate ways to Disable or manage/ Customize “Hey Siri” on HomePod for a newbie.

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