How to Connect Apple Watch to Internet in watchOS 7: Step-by-Step Guide

Last Updated on Nov 21, 2020

Accessing the internet on Apple Watch in watchOS is one of the biggest advancement for us. Obviously, we won’t enjoy browsing in Apple Watch like iPhone, because Safari or any browser is not available in watchOS. Possibly the new WebKit API in watchOS 5 in development especially for Apple Watch. If you stuck in some situation then only use Apple Watch for browser or else use iPhone for faster result.

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But still, you got a chance to use the browser in your Apple Watch then let’s try for a one-time experience.

According to our team experience, use the internet on Apple Watch is not unique but we can say that it just clue in the certain emergency situation. By the way, if a user will use the internet on Apple watch more than 10 to 12 minutes at a time, then entire battery die quick fast. In simple word, you should not access internet on your Apple Watch as a Main source.

Let’s Dive on the technique to read,

watchOS: How to use the internet on Apple Watch

How to Access internet on Apple Watch in watchOS 5

Step #1: To use the internet on your Apple Watch you have to share the link via iMessage to yourself of a website which you want to access in Apple Watch. Else, you can link or any of your favorite search engine.

Step #2: Once you have sent the link to your iWatch, open iMessage App and tap on the link to launch a web page on your Wrist.

Note: Doesn’t matter whether you have Apple Watch Series 3, the speed of browsing will be slow. When the page will be loaded Apple Watch will indicate you by tap.

Step #3: So now everything is ready to start exploring the world on the smartwatch. YouTube is currently not compatible with watchOS 5.

To streamline the experience, WatchOS 5 will good to use Safari Reader mode on your Apple Watch.

We would suggest you browse on Apple Watch when you don’t have any option because gradually browser will eat the battery of the Watch and we can’t afford to lose battery.

Moreover, like I said before you have to send a link to yourself in iMessage to use the internet on Apple Watch, so there is no way you can enter URL and directly search from Apple Watch.

Thanks for reading, now enjoy Webkit to Apple Watch to quickly access information on your wrist!

If you’re watching or particular not supported to Apple watch then you will get an error message something like- This link isn’t viewable on Apple watch but you can open it on your iPhone.

Do you get any other trouble or error message while you access the internet on Apple Watch? Don’t hesitate, write down in the comments!

Hope, you don’t miss out to learn how to manually connect Wi-Fi on your Apple watch running watchOS 5 or later!

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