How to Add Photos Widget to iPhone Home Screen

One of the greatest changes ever made to the iPhone Home Screen with iOS 14 is now you can add Widgets in between the applications, they aren’t limited to the Today’s View. iOS 14 takes the iPhone home screen experience to the next level, by introducing App Library, Widgets, Smart Stacks, and much more customizing abilities to give control of the iPhone in your hand. Choose the type of Widget Size, add as many widgets you want, and organize the home screen in the way you want to use it, now everything is up to you. In this article, we will show you how to add photos widget to the iPhone home screen in iOS 14. If you’re thinking to add widgets to the iPad, I’m afraid that it is not possible. You can add widgets to the iPad, like the old traditional ways in Today’s View not in the middle of the home screen.

While concerning the Photos Widget, it truly amazed me when I first added the Photos widget to the iPhone and depicted that Photos are automatically changing, on the widget. In this busy schedule, at least while working, we got to see our old photos over the Photos Widget, with zero efforts.

How to Add Photos Widget on iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14

Note: Make sure Photos App on iPhone is installed to use the Photos Widget on the iPhone home screen.

Be sure to update the iPhone to the latest iOS 14, to use this. Visit the Settings app > General > Software Update to check the latest software version installed on your iPhone.

  1. Unlock the iPhone, and touch and hold anywhere on the screen to put iPhone home screen into Jiggle Mode.
  2. On the upper-left corner, tap the Plus sign to add the Photos Widget.
  3. Search Photos Widgets, or scroll through the widget list, and select Photos
  4. Thereafter, re-arrange the Widget on the iPhone home screen, wherever you want.
  5. Once you are satisfied with it, tap on Done on the top-right corner.

This is it! Enjoy the whole new fresh iPhone home screen with the Photos Widget.

How to Remove Photos Widgets from iPhone Home Screen

If you’re not happy with the Photos Widget on the iPhone Home Screen or want to try out other widgets, here’s how to remove the widget from the iPhone home screen in iOS 14 or later.

  1. Touch and hold the Photos Widget.
  2. Select Remove Widget.
  3. Confirm, Remove.
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