How to Add and Remove Widget in iOS 14? How to Use Smart Stack Widgets iOS 14

Did you enjoy the App Library of iOS 14? Well, not then don’t miss our detailed article on iOS 14 App Library and How to Use It. One more change Apple introduced associated with Home Screen is Widgets, previously Widgets were only limited to the Widgets Window or say Today’s Window, that can be accessed by swiping right the Home Screen. Nevertheless, with iOS 14, customizing Widgets is much easier, you can pick the different sizes of Widgets and put it on Home Screen between the Apps. The time is past when we can only add applications or create app folders or rearrange the app icons.

However, if you are back from Android to iOS or ever used the Windows phone earlier, this might not surprise you, but for iPhone users, it is still a new opportunity to customize the home screen widgets, don’t waste time, get your hands on the neat Smart Stack Widgets.

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How to Add, Remove Widgets in iOS 14 iPhone?

  1. Navigate to the Today View on your iPhone.
  2. Touch and hold any widget that you want to move to the iPhone Home Screen, when the widgets start jiggling, push the Widget to the home screen.
    • Alternatively, touch and hold in the blank screen to bring up the jiggle mode on the iPhone home screen.
  3. Tap on the Plus icon on the top-left side to discover more Widgets.
  4. Search the widget that you want to add it to the home screen.
  5. Don’t find the correct size, then tap on the Widget, swipe through the options, and choose the Widget Size that fits your need.
  6. You can rearrange the Widgets on the iPhone home screen, to do so, drag and place it.
  7. To Add More Widgets, tap Plus and follow the same procedure.
  8. Once you are done adding Widgets, tap Done.

What is Smart Stack in Widgets in iOS 14?

Smart Stack in iOS 14 is something new that no one has ever dreamt of, it automatically switches the cards using the iPhone intelligence and shows the most significant information periodically.

Besides, the Smart Stack Widgets can be swiped manually to change the widget view.

How to Add or Remove Smart Stack in Widget Screen?

  1. Tap and hold on the empty space in the iPhone Home Screen.
  2. Tap on the Plus icon in the upper-left screen.
  3. Then select Smart Stack.
  4. You are given two choices, whether to choose enlarged Stack or small stack, select one and add it..
  5. To remove the Smart Stack, follow step 1 and tap on minus on the Smart Stack to delete it.
  6. Confirm Remove Stack.

How to Edit Smart Stack in iOS 14?

Yes, it is possible to edit the Smart Stack widgets on iOS 14, you can reorder the widget cards, enable/disable smart rotations, and more.

  1. Unlock iPhone and locate the Smart Stack to edit.
  2. Touch and hold the Smart Stack that you want to edit.
  3. Select Edit Stack.
  4. From there reorder the applications that you want the front, and also look at the Smart Rotate toggle, decide what you want to do with it.

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