Where is Clubhouse Microphone Settings in 2022: How to Change Audio Quality

Last Updated on Jan 4, 2022

You may have heard that Clubhouse is just a sound-based online media application, not a talk or anyplace. Decisively, without Microphone, the Clubhouse will not work by any means. Microphone plays a significant role for such kind of applications. For this, you must have a workable mic on your device, or else you also have an alternative to use an external microphone on Clubhouse.

Considering how to fix the Microphone not chipping away at Clubhouse, few workarounds could diminish the receiver issue of Clubhouse. This is what you can attempt at present.

How the Clubhouse utilizes a microphone?

Being an audio-based app, having the best microphone is mandatory. When you make a talk room, there is a need for a microphone. Else you won`t be able to hear the conversations either can you take part. There are internal and external microphones. If you faced any internal ones, you could easily use an external Microphone on the Clubhouse app.

As many users think that the internal Microphone is beneficial, you can try using it. When you join the talk room, you will see a green color mic icon at the bottom. Tap on it, and it’s accessible for Mute and Unmute Yourself on the Clubhouse app. Apart from this, you also have an option to make use of Bluetooth, earphones, etc.

How would you be able to adjust microphone settings in the Clubhouse?

For Bluetooth Headphones AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max…We can customise microphone settings in this way..

If you are using an external microphone, you should follow these procedures mentioned below, 

  1. Visit your mobile settings
  2. Tap Bluetooth
  3. Tap on the (i) button which is next to the connected headphone name
  4. Then Microphone
  5. And finally, select left/right or Automatically use microphone from any one of them.

Allow the Microphone to access the Clubhouse

For this, you need to

  1. Visit settings App on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll and Tap on Privacy.Privacy Settings for Clubhouse Microphone
  3. Find and Tap on Microphone.
  4. Then you can enable the microphone permission.Enable Microphone for Clubhouse app on Phone
  5. That’s it. sometime users can’t change microphone permission for clubhouse because of restrictions are enabled. Follow the other settings for manage Parental Restriction for clubhouse app.

Disallow Microphone to access the Clubhouse 

For this, you need to,

  1. Visit Settings
  2. Tap on privacy
  3. Tap on Microphone
  4. Then you can disable the microphone permission

It is also mandatory to restrict time screen restrictions for Clubhouse. Let`s discuss

How to adjust the screen Time restrictions for the Microphone?

Screen Time restrictions over Clubhouse app works like parental control. no one can unlock or enable Microphone of your iOS device for Clubhouse app.

Follow these simple steps for the same.

  1. Open Settings app on Phone.
  2. Tap Screen time.
  3. Tap content and privacy restrictions.Screen Time Restrictions for Clubhouse App
  4. Microphone > Choose Allow changes.Enable Microphone access to Clubhouse app
  5. That’s it. Go back to Clubhouse Microphone settings under the privacy, Settings > Privacy > Microphone and Enable toggle for Clubhouse app.
  6. Force close app and Re-launch app.

If you can’t see Microphone settings, then Delete the app from the Phone and Re-download and install it on the phone from the app store. internal software glitch creates a problem like this. Also, you can Report Clubhouse app team.

Change Audio Quality On Clubhouse App

While you are speaking in the Clubhouse room as a speaker, you have an option to deliver high-quality audio from Clubhouse room settings. Follow the below steps to change the audio quality of the clubhouse room.

  1. In-Room Tap on more button (…) at the top right corner of the room panel.
  2. Select the Audio Quality, then pick the option from High, Normal, and Low.Change Audio Quality of Clubhouse room while you are speaker
    • if you are singing or performing a song, then switch to audio quality, to High.
    • If you are somewhere in bed service, and Having Connection issues, and low internet connection then set to Low.
  3. Otherwise, the Default option is Normal.

Clubhouse Utilized with External microphones

You are already aware of many devices, and there is no harm in using them for such a fantastic application. Like headphone, Bluetooth, etc can be easily connected by enabling its permissions via device settings.

Final note:

Henceforth, it is clear that you have understood all the solutions mentioned above. I hope you liked the solutions discussed. Without a microphone, it is not easy to use this app. Do not miss out on any of the exciting conversations happening in the talk room because of this.

This post might have helped you a lot. So, decide whether you want to use an internal or external microphone. Whatever it may be, it’s pretty sure that it would be accessible easily.

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