How to Change the Safari Background on iPhone, iPad, Mac

Want to customize Safari background in iPhone? You can set background wallpaper on Safari App in iPhone running iOS 16 or later.

In this tutorial line, I’ll show you how to change the background wallpaper in the Safari App on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 15 or later. By default, there are few background wallpapers added by Apple; however, there’s also an option to choose the image from the iPhone Library and Sync with Mac Safari automatically. Earlier, with macOS Big Sur, Safari now Becomes more productive with Private Relay for Strong Privacy Improvements on all devices, Hide IP Address from Trackers in Latest iOS, iPadOS and MacOS, Overhauled Safari Interface, and more. Apple has added this function for the Backgroud Wallpaper for Safari Mac, MacBook users, and now it is available on iPhone.

Keep note that to set the background wallpaper in Safari iPhone; the device must be updated to the iOS 15 or newer version. Another Safari significant change is that you can create Tab Groups, which lets you collect and group all the tabs in a single group to access them quickly.

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How to Change Background Wallpaper in the iPhone Safari App

First Go to Start Page on iPhone Safari Browser and Customize Home screen layout with the options Choose Background Wallpaper. Let’s follow the below steps to Set Any Picture in Safari iPhone from your Phone camera roll.

  1. Launch the Safari App on your iPhone
  2. Tap on the Tabs icon at the bottom of the right Corner.
Open Safari App Tap on the Tabs Overview option on iPhone
  1. Select the Plus (+) icon at the Bottom left Corner
  2. See the Start Page and swipe down to Tap on Edit
  3. Now Customise Start Page window should appear, Turn on Background Image.
Tap on + icon Select Edit Enable Background Image Choose image on iPhone
  • Choose Image from the Available Safari Backgrounds on Safari App or you can alternatively, choose Custom Background image from the Photos App,
    • Tap on (+)
    • Select Albums Tab
    • Tap on Recents.
    • Choose Photo
Tap on + icon to Select Album Click on Recents on iPhone

Select the Background image and tap (X) to close the menu to Save changes.

Choose Photo to Select Background on iPhone

How to Remove Background Wallpaper on Safari iPhone

Don’t like the default background then try holy Christian wallpaper on Safari on iPhone? It can be removed anytime; here’s how to remove the background image on Safari in iPhone.

Step 1: Launch the Safari App on your iPhone > Tap on the Tabs icon at the bottom of the right Corner.

Open Safari App Tap on the Tabs Overview option on iPhone

Step 2: Tap the Plus(+) icon > At the end of the screen, Tap on Edit.

Tap on + icon Select Edit on iPhone

Step 3: Tap on Background Image to Disable.

Tap on Background Image to Disable on iPhone

That’s it.

Enable Safari Start Page Sync on All Devices: Auto Apply Wallpaper to Mac Safari

Sync Safari Start Page on all Devices using iCloud sync. These settings are applied for all your Apple devices that are signed in with the same Apple ID. On the Start Page, We can enable the Option for Use Start Page on All devices [iPhone, iPad, Mac].

  1. Launch the Safari on your Mac.
Open Safari on Mac
  1. Select the Customize icon at the Bottom of the right Corner.
  2. Now tick mark a box next to Use Start Page on All Devices.
Tap on Customize icon Enable Use Start Page on All Devices on Mac
  1. Select Use Settings in iCloud option. (What happens? iCloud Settings will sync across all devices.)
 Select Use Preferences in iCloud on Mac
  1. The start page screen of your Mac’s Safari browser now looks the same as your iPhone’s.
Your Mac Safari Start Page screen is the same as your iPhone

That’s the Customization of the Safari Start page.

Note:- If you select “Use Preferences from this Mac”, then the Start page won’t change like your iPhone.

Solution – if your Safari browser background does not appear the same as your iPhone, Restart your device and check that both devices have the same Apple ID logged in.

Make sure you have selected Use Start Page on All Device Option under iPhone’s Safari Customize page settings.


With very few efforts, we can sync data on the Safari Startup page from iPhone, iPad to Mac, and Mac to iPhone and iPad. That will increase your productivity. If you still have questions in mind, then comment to me.

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