MacBook Won’t Charge in 2024 (Here’s real fix)

MacBook plugged in but not charging; sounds silly. But now what? Most Macbook batteries typically last 10-12 hours with a single charger, but after a year, you will see degradation in battery life, and in some cases, it won’t charge at all. 

So it becomes easy to be nervous when you come across a MacBook battery not charging when connected to a MagSafe or USB-C port. Fret not! Until the software or charger, you are using is causing the problem, you can get a fix by following the below-mentioned troubleshooting guide. 

Why is my MacBook Battery not Charging?

MacBook Pro that won’t charge or turn on. Knowing what the reason behind it is is quite confusing. This can be due to a corrupted charging Cable or Adapter, no electricity in the power outlet, etc. For you, it’s a blank situation; here is an article to fix the issue; follow it!

1: Is Your MacBook Overheating?

First and foremost, Is Your MacBook Overheating? If so, it won’t charge up. The reason is that it wants to prevent the MacBook’s internal Hardware from getting damaged due to exponential growth in heat.  

Immediately shut down the MacBook for a minimum of 30 Minutes. Let it cool down; next, plug in the charger, and it will work.

2: Not Charged MacBook Battery For Long Time?

Have you not charge-up the MacBook Battery for a prolonged period? As per the experts, it drastically decreases the Battery Capabilities, and in the worst case, you might find MacBook won’t charge at all. 

It is time to charge the MacBook for at least 24 hours. Even after this, the MacBook Is Unresponsive means the Battery is dead and needs to be exchange.

3: No Power Source

Before you fix MacBook won’t charge; let’s check whether the Power Outlet to which your charging adapter is connected has electricity. To cross-check, try charging an alternative device using the same Power Outlet. If you find Power Outlet not working, charge the MacBook on another Power Outlet. 

4: Do You Have Original Charger?

Apple always recommends charging their products using the corresponding charger. So if you are trying to charge a MacBook using the Third-Party Charger, ignore it! Over the period, it can cause severe damage to Battery of MacBook. 

5: Ensure Charger Is Properly Connected

MacBook is not charging; check if the USB Cable fits the charging Port on MacBook. Often it’s found that USB Cables and Ports get loosely connected due to the average built quality. 

6: Charging Cable Is Damaged

Frayed or tend charging cables hinder electricity from flowing regularly and cause fluctuation. So if the MacBook is plugged in but not charging, hold a second and check Cable isn’t the culprit. 

Note: Always prefer using the USB-C Cable you receive with MacBook or USB-C; show MacBook in the compatible list. Since all USB-C Cable is different. 

Besides this, also verify the charging bricks aren’t hot. Finally, unplug from the Power Outlet and let it cool if you find a situation. 

7: Dirt And Debris Inside Charging Port

Are you cleaning Charging Port frequently? Over time dirt and debris make their way into Charging Port. which leads to a loose connection between Metal Connectors and Charging Cable. To verify, turn torch focus inside the Charging Port. If there is dust, grease, dirt, or food crumbs, try Cleaning MacBook Charging Port. Here’s Possible Options on How to Clean MacBook Charging Port.

Besides this, ensure there is no dirt and debris inside the Charging Cable port (USB-C or MagSafe Port). If you find it, Use the Soft Brush or cotton swab with 70% Isopropyl Solution (avoid using bleach or various cleansers).  

8: Corrupted AC Plug

Possibilities are always ongoing regarding why my MacBook won’t charge. There might be a corrupted AC adapter. Charge the alternative MacBook with the same AC adapter if it won’t charge. Don’tDon’t panic! Change the Adapter. That’sThat’s It!

9: Inadequate Charger Ventilation

Apple Charger produces lots of heat and especially its MacBook Charger. So, if you have placed the charger below the cushion or place where there is no heat dissipation, it will get hot and turn off automatically.  

To experience efficient and effective MacBook charging, keep your MacBook Charger in an open place.

10: Outlet Line Noise

Unlike the advanced MacBook, the Apple Charger is built smartly. The MacBook Charger has Voltage Protection Mechanisms. So if there is a line of noise from the Outlet, the charger will get automatically disabled to prevent severe damage. Have you experienced the same? If not, move to the following troubleshooting.

11: Use Different Charger Or Converter

Not a solution, but if feasible, borrow the charger for a comrade and charge the MacBook to see if it works. If yes, it’s guarantee the issue lies with the Cable or Charging Adapter. Nothing to do more carry the corrupted charging Cable or Adapter to the nearest Apple Store and ask for repair or replacement if it’s under warranty.

12: Restart MacBook

Rebooting the MacBook regularly keeps the laptop in good shape. As it refreshes the Memory and Hardware. In the same way, it prevents situations causing specific issues within the MacBook. Try it right now! Fortunately, if it works, make a habit of rebooting your MacBook once a week.

13: Optimized Battery Charging Is Enabled?

Is your MacBook battery on hold or paused at 80%, or Mac Suddenly Not Charging? If yes, then the Optimized Battery Charging feature is turned on. The feature is by default enable. To disable Optimized Battery Charging, follow the given below steps.

macOS Ventura And Earlier: Apple Logo > System Settings… > Battery > “i” Icon > Battery Health. Turn Off “Optimized Battery Charging” and then choose Turn Off or Turn Off till tomorrow > Done.

macOS Monterey And Later: Apple Logo > System Preferences… > Battery > Battery. Uncheck the box next to Optimized Battery Charging and choose Turn Off or Turn Off till tomorrow.

Nevertheless, we recommend keeping it as it turns on. As of now, the feature is design to prevent battery aging. 

14: How Do Force My Mac To Charge?

Another possibility that users might come across is Mac status says not charging when selecting the battery icon from the menu bar due to MacBook’s intent to extend or optimize the battery life. But if you want to force Mac to charge, here is how you can do so. 

macOS Ventura & Later: Apple Logo > System Settings… > Battery. Select “i” Icon next to Battery Health. Now disable Manage Battery Longevity.

macOS Monterey And Earlier: Apple Logo > System Preferences… > Battery > choose Battery Sidebar > Battery Health > Uncheck Manage Battery Longevity. 

15: Reset SMC

My Mac plugged in but not charging? Is that the same with you? However, I fixed it on my Mac by Resetting an SMC intel-based MacBook. So if you have the corresponding Mac, try it out!

However, turn off and unplug the MacBook for intel-based MacBook with removable batteries. Next, detach the Battery and press the Power Key for 20-30 seconds. Finally, connect the Battery, plug MacBook and press the Power Key. That’sThat’s It!

For intel based MacBook with a removable Battery, you can follow our guide to Reset SMC on MacBook.

16: Apple Support

Over and above nothing else left in your bucket to fix MacBook not charging when plugged in; don’t waste time. Contact Apple Support! 

Bottom Line

Any of the solutions mentioned above might have worked to fix the MacBook pro won’t turn on but is charging. If not, most prominently, it can be due to a faulty Motherboard or any part causing MacBook to charge. So take to the nearer Apple Authorized Service Station and ask to repair or replacement. 

How To Know Macbook Is Charging?

When connecting the charger, the LED indicator keeps glowing when the Battery is fully charge. In case the Battery is a low or half charge, you will spotlight glow amber.

How Do I Start My Mac With A Dead Battery?

If you haven’t charge the Battery of MacBook for a long period, the first thing you need to do is let it charge for at least 24 hours. Even after this, it won’t turn on; take it to the nearest service station, as your Battery is genuinely dead.

Why Is Battery Not Charging When Plugged In Mac?

Whether a corrupted charging cable, adapter or Power source can be the reason. Check those; if there is no doubt, follow our guide to fixing it, as there might be a software-related issue causing the problem.

How Do I Know If My Laptop Battery Or Charger Is Bad?

First of all, use the charger to charge up the alternative MacBook. Similarly, borrow the charger from your friend or family member and try charging a faulty MacBook. In the first case, if the charger isn’t charging, then charger needs consideration. In the second case, if MacBook won’t charge, then Battery needs to cure.

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