How to Delete a Facebook Avatar on iPhone in 2023

Facebook has brought you a new way to express your feelings through Posts, and Videos using the Avatars. Avatars are kind of customizable cartoons, from choosing Skin Tone to Clothes; Facebook lets you create avatars in the way you like. However, this feature may not be a cup of tea for all Facebook users, so after trying the Facebook Avatar, if you don’t like it and want to delete the particular Facebook avatar, then this article has got you covered. Deleting the Facebook avatar is as easy as creating a new one.

The below method to delete a Facebook avatar is applicable for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, besides, you can delete the Facebook avatar following the common same steps for both Messenger App and Facebook App. So let’s get started with deleting the Facebook Bitmoji Avatar. Also, if you want to create a new avatar, it can be done with the below guide too.

Note: Alternatively, you can Edit the Facebook Avatar, instead of deleting it.

  1. Open the Facebook App on iPhone, iPad, or Android.
  2. Tap on the Comment option of any random post.
  3. Look for the Emoji icon, at the top-right corner straight to the comment box.
  4. Tap on the Emoji icon.
  5. Then, to access the Avatars, tap on the Avatar menu from the sticker menu. Avatar menu is at the bottom of the whole Comment Box and the last icon indicates the Avatar menu.
  6. Once the Avatar stickers come, then select Edit Avatar.
  7. You’ll be taken to the Editing screen, to make changes to the avatar.
  8. On the top-right side, three icons will be displayed, to delete Facebook Avatar, tap on the Pencil icon.
  9. The next screen will show editing options, from where you have to tap on the Delete icon to remove the Facebook avatar.
  10. Confirm Delete avatar, when the prompt appears.

That’s it, with deleting the Facebook Avatar, however, if you change your mind and want to use the Facebook Avatar again, then access the Avatar section, as I mentioned above and from there, create a new Facebook avatar.

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