How to Direct Message or DM on Instagram from Mac in 2022

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Instagram, the popular app that gave you the platform to share pictures and videos, and to your friends, followers, and family aren’t restricted to the iPhone or iPad. In this article, we will show how you can Direct Message or DM someone on Instagram from Mac. It is not necessary that always we have an iPhone in our hands, at that time if you want to use Instagram for posting pictures, changing email, or DM your friend, yes it is possible once you learn how to do so.

How to Direct Message or DM on Instagram from Mac?

Many users already tried to use Instagram on PC, however, their biggest complaint was, they cannot upload pictures or videos from Mac. All they can access is, the Instagram feed, can like pictures, and add comments. But when it comes to posting pictures on Instagram from Mac, they are helpless. So we have decided to help you and created this article that shows you how to DM on Instagram from Mac.

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Step #1: Open “Safari” on your Mac.
Step #2: Click “Preferences” and then select the “Advanced” tab.
Step #3: Enable “Show Develop menu in menu bar”.
Step #4: Visit Instagram on Safari.
Step #5: Log in with username and password.
Step #6: From the menu bar, click “Develop”.
Step #7: Go to “User-Agent”.
Step #8: Select iPhone X or iPhone 6/7/8, whatever you like.
Step #9: Now, you can see the iPhone interface of Instagram on Safari.
Step #10: Click on “Direct Message Arrow” on the upper-right corner.
Step #11: Go to the Chat and start typing your message.

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