How to Extract still frame from a Live Photos iPhone X/ iPhone 8 (plus)/ iPhone 7 (Plus)/ iPhone 6S(+)

Do you want to convert live images into static one in iOS 12? Lets get the stepwise guide to Extract still frame from a Live Photos iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6S Plus.

Tech giant Apple’s revolutionized live Photos shows the cutest moment such as dancing, kissing, laughter and all other moments that we couldn’t capture into still photo. Everything good, whenever I am trying to catch standard picture on my iPhone, even though, I forgot to turn off Live photos. In the end, my Photos shoot out Live instead of the Still frame. Nevertheless, I was happy, because I knew very well to extract still frame from a Live Photos iPhone.

So if you have a question, that how do I select a still frame from live Photos without losing vivid picture? Don’t worry; you can do that by yourself, let’s Refer this nice hidden trick to convert your Live photos into a Still shot Frame.

This way is most helpful to Photo lovers who have live Photos embedded camera app on iPhone.

How to Convert/ Extract still frame from a Live Photos iPhone X/ iPhone 8 (plus)/ iPhone 7 (Plus)/ iPhone 6S(+)

Extract still frame from a Live Photos iPhone 7 plus

Step 1. First, let’s take a Live Picture or Open up a Photos library and choose live photos to convert into a still image.

Step 2. Now, tap on the Share button, you appear left-bottom side on the screen.

Step 3. Touch on Duplicate looks a + sign icon.

Extract still frame from a Live Photos iPhone

Step 4. You will get an action sheet with two options; Duplicate and Duplicate as Still photo.

  • Duplicate – this option helps to make another copy of live Photos.
  • Duplicate as Still Photos – this setting does work to convert live Photo into a Still frame.

So choose Duplicate as Still Photos and click on home button to go back.

SELECT Duplicate as Still photo Ios 10 on iPhone

Now to see still frame, launch Photos app and navigate last recent image.

You’re done!

So using this duplicate method, you can convert any animated Photos into a still frame. A process is quite simple and not need any third-party apps iOS 11 or later.

There is also an alternate way for those users, who convert Live Photos into the static frame without making a photo duplicate. Then follow below givens guide.

Open Photos App > Open up a Live Photos that you want to covert > Tap on three Horizontal lines icon on the bottom navigation bar > now, hit on a blue circle, you will see on the top-middle on the screen and at the end, tap on Done to save the photo.

That’s it.

Hope guys, you achieved here that you would like to do correctly. So be happy, a yes stay connected with us daily to get much more on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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