How To Find Every Mac Keyboard Shortcut Using CheatSheet App

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Suppose you are a Mac user and growing tired of moving your hand back and forth on your laptop’s mouse, trackpad, or keyboard and looking for an alternative way to get your work done quickly.

Sometimes the solution is with us; we fail to look for it because we constantly worry about the problem and focus on that only.

In that case, a free tool pre-installed on your Mac, called CheatSheet, shows a bunch of excellent keyboard shortcuts or Hotkeys for your current application. Let’s quickly explore how ChestSheet can save tons of your time, make your Mac usage faster, and let you perform your tasks productively.

What Is CheatSHeet App, And How Does It Work?

CheatSheet is a free and easy-to-use application that helps you to show all the shortcut keys you need while on any application. If you work consistently on some particular application, you must know the shortcuts to do the work in no time. Apple uses hotkeys, the shortcut keys used in any application. CheatSheet provides you with the list of hotkeys only.

The command is the most commonly used button on the Mac and is frequently used as a short key. To open the CheatSheet window, press and hold the Command (⌘) button for a few seconds 2 to 7 seconds (as per your set default delay time),

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and it will open a pop-up that displays all the essential shortcuts of the application you are currently using.


Look for the shortcuts that you think will be used often. On the bottom right side of the keyboard shortcuts, you also get an option to print out the list of shortcuts that you can stick to your desktop where you work.

And this way, you can learn all the shortcuts of a particular application you are currently working on and familiarise yourself with it, or else you can save it as a PDF. In the same window, you get another option of delay where you can decide how long you must hold the Command button for the CheatSheet window to appear.


And lastly, you get the quit option to close the window anytime you want.

If you want to edit the default shortcut then we can customize it in the premium feature, let’s purchase it from the website. “CustomShortcuts is a free application from my friends at Houdah Software. it allows you to add and modify shortcuts.


How To Download And Install CheatSheet?

The app is free and specially designed for Mac Os. Here are some easy steps that you can follow to install this application on your Mac and get started.

Step 1: Open Safari or chrome, go to the mediaatelier website, and click on the first link. You will find the download option, click on it, and it will start downloading.

Step 2: Once complete, check the download section on your Mac for a zip file by the name of the Cheatsheet. App.

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Step 3: Click that app and unzip it. Opening this file for the first time will allow you to move into the Application folder, where you can easily find it anytime.


Step 4: When you install it, it does need access to some of your accessibility features on your computer. Allow it by going into the setting menu. Follow these steps.


On MacOS Ventura:- Allow Permission to CheatSheet

  1. Go to the Apple Logo > System Settings > Privacy & Security > Accessibility.accessibility-settings-on-mac-ventura-settings
  2. And Enable the toggle “> Select the CheatSheet App.”

On MacOS Monterey:- Allow Permission to Cheatsheet

  • System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility > Select the CheatSheet App.

CheatSheet works with all of the applications that run on the Mac. Several applications, such as safari, pocket, photoshop or chrome, work differently, and not all the hotkeys work the same for all applications. So you need to check first which combination of keyboard keys works as a hotkey for that particular software. 

Note: Also From the next time, this app open on Backgroud while re-login on Mac. Becuase Cheatsheet app added to login items on Mac, so it will run in Backgroud on mac startup.

Why Should You Use CheatSheet?

If you have just migrated from Windows to MacOS and are habitual Windows functioning or just got a new Mac and have no idea how shortcuts work, then the CheatSheet application can be a lifesaver.

You can easily remember the most commonly used shortcuts, but what if you have to know more about them?

CheatSheet helps you to do that easily.

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Nobody wants to go the hard way, like reaching out for the mouse and keyboard to copy and paste or move items.

CheetShet shows you all the hotkeys of any application you are working on and makes it easier for you to use.

Now the question comes do you need to remember all the hotkeys? The answer is no, you do not have to remember all the hotkeys, and you can’t possibly remember them. Please focus on a few of the hotkeys you think might help you while working and keep using them regularly until they set into your muscle memory and you know where they are.

Probably you may find difficulty using them initially, but once you work regularly, you will no longer have to remember them.

So this was an informational plus productivity blog on how a Mac user can easily save time using the hotkeys that work with any particular application using the free application CheaSheet.

Download the apps, make yourself familiarise yourself with them and start saving yourself time while working.

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