How to Stop Mac Apps From Launching at Startup in 2023 [M1 MacBook]

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how to prevent apps from launching on your Mac as soon as turn on a computer? Here are steps to find mac startup applications location. Here is a very useful tip for Mac, This is most useful for all professionals that interact with your Mac’s primary usage apps, files and folders once a day or after login every time. This means when he/ she is logging in the first time. Normally most the people interacting own his/ her task in a day on office or home. Suppose you want to read the news first then you need a browser or apps from there you can easily get notifications or alerts. At that time safari browser, you have to set auto-open when you log in on the Mac desktop or Mac Notebook.

Spectacular thing is that, in Simple case, you need more than one action to open different apps, files, and folders. But now this problem has been resolved once we enable or add Startup Programs on Mac, After that it will be automatically launching on startup Mac computer. if you feel that your Apple Mac freeze on Startup time, Becuase of too many processes including Startup login items launching first, Then we can stop that software by removing it from Login Items.

Why are Apple Mac Computer Apps Launching at Startup? Possible Reasons

  • Firs is that Apple Mac App added to the Login items Section
  • Second thing is – The selected Check box- Reopen windows when logging back in to Apple Computer

Which Apps are most users keep as startup items on Mac Computer?

  • Zoom for Metting
  • Spotify for Music
  • Terminal
  • Mail App
  • Stickies

how to stop apps from opening on startup mac Ventura

  1. Go to the Apple logo from the top Mac menu. and Click on System Settings.system-settings-on-macos-ventura
  2. Find the General Option > Login items.manage-login-items-on-mac-startup
  3. Now, see the list of Apps that are launching on Startup or After login.
  4. Disable the app that you want to stop from Mac Startup.stop-apps-from-launching-on-startup-on-macos-ventura
  5. That’s it.

how to stop apps from opening on startup mac Monterey

  1. Go to the Apple Logo on Mac from top Menu.
  2. Click on System Preferences…
    Finder System Preferences option on Mac
  3. Select Users & Groups option. In Next Window Select, Your Login User name from the side panel,
Users and Group option under the System Preferences option on Mac
Users and Group option under the System Preferences option on Mac
  • Now Select Login Items Tab.
  • Just Select the Program that you want to be removed from automatically launch items list. Next click on Minus sign to remove from the list.
  • Remove Login items on Mac that Automatically launch
    Remove Login items on Mac that Automatically launch
  • Now the Unwanted Find my app stopped from automatically launch on startup Mac. See Below Screen.
  • Remove Login Items that Automatically Launch on Startup
    Remove Login Items that Automatically Launch on Startup
  • That’s it. But, How to add new Login Items.
    • Tap on “+” icon, to add as an Auto open apps and Document on Mac, For Perticualt user login.
  • If you want to remove it, then tap on the “-” sign.

    Note: you can also remove startup items in your Mac through very easy steps.

    Mac startup programs not in login items

    suppose you can’t find a Login Item listed in the Users & Groups section, you can still find it in the User Library with Finder tool on your Mac. Follow the bottom guide to stop Apps from Auto Opening on Startup.

    Mehtod #2. Stop Mac Apps From Launching at Startup Using Finder

    where are login items stored on mac? A particular path is avialbe to find All login items on Mac storage. in the bottom guide, I’ll show you what path here.

    1. Open Finder on your Mac computer.
    2. Next Press Command + Shift + G on the magic keyboard, i hope your computer will show you a pop-up with a search bar; enter or copy and paste this path /Library/StartupItems
    3. Now press Return Key, So your computer screen will show you all startup items window.
    remove start up item from all user
    Remove startup an item using a command

    You can see all the startup Apps, Folders, and files in a single window. Just copy that item, you want to remove as a start-up for all the accounts and paste it in different places or folders.

    Now you are done after restarting your Mac.

    Method #3. Simple Way to Stop Programs From Running at Startup on a Mac

    Here I’m taking an example of the Zoom App. Let’s see how to stop Zoom from opening on startup Mac.
    Step #1. Right-click on Zoom app in your Dock. []
    Step #2. Hover your Mouse over Options. there may be appear three options – Remove from dock, Open at Login, and Show in Finder.
    Step #3. Check or uncheck “Open at Login.”

    What to do open at login won’t uncheck on Your Mac?

    in this situation, restart your Mac computer and try again to uncheck open at login. still, An issue persists? scroll down this troubleshooting guide to Final thoughts.

    You should check user authentication permission is not locked. Open Settings App > Go to users & Groups > Click the Lock to Make Changes that appear left & lower of the screen of the open window. > A pop-up appears to enter your Mac password to allow unlock.
    Read here- How to Reset Forgot Mac Password?

    Fix Unable to Stop Mac Apps From Launching at Startup

    Go through the under-listed steps to a permanent solution.

    1. Click on the Apple icon on top menu bar
    2. Go to the Restart option

    A pop-up option with Notice of – Are you sure you want to restart your computer now?
    if you do nothing, the computer will Restart automatically within 1 minute.

    Using this way, you can change what opens on startup Mac.

    I hope got the perfect solution that you want. If are you facing a problem or any suggestions or alternate ways, then comment and share with us and others. Very beautiful feature “Auto open apps and Document on Mac” So, Like and share it.

    I hope this found helpful to get rid of Login items on Mac.

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