How to Fix Incoming Call Delay issue on iPhone14

incoming call Delayed or not sounding

Frequently iPhone users are facing calling-related problems like incoming call delay issue on your iPhone call received but won’t start in iPhone. Considering that difficulty we have prepared the tutorial which will help you to fix the calling issues of your iPhone.

Once you go through the following tricks, I bet you will never miss a single important call on iPhone. head over to learn how to get fixed the problem with iPhone calls and network and after that receive calls uninterruptedly.


  • In most of cases, This problem happens because of your iPhone hanging and freezing on some screen.
  • Might be the problem is temporary, or you can ask your carrier help desk.
  • Internet-Based call depends on your Network connectivity and signal strength (Like Messanger video call, FaceTime audio and Video calls, Voicemail, etc..)
  • First Follow the below steps, Hopefully, fixed in most cases. Congratulations to you!

Troubleshooting tips for Incoming Call Delay issues

incoming call Delayed or not sounding
incoming call Delayed or not sounding

Solution 1: Force Restart iPhone

Restarting iPhone is the most common technique to get rid of problems like incoming call delay issue on iPhone. If you are facing this situation for the very first time then restarting iPhone is a considerable option for you.

Step #1: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.

Step #2: Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.

Step #3: Hold down the Power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Get Accuracy in your test, Watch my Video Tutorial

2: Check for Updates

Do you know updating iPhone to the latest version introduces dozens of new functions along with eliminating multiple bugs and glitches from the device. So if you haven’t updated the iPhone yet, it time to meet all new features of iPhone. before you update the iPhone, make sure to take backup of the device in order to avoid data loss.

Step #1: Launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Tap “General”.

Step #3: Tap “Software Update”.

Solution 3: Reset All Settings

Call received but won’t start in iPhone, is that a problem with you? if yes, then it might be possible that you have made unwanted settings by mistake and forget to change them. In that case, it is difficult to find and change the settings, so we will reset all settings of iPhone to default.

Step #1: Open “Settings” app on iPhone.

Step #2: Tap “General”.

Step #3: Scroll down and select “Reset”.

Step #4: Tap “Reset All Settings”.

Step #5: Enter the Passcode, if you are asked to.

Before Go to step 4 and 5, Backup your iPhone to iTunes. Because Restore iPhone needs to delete all the data and settings at first. Sometimes you can’t get the exact result from the above solutions. if you feel the problem is temporary fixed, So follow the below steps.

Solution 4: Restore iPhone

Till now if you are unable to fix incoming call delay issue on your iPhone, the problem seems to be complex. Therefore, we will suggest you perfect solution to fix call received but won’t start in iPhone. Other than calling issues of iPhone, the device performance will be improved.  All you need to do is take backup on iPhone before restoring to factory settings, as the whole device will be wiped out once you restore iPhone.

  • Step #1: Go to “Settings” app.
  • Step #2: Choose “General”.
  • Step #3: Tap “Reset”.
  • Step #4: Lastly, select “Erase All Contents and Settings”.
  • Step #5: Confirm the reset by entering the password.

Solution 5: Restore iPhone in recovery mode

There is one more way to restore iPhone to fix incoming call delay issue on your iPhone. If the previous method failed to troubleshoot the issue then you might want to try this.

Launch the iTunes on your computer and follow the below steps.

  • Step #1: Connect the iPhone to the PC using lightning cable.
  • Step #2: Next, press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Step #3: Press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Step #4: Hold down the power button until you see “Connect to iTunes” screen. Do not release the Power button when Apple logo appears on iPhone’s screen.
  • Step #5: Now you will see two options, Restore and Update on iTunes, which indicates your iPhone is in recovery mode.
  • Step #6: Select “Restore”.

That’s It! You are good to go with fresh and error-free iPhone.

Share your feedback and an actual problem with iPhone model name and iOS version. We will update for you in the future. So you can smoothly use your iPhone withouht frezze, Call delayed for incoming or outgoing calls.

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