iOS 16.4: How to Install Third-Party Keyboard on iPhone, iPad

1 Use Third-Party Keyboard on iPhone and iPad

All about the guide on how to install third-party keyboard on iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch. Now iOS is available with third-party keyboard features. You can use this feature with an amazing third-party keyboard developed by the developer now available free from Touchpad, Fleksy, SwiftKey, and The Best best third-party keyboard apps. Related you can download from the Apple iTunes apps store with Free and Premium.

This type of feature can overcome the problem of quick type (disable QuickType on Keyboard), hence, No need for fast type because the third party gives incredible typing speed with its own functionality (whole kind word by covering more than one keys with the single tap).

Steps to install a third-party keyboard on your iPhone and iPad

1 Install third party keyboard in iOS on iPhone and iPad

Third-Party Keyboard apps are now available in Apps Store. First Download and Install on iPhone, iPad. After that Installed All keyboard apps automatically show in iOS settings.

Step 1: Go to the Settings app from the home screen.

Step 2: Tap on General inside the setting app.

Step 3: Now Click on Keyboard, and then tap on keyboards.

Step 4: Now tap on Add New Keyboard. Scroll down and See Third-Party Keyboard Section.

1 install and FInd Third party Keyboard app on iPhone

once you add, Again Tap on the Added keyboard and Enable Allow Full Access toggle.

3 Allow full access Third Party Keyboard on iPhone and iPad

From here you have to select the name of the keyboard that you had installed on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. After choosing the keyboard you can re-arrange it inside the Setting > General > Keyboards option in iOS.

re-arrange keyboard types
Re-Arrange keyboard types

Now added to the keyboard list for future use, you will be able to swap any time from the keyboard bottom button. (in the below screen).

  • Simple English is a Touchpad keyboard type
  • English(US) is the Default keyboard
  • Emoji is also another keyboard.
Swap keyboard type using keyboard key
Swap keyboard type using keyboard key

More about Install third-party keyboards in iOS features see in the video:

Touchpad vs. default Apple touchpad [What’s new]

iOS lovers always find the third-party keyboard to enhance functionality for typing speed, direct keyboard switching key, well-placing keys, neat and clean interface, microphone enable options, and easy to enable or disable word prediction directly.

I supposedly feel right after installing this third-party keyboard on your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).

I hope, you found this post was so helpful to install a third-party keyboard in iOS, kindly share your reply in below comment box.

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