How to kill freezed program running on Mac accidentally

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020Usually, Running 3rd party or administrative program on Mac freezing over time when you ideal on another task of program. Most of the program continuously runs from the background so your Mac’s memory consume mostly for those ideal process. That time you have an option to stop process forcefully or kill the process through command, when you are getting the SPOD circle process over apps.

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How to Stop or Quit Unresponsive app Forcefully through Force Quit – OS X 10.10

Way to kill freezed program running on Mac: Yosemite 10.10

Kill freezed program running on Mac YosemiteUsing Force Quite menu            

To find force quite menu, press Command + Option + Escape continuously. From the force quite menu choose trouble application and then tap on “Force Quite”.

Stop or quite program through CMD on Mac

From the command prompt (Terminal), type “kill command” for running application on your Mac like,

To launch terminal, type “Terminal” inside spotlight search and click on search result.

After launch terminal (CMD) type: killall [name of your running program] for Ex, killall eclipse

Alternate way

Alternatively you can also kill through unique process ID.

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From the terminal type “ps aux” command and then you will find the list of all running programs in a result.

Find the name of specific process and note ID of that process,

Now you can kill that process by command: kill [pid], Ex, kill -7

Use activity monitor by Kill freezed program running on Mac

Activity monitor displays all the process running on your desktop, Mainly freezed program shown in red process tab. Just tap on it and click on Force quite option.

For that Go to the Terminal > Type Activity Manager and click on the result

From the Dock: Kill freezed program running on Mac

Click and hold Option button, and then right click on the app running on your Mac as a freezed program. from the right click you will see option “Force Quite”, Choose it and done this.

Hopefully, all the above tips are working very well on critical situation. Apple is giving wide option for Kill freezed program running on Mac running on OS X Yosemite, Mavericks, Line or new OS X. you can apply any of based on situation and error occurred on freeze time.

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