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How to Shoot 4k Video at 60fps on iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS

How to record 4k video on iPhone XS Max, XS, and iPhone XR

Generally, there isn’t No shortcut tweak for non-jailbreak users to enable 4k video at 60fps directly from the camera App. Since ever you shooting high clarity video on your iPhone X or later, You have to activate 4k video toggle. Lets I’m gonna see how to record 4k Video on your brand new iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. In case of you have or your family member has iPhone XR than the same guide you can apply to record high clarity videos.

I inform you that the now iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS are capable to shoot 4k videos 1080p at 6ofps by the power of the A12 bionic chip. It can also let you shoot slow-motion videos in the better way in good resolutions.


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Let’s Start how to shoot 4k Videos at 60fps on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS

How to record 4k video on iPhone XS Max, XS, and iPhone XR

You may unable to shoot 4k videos directly via camera App, so follow steps will let you access 4k video toggle.

Step 1: Go to the Settings App

Step #2. Scroll down to Camera tab and then choose Camera.

Step #3. Next, Choose Record Video

Now on the screen, you can see various formats to record video, in case if you want record 4k at 60fps then choose last option 4k at 60fps.

That’s it.

Now your iPhone camera able to shoot 4k videography without having any problems

So now you launch the camera App – you can see the on-screen 4k 60fps

Keep in mind that – 4k at 60fps playback may not be supported on all devices.

How much Space take a 4k at 60fps video?

400MB with 4k at 60fps higher resolution, smoother

This type of resolution videos helpful for YouTubers, videographers, as videography fans.

You can get more about Camera comparisons of iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR in below video.

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