My iPhone Camera App don’t appear on the Home Screen [Solved]

Let’s, ready for read epic on if, your iPad or iPhone Camera App don’t see or appear on your iOS 8 devices home screen. Camera has become a part of the human life. So, sometimes user may nervous without iPhone Camera or SLR Camera or Digital Camera. Have you ever been thought that if your camera app doesn’t work properly or disappeared on your iPhone or iPad Home screen. You should know that if above text cases occur that time what you have to do? If you are unknown respect to this issue, then you can get below Solution of your Problem.  Using iOS 8 camera app, you can capture Panorama Photo, Burst Mode Photography and more. You can edit your iPhone or iPad Photo using these Best Photo & Video editing apps.

There are might two reason for iOS 8 iDevice – iPad or iPhone camera apps don’t appear on Home screen to your iDevice.  One thing is you don’t see due to iPhone Camera app blocked or second is Camera app may restricted by you. Follow beneath given solution and clear your issue well.

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Way to Solve iPhone Camera App don’t appear on the Home Screen

1st Case

You should appear the iPad or iPhone camera app on home screen. If you don’t appeared or see there then find it using Spotlight Search on iPhone or iPad.  If doesn’t show up in the search. Check it if it’s Blocked.  fixed of iPhone Camera App don’t appear on the Home Screen

2nd Case

If it’s blocked then unblock your iPhone camera app. Through bellow given Steps you can able to unblock iPhone camera app restriction.

Step 1. Tap on Settings app

Step 2. Tap on General

Step 3. Tap on Restrictions

Step 4. Look under Allow and Make sure that Camera is on.    how to check iPhone camera app is restrict or not

That’s it. Leave your reply in the comment box and inform us. How to seem this tip, for my iPhone Camera App or iPad Camera app icon don’t appear or see on the Home Screen.