Fix iPhone Camera App Missing on iPhone (iOS 16.3)

iPhone or iPad camera missing bring back on home screen

Let’s, ready for read epic on if, your iPad or iPhone Camera App doesn’t see or appear on your latest iOS device’s home screen. The camera has become a part of human life. So, sometimes the user may be nervous without iPhone Camera or SLR Camera, or Digital Camera. Have you ever been thought that if your camera app doesn’t work correctly or disappeared on your iPhone or iPad Home screen?

You should know that if the above text cases occur at that time what do you have to do? If you are unknown with respect to this issue, then you can get below the Solution of your Problem.  Using the camera app, you can capture Panorama Photo, Burst Mode Photography, and more. You can edit your iPhone or iPad Photo using these Best Photo & Video editing apps.

There are might two reasons for the latest iOS iDevice – iPad or iPhone camera apps don’t appear on the Home screen to your iDevice.  One thing is you don’t see due to the iPhone Camera app blocked or the second is You may restrict the camera app. Follow beneath a given solution and clear your issue well.

Way to Solve iPhone Camera App doesn’t appear on the Home Screen

You should look at the iPad or iPhone camera app on the home screen. If you don’t seem or see it there, then find it using Spotlight Search [Swipe down your finger from the center of the screen to bottom > Search App Name] on iPhone or iPad.  It doesn’t show up in the search [Spotlight search not working – Hard Reboot your iPhone once and check with Search App on Spotlight search].

Check if it’s Blocked under restriction next to this solution. Also in such a case, we can Reset the Home screen layout [Settings app > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout] of your iPhone, Which makes your iPhone home screen the default layout. after that app searching becomes very easy.

fixed of iPhone Camera App don’t appear on the Home Screen
Search Camera app from Spotlight Search

If it’s blocked then unblock your iPhone camera app. Through the given below Steps, you can able to unblock the iPhone camera app restriction.

Solution 2: Turn off the Camera Restriction on iPhone, iPad

in iOS 12 or later Device; Restrictions settings have been replaced into Screen Time feature, So let’s see how to use Restorations in iOS/iPadOS on iPhone, iPad, iPod

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone.
  2. Scroll to Screen Time and tap on it.
  3. Now, Scroll and Find Content & Privacy Restrictions.
Camera Restrictions under the screen time on iPhone
Camera Restrictions under the screen time on iPhone
  • On Next Screen, Allowed Apps > Enable Camera toggle/Green.
  • Disable Camera app restriction from iPhone screen time
    Disable Camera app restriction from iPhone screen time
  • That’s it.

  • iOS 11 and Earlier On iPhone and iPad

    • Settings App > Tap on General > Restrictions > Look under Allow and Make sure that Camera is on.
    how to check iPhone camera app is restrict or not
    OLD iPhone Restriction settings

    That’s it.

    Leave your reply in the comment box and inform us. How to seem this tip, for my iPhone Camera App or iPad Camera app icon doesn’t appear or see on the Home Screen.

    Important: Some software glitches we can fix only with erase the device and install a new iOS version.

    Here’s the complete guide on Restore Your iPhone to Factory settings, after taking a Backup of your iPhone. Write your feedback with us in a comment.

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