How to see old Notifications on iPhone 15, 14 (iOS 17)

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While you can’t see cleared notifications on your iPhone, there is a handy way to catch up on the notifications you might missed. If you’ve navigated away and cannot see a specific notification, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll go through the procedure to access your notifications history on your iPhone and show what to do if you want to clear notifications that you want to see once again.

How to View Old and Cleared Notification History iPhone

Here are different ways to see the old notifications on iPhones running the latest iOS.

How to view Notification History on iPhone

If you’ve cleared notifications by tapping on the X Icon in your notifications list or just swiping left on a notification and hitting Clear. Unfortunately, after this, you won’t be able to see that notification again. Luckily, there is a way you can verify which app was trying to get your attention, which will finish shortly.

However, users lose notifications they want to see by accessing their lock screen or swiping away from a notification that is prompted at the top of their screen. And when this is a reason, you can still open your notification center history on your iPhone.

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Steps to see old notifications on iPhone

As mentioned earlier, you won’t be able to see cleared notifications on your iPhone; you can still see the one you’ve dismissed earlier. The complete procedure for this is mentioned below. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

  1. Swipe up on your iPhone’s lock screen to access the Notifications. Remember not to swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone’s lock screen since this will access the Home screen. 
  2. Scroll to see previous notifications.
view Notification History on iPhone

That’s how you can see older notifications on your iPhone. In this list, you’ll get all your past notifications that haven’t been cleared yet. Notifications history on iPhone only saved for only one week. So, in case you’re searching for seven days older notifications. You won’t find it there. 

How to Clear Notification History on iPhone

If the notification center is cluttered, you might want to clear it out. Doing so will vanish clutter and ensure that any new notifications aren’t lost. There are two different ways; we’ve covered both below.

Way 1: To clear individual notifications, swipe on the left side over the notification and tap the Clear or Clear All Button. 

Clear Notifications on iPhone Lock screen

Way 2: To clear all notifications history beside the notification center. Hit on the Grey X Button Bubble along with a cross icon on it > Clear.

Clear All Notifications on iPhone Lock Screen

How to see cleared notifications on iPhone

Looking for a way to see the previous notification? As mentioned above in the article, you’ve actually cleared and swiped it out; those will not be saved in your notification history. But, if you have turned on notifications badges, you will see a preview of which apps have unread notifications. You will see a tiny red icon at the top left icon on your home screen, which will let you know the number of unread messages since you’ve accessed the apps. So, even if you cleared the notifications, iPhones’ notification badges will let you know if there are any unread notifications for a specific app. 

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Below in this article, we’ve covered steps to enable badges for specific apps on iPhone. 

How to view cleared notifications on iPhone

  1. Access the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Head to the Notifications.
Open settings tap notifications on iphone
  1. From the list of apps, tap on the desired app.
  2. Enable the toggle next to the Badges. This will ensure you will see their notification even when you clear them.
Click facebook turn ON badges on iphone

Final thought!

There you go! This is how you can see old notifications on iPhones running the latest iOS version. Moreover, if you have a relatable query, please drop it in the comment box below.  

Where are notifications stored on iPhone?

The notifications on your iPhone are saved in the notification center, which you quickly access by simply swiping up the lock screen.

How long do notifications stay in the Notification Center?

Your iPhone will keep the unopened notification for up to seven days. If you’ve cleared the notifications from the notification center before reading, then you won’t view them in the notification center. 

How do I see notifications I already clicked on opened? 

If you’ve seen the notification, it will be cleared out from your iPhone’s notifications center, and there is no way to access it. 

Can I see cleared notifications on my iPhone?

Not at all; once you’ve cleared the notification, it will disappear from your iPhone’s lock screen.

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