How to Sync/Transfer Audiobooks to iPhone from Mac on macOS Catalina Finder

With the macOS Catalina update, Apple removed iTunes from Mac and added three apps, Apple TV, Music and Apple Podcasts. Previously we were using iTunes to sync data across iPhone and Mac, and yet Mac with macOS Mojave or earlier can use iTunes to do the same. And for them, the procedure remains the same. However, macOS Catalina can also sync Audiobooks to the iPhone on macOS Catalina, but with different methods.

The latest macOS uses the Finder app to sync Audiobooks to iPhone from Mac, instead of iTunes. Besides, you will find more of the functions of iTunes right in the Finder app. Here’s what you need to know,

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Sync Audiobooks to iPhone from Finder on macOS Catalina

Where is my iPhone in Finder?

After connecting iPhone to Mac, with Catalina update, launch the Finder [Command + Space, Type Finder on Spotlight Search]. Your iPhone will appear under the Locations section on the left side of the screen, along with other connected devices if any.

How to Sync Audiobooks to iPhone using Finder on macOS Catalina

Not only Audiobooks but you can sync the entire iPhone to Mac, using Finder. These steps are quite different than iTunes, but I bet they are far easy compared to iTunes.

Sync Audiobooks on Mac
Sync Audiobooks on Mac
  1. Launch “Finder” on your Mac. [MacOS Catalina and later macOS User can use Finder for Sync data]. Older macOS users can use iTunes.
  2. Under Locations from sidebar, choose your iPhone on the sidebar. You may be asked to “Pair” your iPhone to the computer.
  3. Besides, when you see Trust This Computer on iPhone, tap “Trust”.
  4. Now, on the main screen click on “Audiobooks”
  5. You will see, “Sync Audiobooks onto [your iPhone name]”, check that box.
  6. Also, check the box of “Sync All Audiobooks” or “selected Audiobooks”.
  7. Click “Apply”.
  8. To begin the syncing process, click “Sync” to sync your Audiobooks to the iPhone from Finder on Mac.
  9. Click “Apply”.

Can’t Sync Audiobooks using Finder on macOS Catalina?

Here are some quick troubleshooting that could fix unable to sync iPhone with macOS Catalina,

  • Restart the iPhone and Mac.
  • Make sure, iPhone and Mac are signed in with the same Apple ID.

That’s it! Hopefully, you have sync audiobooks using Finder. If you have other problems related to new settings on macOS Catalina, then feel free to reach us. We will definitely help you out with possible solutions.

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