How to use VoiceOver in iOS 8: Turn on/ off VoiceOver iPhone

VoiceOver is complete solution in iOS 8 and having very popular for all the users. Here you can get the full guide on how to use VoiceOver in iOS 8 App, Safari, Email and Text. By default VoiceOver is disable/ Turn off in iPhone and iPad. To use all the features under the voice over, you have to activate it manually inside the setting. VoiceOver gives loud voice quality without any app. Using VoiceOver; you can read Text from Nook, iBook and Kindle apps. Moreover, you can hear detailed stories and Text display on your iPhone and iPad screen.

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Pre requisite: use VoiceOver first enable under the setting, Tap on home button three times continuously to activate VoiceOver any time.

About VoiceOver in iOS 8 use from iPhone and iPad


With VoiceOver in iOS 8/ 7, you need use gesture to run extra operation and effect using your figure.

Slide your figure around the iPhone and iPad screen to activate VoiceOver.

After that tap home button to hear description from speakerFull description for suggestion through VoiceOver in iOS 8

Flick from left to right to move another app

Get details to use and description about app with black rectangle message after tap on particular app

Text Input

Are you doing text? In message or Mail, VoiceOver care about correction and auto spell by speech out.

If you don’t want get suggestion from VoiceOver keep typing continue by ignoring voice.Use in Text typing using VoiceOver enabled iPhone and iPad

Braille Keyboard

Using the rotor, When you are on webpage – Rotate your two figure in screen centrally. You can read title, links and Image Description.

Supported app Apps: How to use VoiceOver on that

VoiceOver making you automatically integrated to official app like Safari, App Store, iTunes, Reminder and Calendar, Mail app.

Multi language support

VoiceOver is supporting 30+ languages. So you can use as you like.

Note: You must have to enable/ turn it before use VoiceOver in iOS 8 running on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 4/ 4S.

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Step to enable/ Turn VoiceOver in iOS 8 iPhone and iPad

Step 1: Go to the setting App

Step 2: Tap on General option inside the setting.

Step 3: Next, Tap on Accessibility, and under the vision section Tap on VoiceOver.VoiceOver inside the setting app in iPhone and iPad

Step 4: Enable/ turn on it by taped on it.Enable or Turn VoiceOver in iOS 8 Device

What is about feeling after use VoiceOver in iOS 8 running iPhone and iPad? Having confusion on how to use given apple guide, and then comment in below.