I Forgot My Mac Username! Here’s How to Know in 3 Methods?

Don’t worry if you forgot the admin username mac that you are looking for to authorize changes in mac settings. Luckily you get your Mac login username in Three Different ways from logged-in Mac. No matter what app, system, smartphone, or device you use, the username is a key prospect to access and secure the system by creating a username and password.

Most device allows us to create multiple username accounts to keep your private files and folders separate from other people whom you’ve allowed to use your device. In this era, forgetting the username is everyone’s biggest nightmare because, without the correct username, the system won’t let you in.

This article will show you different ways to find the username of a Mac, or MacBook. I’ve seen many Mac users looking for answers on how to find a username and password on MacBook, how to find an administrator username on Mac, etc. So read along with the article to find the Mac username.

How do I Find my Mac Username and Password? [Ventura Updated]

Method 1: How to Know Mac Username using Terminal App?

Terminal App in your Mac is one of the most convenient apps to get anything installed and stored in your system, though you should know the Terminal Commands to operate the system. In this article, we’ll show you Terminal Command to fetch and list out all the usernames of your Mac system. So what is my username Mac Terminal? Let’s see how to find it.

1→ Use Spotlight search to open Terminal App, press Command + Space bar, and search Terminal App.


Now type the following command and press the return key.

2Ls /Users Once the command is executed correctly;


The Terminal App will list all the usernames of the Mac.

That’s it.

Method 2: How to Check Mac Username using System Settings/Preferences?

Note: On MacOS Ventura, Mac can’t see the user Detail on Mac from System Preference settings.

Forgot the admin username, Mac? The Mac gives full control to the admin to add new user accounts and guest accounts without any interruptions. We’ll use the same Users & Groups section to see the list of all the usernames. Here’s how to.

On MacOS Ventura

1→ Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.

System Settings on Mac
System Settings on Mac

2→ Next, Click on the Users & Groups Option > Right-click on User name and Advanced Options…

Get user Advanced Options on Mac
Get user Advanced Options on Mac

3Enter your Mac Login password to verify the details and Unlock.

Unlock and Verify for mac username
Unlock and Verify for mac username

4→ See the User Name listed in Windows. use it for your Mac when the mac asks for verification with username and password or for Network connectivity.

check your Mac username
check your Mac username

Follow the below steps for old user name,,,

On MacOS Monterey & Earlier

1→ Go to Apple Logo from the top Mac menu > Go to System Preferences.

Finder System Preferences option on Mac

2→ Select Users & Groups > and unlock the window, By Click on Lock icon – Enter Mac login password.


3→ In the sidebar, you’ll see the list of Mac usernames. Right click on Mac user, and see “Advanced Options“.


4→ See Account name [Username].


That’s your Mac username.

Method 3: How to Check Mac Username using Top Menu


You can also know the Mac username from the Apple menu. Despite the fact that you’re running any app, the Apple menu always shows up in the top menu bar, and when you click the Apple icon, the last option appears as Log Out [username]. This is another and easiest way to check the Mac username if you’ve access to the system.

Also useful: Forgot Mac Login Password.

Can I change the Username on Mac?

Unfortunately, the Mac username can’t be changed. Once you’ve created a username, it deeply gets indulged with the entire Mac system, and this is the primary reason why username can’t be renamed or changed on macOS. Apparently, Mac allows you to change the Admin Full Name. Visit our detailed guide on how to change the admin name on Mac.

Why can’t I Change my Mac Username?

Apple doesn’t give any provision to change the Mac, MacBook username, so if you’re attempting and failing every time to change the Mac username, don’t waste your precious time; instead, you can change the Account Name.

How do I Reset My Admin Username on Mac?

By reset, you want to delete all the settings associated with the Mac username, and I presume you’re not worried even if the user account gets deleted. So, if you’re looking to reset the admin username on Mac, then our best guess is to create an alternate user account and delete the old one.

To add a new user account on Mac, click on Apple Logo from top Mac menu > System Preferences > Users & Groups > click the Lock button and enter admin password > click Plus button > enter the required details to create a new user account. You must be the admin of the Mac to make these changes.

To delete the user account on Mac, follow the same steps, and click on the user account and click on the minus(-) to delete it.

How do I Change the Administrator on my Mac?

If you’re an admin of Mac, then create a new Admin Account and delete the old one; this is the best alternative to change the administrator on your Mac. You can refer to the above section to add a new user account and delete the old one.

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