How to Create a New Administrator Account on Mac in 2 Ways

With an administrator account on Mac or any PC, one can install the applications, delete, update, customize settings, access any user file, and do anything. Sometimes, we create an alternate user account on Mac, just not to give access to the entire system to employees or siblings. However, have you ever thought of creating more than one administrator account on Mac? In case if you forgot the password or someone entered an incorrect password several times and you’re locked out of the Mac, the alternate administrator could be helpful to reset the password and of course, get the access back.

However, not all the time it’s easy to get access to the administrator password using the alternate administrator account if Mac’s drive is encrypted using FileVault or the firmware password is set up and you don’t remember the password for the same.

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How to Create New Administrator Account on MacBook, Mac

Can you have 2 admins on a Mac?

Yes, Apple lets you create multiple administrator accounts on macOS. Besides, there are many users who keep more than one administrator accounts. Plus, you can also convert the Standard account to an administrator account.

Creating an alternate administrator account on Mac is good, but don’t give access to the person whom you don’t trust, as it is equivalent to giving complete access to the Mac.

on MacOS Ventura Create Admin Account

  1. Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.system-settings-on-macos-ventura-on-mac
  2. Next, Select Users & Groups > Add account…add-account-on-your-mac-as-admin
  3. Select New Account: Administrator, Full name, Account name [username] and Password/Verify Password.create-a-new-admin-account-on-mac-in-macos-ventura
  4. Click on Create User. That’s it.

on MacOS Monterey & later Create admin account

  1. Click on the Apple Logo. Choose System Preferences.Finder System Preferences option on Mac
  2. Open Users & Groups.Users & Groups settings on mac system Preferences
  3. Select “Click the lock to make changes” option.
  4. Now, click on the (+), in the sidebar.
  5. Choose the Administrator option from the New Account dropdown.create a new admin account on a mac
  6. Fill out the information that is given, like Full Name, Account Name, Password, Verify, and Password hint.
  7. Lastly, click on Create User.

If you mac file system doesn’t create a new admin account, then follow the below steps to create a new Admin account using Terminal on Mac.

How to Create Admin Account Mac Using Terminal

Another option is to use the Terminal app and create new admin account on MacBook, Mac.

  1. Power Off the Mac like you always do.
  2. While pressing the Command+R keys, press the Power button to turn on the Mac.
  3. You will see the scrolling lines of text as the process starts, and later a command line :/ root# will appear.
  4. Now the Mac is on and running, however, the startup drive isn’t mounted yet, enter the following command to access the files stored on it.
    • /sbin/mount –uw / and hit Return.
  5. Once the startup drive is mounted, now the files are accessible.
  6. With the next command, we’ll make the Mac think that you’re booting the Mac for the first time ever, and following the same, Mac will guide you from basic, including creating a new administrator account.
  7. Type rm /var/db/.applesetupdone and press Return. Doing this won’t affect or delete the existing data and accounts of the Mac. Enter the reboot in the prompt and press Enter.
  8. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process and create New Administrator account on Mac.

How to Switch Users on Mac?

There are two different ways to switch between users on Mac, MacBook. Here’s how to do that.

Method 1:

On MacOS Ventura: Enable Fast User Switching

  1. Go to the Apple Logo from top Menu > System Settings.
  2. Select Control Center > Now, Find Fast User Switching section, and Select Option “Show In Menu Bar” to Show Fast User Switching on the Top menu bar, as an icon, Full Name, or Account
  3. That’s it.

On MacOS Monterey & Earlier: Enable Fast user Switching

  1. Click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences.
  2. Scroll down and click on Users & Groups.
  3. In the lower-left side, click on the Lock and enter a password to make changes.
  4. Select the Show “fast user switching menu as“, and from the dropdown select any of the following Full Name, Account Name, Icon.Enable Fast User Switching on Mac from Top Mac Menu
  5. Click on the Lock before closing the window.
  6. Now look at the top bar of the Mac, the Full Name, Account Name or Icon would reflect, click on it to switch between users. Enter the Password or Touch ID to get access to another user account.Use Fast user Switching on Mac from top Mac Menu

Also some user trying another way to login another account without close open programe.

Method 2:

  1. Click on the Apple icon.
  2. Select Lock Screen or Log Out. [Don’t Shut down, Option turn off your Mac]Switch User account on Mac
  3. Click on the Switch User and choose the user profile to which you want to login.

Use Your Login details that you add while creating a new admin account earlier.

New Administrator account creation is easy on your Mac. Also don’t miss to check new login with your password. Comment me to get more help on account creation.

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