Fix Add to Apple Wallet Not Working iOS 17: “Could Not Add Card” 2024

Unlike any other Payment Options, Apple Pay is gaining more and more users worldwide. However, some Apple Pay users have reported that add to Apple Wallet is not working, they can’t add a card to Apple Pay, and such issues with their Apple Pay Account. If you’re experiencing one such error with Apple Pay, you’ve landed on the right page. This article will show you how to fix Apple Pay Not Working, Can’t Add Pass, or Can’t Add Credit or Debit Card to Apple Pay.

It’s worth remembering that services like Apple Pay could stop working randomly, and due to that, we might get in trouble. So, without wasting much time, let’s see how to fix unable to add to Apple Wallet.

Fix Can’t Add Card to Apple Wallet

1. Can’t Add Pass to Apple Pay?

Some users have reported that they can’t add the Pass to Apple Pay; while scanning the QR Code of the Pass, the iPhone takes a picture. In this situation, there’s must be something wrong with the QR Code, and it also might be possible you’re keeping the camera too close or too far from the QR Code.

For starters, I’d advise you to keep the camera at a scanning distance, neither too close nor too far, and let the iPhone detect the Pass’s QR Code. Try to keep the Pass and iPhone steady while scanning.

Alternatively, make sure the Camera lens is clean on iPhone.

Also, check whether the internet connection is on or active. Then, switch to Other Wifi Network or Mobile Data.

if you face any issue with your apple watch Apple Pay/Wallet, then Setup as a new one after Erase your apple watch. [Erase apple watch content and settings will take Backup on your Paired iPhone, so don’t worry]. But I highly recommend setting up a new one to fix this error on your Apple Watch.

Also, check the Card Expiration date.

2. Can’t Add Cards to Apple Pay?


Make sure you follow the Prerequisite conditions as marked in the above step. Now, You have to try another card to figure out the issue with the Card issuer or Bank. But, if Everything is fine, then you should try it after some time.

3. Check Apple System Status Page

When you can’t add to Apple Wallet, visit the Apple System Status Page. Also, check the Apple System Status in other countries [Outside USA] and check the Apple Pay Status. Have you received any specific errors while adding a Card to Apple Pay?


If not, but still unable to add a card to Apple Pay, then check the status of Apple Pay. There’s must be an issue ongoing on the backend servers of Apple Pay, and the full service might be down. In such cases, Apple Pay won’t work at all, or some services won’t respond. If the Apple Pay status is RED and not available, keep checking the Status Page and adding a card when Apple Pay is back to service.

4. Is Apple Pay Available in Your Country?

Apple Pay is not yet available in all countries and regions. So instead, check out the list of countries and regions that supports Apple Pay. If you’re in a country where Apple Pay is supported, check your Apple ID and iPhone’s region; if it is incorrect, some Apple services might also affect Apple Pay.

5. Check the Country or Region

Country/Region matters the most when it comes to Apple programs. Not all the services and programs are available worldwide, and the best example is Apple Pay. Unfortunately, it is still not available in countries like India.

Sometimes, Differ in your card’s address, and your Apple ID account will create an issue. Change it and Correct it.

Apple ID Region:

  1. Open Settings app on iPhone. Tap on your name.
  2. Choose Media & Purchases.
  3. Tap View Account.
  4. Tap Country/Region.
  5. Select the Country/Region where you live.

6. Make Sure iPhone Support Apple Pay

Apple Pay is not compatible with older iPhones. So before trying to use Apple Pay, check that your iPhone works with Apple Pay.

Though, Apple Pay can be used with all iPhones with Face ID and all iPhones with Touch ID, except the iPhone 5S. While concerning iPad, you can download and use Apple Pay on iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, and iPad Mini with the Touch ID and Face ID.

7. Update iPhone

Everything is correct, but still unable to add a card to Apple Pay? Make sure the iPhone is running the latest firmware. If this issue is affected more iPhone users, then Apple might have released a bug fix for Apple Pay. Let’s give it a try to updating the iPhone.

  1. Go to the Settings App on your iPhone.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Software Update.
  4. Download and Install the Software Update.

8. Does Your Bank Support Apple Pay?

That being said, Apple Pay supports all the topmost banks and credit and debit cards of the countries in which it is available. And they will keep adding new banks over time; make sure the card you’re adding to Apple Pay supports it. And if that Bank or Card isn’t listed on the Apple Page, you can keep checking; Apple might add it later.

9. Back up & Factory Reset

Sometimes internal software issues and Bug won’t set up your Card in Wallet app on iPhone. Fix the problem by Backup your iPhone first in your Mac or PC. Then Erase all content and settings of your iPhone and Restore the latest copy of Backup to your iPhone.

I hope this will fix the issue. This process is time-consuming but adequate in most cases if other conditions are verified.

10. Contact Apple Support

If none of the mentioned above solutions fix can’t add to Apple Pay, you should contact Apple Support. They are the ones who will help you and sort out the gap between the iPhone and Apple Pay. So book a Genius Bar Appointment or initiate a Chat or Call from their Support Page.

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