Fix Low Call Volume on iPhone 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max in 2023

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Even Though the latest iPhone is exceptionally built, it can come under scrutiny since several users report low iPhone call volume. Besides this, a user also finds it hard to hear other people’s voices on call. This situation seems to be a hardware issue. 

But it doesn’t mean you have to carry the iPhone for repair directly. In the earlier models, the issue was found due to corrupted Software or Apps (FaceTime or WhatsApp). Going through the same problem; low call volume on iPhone 14 line-up? Here are the best ways to fix it and boost the iPhone call Volume. 

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Fix it When iPhone Call Volume Is Low? Find Solutions

How to increase call volume of an iPhone? Looks like a most welcoming question, in view of the fact that many owners of iPhone flagship are experiencing the issue with call volume. There is often a quick fix, and that’s what we have mentioned in the article. KEEP ON READING!

Solution #1. Check Your Environment

Less tenable, but usually, the surrounding atmosphere being too loud can cause iPhone call volume low. Similarly, if you are connected with an AirPods or Headphone, the physical barrier, like a metal table, can corrupt the connection between both peripherals. Therefore, it’s recommended to use headphones or AirPods have the lesser barriers. 

Solution #2. Turn The Volume High On iPhone


Sounding silly? But whenever you are having issues like iPhone call volume too low— asking nothing more but adjusting the in-call volume of iPhone. You need always press Volume High Button during the call to ensure that volume is configured at a comfortable level.

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Solution #3. Clear Receiver

Ask the receiver whether their iPhone’s Microphone Or Speaker isn’t faulty. The issue may lie within their iPhone rather than your one. Once receive confirmation, move forward to next troubleshooting steps.

Solution #4. Enable And Disable Bluetooth

Verify that both iPhone and Bluetooth are charged if you use the wireless peripherals during the calls. It’s said that any device with a low charge can disrupt its connection, which might cause crackling and distorted volume.

Solution #5. Route And Automatically Answer Calls On iPhone

With an iPhone, you can route calls on the peripheral you want. And being a tech nerd, you must have selected the appropriate device in the menu to hear calls. If you haven’t configured settings or want to redesign the feature to prevent such an issue, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. From there, select General.
  3. Choose Accessibility
  4. Call Audio Routing
  5. Select Automatic.

Solution #6. Verify iPhone Case Or Speaker Isn’t Blocking

Have you recently covered your iPhone with Screen Protector or Case? If yes, then detach it from the phone. Some cases or screen protectors are design to cover the speaker. As a result, it could make the iPhone receiver sound low.

After detaching the case or screen protector, you can hear a clear sound. Return the corresponding accessory if there are under guarantee. 

Solution #7. Restart iPhone

From time to time, the iPhone needs a good restart. Everything is going OK with the phone and by your side too. But sometimes features misbehave. In this case, the universal truth is a simple restart. As it’s consider to be an effective solution to fix the minor glitch with both hardware and software. 

To restart, press the Volume Up/Down Button and Side Button simultaneously. Up next, drag the Power Slider to turn the iPhone off. Hold for a few seconds, and turn the iPhone back on by pressing the Side Key;


that’s it!

Solution #8. Toggle Airplane Mode Enable And Disable

Minor glitches are often found behind an inability to hear calls in previous iPhone models. Considering the same reason in this situation, toggling the Airplane Mode is best way to fix the glitch. So try your luck with it, but keep in mind the final setting should turn Airplane Mode off. 

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Solution #9. Disable Noise Cancellation

The feature aims to degrade the disturbing background sound while listening to Music or attending calls. But sometimes, the feature mutes the person’s voice, eventually causing low iPhone call volume. That’s the reason for disabling the noise cancellation.

  1. To do so, navigate to Settings
  2. Accessibility
  3. Select Audio/Visual
  4. Turn the switch Noise Cancellation Off/White. That’s It!

Solution #10. Clean iPhone Speaker

Dirt and debris within the iPhone speaker aren’t noticeable. And that’s what can be consider as blame for a phone call that I can barely hear. You have to Clean iPhone Speaker using a cotton swab with 70% of isopropyl solution. 

Solution #11. Try Enabling Or Disabling Hearing Aid Mode On iPhone

As of now and forever, the iPhone allows you to connect with various hearing aids. If you connect with any of these, refresh the Hearing Mode Feature to see if the low call volume issue is fixed.

  1. Click on the Settings Icon and select Accessibility. Tap on Hearing Devices.
  2. Scroll in the window, and choose disable and enable the feature.

In some cases turning off the features works for the user. Vice versa turning On fixes the issue. Try out both possibilities. 

Solution #12. Use Speaker Mode

Make your iPhone call louder; the option left. Enable the speaker mode during the calls as it offers clear crystal and more audible sound during ongoing calls. To use it, click on the Speaker icon from the Call Screen. 

Solution #13. Disable Headphone Audio Limit

Generally, the Headphone Audio Limit collaborates only with Music, but sometimes turning the feature can fix iPhone earpiece volume too low. Although it’s not a practical solution, you must try it out.

  1. Go to Settings. 
  2. From here, choose Sound And Haptics.
  3. Next, select Headphone Safety
  4. Please turn Reduce Loud Sound toggle OFF.

Solution #14. iPhone Volume So Low All Of Sudden? Check If iPhone Didn’t Stuck Within Headphone Mode

When you receive a call and experience no sound from the speaker of the iPhone, there is still an on-screen headphone volume bar. Even Though the headphone is not connected, iPhone behaves as it’s connected to a headphone. However, this isn’t a rare issue. To fix the problem, first of all, restart the iPhone. Next, enable and disable Airplane Mode and then clean Headphone Jack. That’s It!

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Solution #15. Reset All Settings

To refresh the complete iPhone, reset all settings. The troubleshooting step will bring the device back to the default settings. So in case, the settings change due to accidental touch causing the issue will get a fix.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Scroll the screen till the end, tap Transfer or Reset iPhone
  4. choose Reset
  5. Select Reset All Settings. And follow on-screen instructions.

The settings related to Privacy, Keyboard, Location, etc will be reset to default. Don’t panic; there will be no data loss.  

Solution #16. Update iPhone 

Does your phone have latest iOS update? That’s what you need to confirm. Low call volume on iPhone is a never-ending dilemma if there is an outdated iOS version. To fix it, instantly update it to the latest iOS.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Click Software Udpate

Solution #17. Ask Of Technical Help

Now it’s confirmed there is a serious hardware issue; as of now, we have performed all the possible steps to fix the software issue. And at this stage, it isn’t good to fix the iPhone call speaker’s low volume on its own. So take a phone to the nearer service station and ask for the repair. 

Bottom Line

The low call volume on iPhone got fixed by the troubleshooting guide. And if you are trying to extend volume beyond the iPhone’s limit, it can definitely cause hardware damage.

Q1. When I Get A Phone Call I Can Barely Hear?

It’s a common issue faced by many iPhone users. Nonetheless, it’s easy to fix; restart the iPhone and verify the issue. If not, enable and disable the Airplane Mode. Then, if the issue continues, you need to play around with iPhone settings, as mentioned above in the article.

Q2. Why Can’t I Hear Calls On My iPhone Unless On Speaker?

Can’t Hear Unless Phone Is On Speaker, head to Settings, and select Accessibility. Up next, choose Call Audio Routing and then select Automatic. Now check for the issue. 

Q3. Why Is My Phone Volume So Low All Of A Sudden?

Your iPhone might have stuck with headphone mode, which means the device behaves as if you have connected the headphone. Learn how to fix it by clicking on this link.

Q4. Why Is My Phone Calling Sound So Low?

Even at higher call volume, you barely hear the iPhone ring; the iPhone speaker might have clogged with dirt and debris. Try cleaning using the cotton swab dipped in the 70% Isopropyl Solution. 

Q5. How Can I Boost My Call Volume?

To Make My Call Volume Higher, I have increased the call volume to the highest. And to prevent no sound during calls, I frequently cleaned the Speaker and iPhone Microphone

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