My iPhone X Ringer Volume very low for incoming call: Boost Sound

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

The entire Smart gadgets have a good sound quality and unique tones that easy to listen to large crowds. Apple has very good and effective ringtones, notification tones and Haptic vibrate or Custom Vibrate. Let’s check the possible settings and troubleshooting tips on iPhone X Ringer Volume very low and muted.

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Side Volume button doesn’t work for increase iPhone X ringtone volume; you need to change the settings for enabling and use Side volume button increase/decrease ringtone volume. Quick enable “Change with Button” under the Settings app > Sound and Haptics > find the option “Change with Buttons” Enable toggle.

In the past we share the guide on iPhone X Low in Call Volume, also are suffered from this problem check out my guide and hope you helped. This guide also helps to fix on iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus/6 model.

1 iPhone Ringer Volume is low troubleshooting help

Fixes and Guide on iPhone X Ringer Volume very Low

Toggle on/off – Ring/Silent Side switch

My iPhone X not ringing! Sometimes side button Ring/Silent Switch stuck and loose connection point in switch arising problem to enable it. So once try to disable and enable this switch manually.

Check the result or test by a call from another phone or mobile.

Volume is low: Use Volume up button for reset or change ringtone volume

Fist enable toggle for “Change with Buttons” from steps given above. Unlock your iPhone X, Go to home Screen > Use side button for makes the instant effect or change the level of ringtone volume.

Hard Reboot or Reset

Hard reboot or reset auto fix all the internal problem at once. Try the cross finger solution. There should be internal software issue conflicting with hardware.

Hard reboot: First Press and Release Volume up button, Now Quickly press and release Volume down button. Now Press and Hold Side button until you see the apple logo on the screen. Your iPhone Screen will be black and use Sleep/Wake button for turn on iPhone X.

Check for Update iOS

New software update get help, Check the Settings app > General > Software Update > Download and install a software update.

Reset and Restore to clean install

Problem is really serious; try this healthy and long process. First Backup your iPhone on iCloud or iTunes.

Erase All Content and Settings, Go to the Settings app > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

Download and install Latest iOS, Restore the old backup on iPhone. Follow restore iPhone.

Clean Speaker holes with the Soft toothbrush

Hard particles and chemical blocking the speaker hole, Use a dry Soft baby toothbrush (because it has a tiny brush). Blow the air and clean up the all bottom edge holes carefully.

Wrap Up

No any solution help to fix iPhone X Ringer Volume very low, Check purchase Date and Contact apple support center. Get a free replacement and fix from apple help desk if under warranty. Also get online Apple support via chat or Email.

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