iPhone 6/6S Won’t Ring on Incoming Calls iOS 14/iOS 13.7: Ringtone Not Working

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Many of the iPhone users facing problem on iPhone ringtone was not ringing when she/ he enabled ringtone inside sound setting. I have personally experienced on iPhone 6. Or some ware for selected call ringtone has been disabled. So go through the below-given steps, you can solve a ringing problem at the time of receive calls.

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New in latest, Apple comes new settings for the auto-answer Call on iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8. if you set auto receive call on 0 seconds, then iPhone 6 ringtone is not ringing for the incoming call.

Also check how to make ringtone for iPhone, ringtone maker for the iOS device.

Solve iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S Won’t ring or not ringing

Note: First you have to check all the settings related to ringtone.

1st: check volume level set for your tone.

Go to the Settings > Sounds

iPhone 6 ringtone is not ringing and volume levelUnder the Ringer and Alerts: Slide left to right for increase ring sound level.

2nd: Verify you haven’t set an alert tone for ringtone

Go to the Settings > Sounds > inside Sounds and Vibration Patterns (Ringtone) >

Now, from this ringtone screen, you can see two segments for sound tones

  1. Ringtone
  2. Alert Tones

Set ringtone for incoming callYou have to choose from Ringtone.

3rd: Check side mute button on your iPhone 6

For me, this is a highly recommended solution for iPhone 6 ringtone is not ringing. From the left side edge, volume toggle should be on. (Set it toward up when you put your iPhone 6 on a horizontal surface).

It already turns on (Not mute situation). Then Turn off it, and Re-enables it.

Now you can test with other iPhones by calling your number.

4th: Restart your Device:

Some Miss configurations might be because a problem of iPhone 6 ringtone is not ringing for the incoming call. So you have to restart your device by the press (Sleep/ Wake and Home button at once) until you will see the red slider for the slide to turn off.

Then press and hold the Sleep/ Wake button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

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  1. I just purchased this iPhone 6 I cannot get it to ring. I have followed the steps 6 times to no avail. I need help or should I bring the phone back to the retailer?

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