How to Fix AT&T Visual Voicemail Not Working on iPhone (iOS 17.0.1)

Last Updated on Sep 12, 2023

In this article, I suggest troubleshooting ways for At&t network customers. Learn how to fix At&t visual voicemail not working on iPhone. New customers or some of the exits At&t customers have reported their problems related unable to set up or Visual Voicemail not working on iPhone correctly after correct setup.

We know that Visual Voicemail is much essential for you. Because through that, you can easily see a list of the Voicemail message, and that allows you to listen to a voicemail, then you can delete it. Besides, you can change your Voicemail Greetings and password, your important voice message you can get very fast, and Store up to 40 messages and each up to 4 minutes long for up to 30 days.

We’re just trying to suggest the best way but not confirm because this is the issue from your network Side. At least, first of all, you must ensure that the Setup of AT&T Voicemail on your iPhone is correct. After that, there are possible ways to fix At&t visual voicemail not working on Apple iPhone.

Check This Before Begin

  1. New iPhone users, and After changing the SIM on the iPhone, Voicemail setup is required.
  2. Next, After Voicemail activation or Purchased from your Carrier, You have to set up voicemail within 60 Days.
  3. Voicemail will not work on after forward to the international number
  4. We can reset the Voicemail password from the AT&T account after forgetting Voicemail password. Go to the My Wireless section > My Devices & Add ons > Manage My Device > Device Options & Settings > Reset Voicemail Password. Follow the on-screen instructions and that’s it.
  5. Follow this tutorial for Delete AT&T Voicemail on iPhone, Also check alternate ways to Delete AT&T Visual Voicemail from the carrier server using your Phone Dial pad.
  6. You have a good Wireless connection to access Voicemail and Download Visual voicemail. Let’s check how to download Visual Voicemail from AT&T in this tutorial.
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Get Started to Fix AT&T Visual Voicemail not Working on iPhone

Confirm the Wireless Signal Strength and Check Your Messages

To use VoiceMail like Setup Voicemail, Access, and Download Visual Voicemail on iPhone, you need a good network connection quality. So you can get Voicemail notification Alerts on time, Follow the below steps to find the problem with Voicemail.

  1. Please turn off your iPhone (Use the Side button or go to Settings > General > Shut Down) and Turn on Using Side power/Sleep-Wake button [Press and Hold on it].
  2. Make a Call to dial 611 from your phone app.
    • If your call is started, Dial 1 from your iPhone Dial pad during a call to check the Voicemail system service.
    • If Your Call if Fail, Then you need to contact AT&T carrier Assistance and Verify your account detail.
    • if your voice mail won’t download then press and hold 1 to download message.
    • Unable to get AT&T Voicemail alert notification,
      • Change Notification settings off to on. From your AT&T mobile phone, press and hold 1 from the dial pad. Enter Voicemail password [Go to Startup guide in this article for change Password] if prompted, Press * option from dial pad to skip and move to Main menu, Now Press 4 for personal options. Now, Press 1 to change the notification alert off to on.

How to Setup Visual Voicemail on iPhone

  • Step 1. Go to Phone, tap on Voicemail; you can appear that on the right side of Keypad button.
  • Step 2. Now your iPhone displays set-up button
  • Tap on the set up button, Enter a 4 to 15 digit password and tap Save
  • Re-Enter your same Password again and Tap Save
  • Step 3.  Choose your greeting type. Tap Default in case of to you have a prerecorded greeting, or tap Custom to record your custom greeting.
  • Step 4. Once you’ve selected your greeting type, tap Save therefore now your Visual Voicemail inbox will display.
  • You’re Done!
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How to access Visual Voicemail on iPhone – For AT&T Voicemail Service

Access Downloaded Voicemail on iPhone

We can play or Listen to Downloaded Visual Voicemail on iPhone under the phone app, But some users cannot download Visual Voicemail, So, Follow the following way.

  1. Open the Phone app on your iPhone, Tap on Voicemail from the bottom tab.
  2. Now, See a list of all Voicemails, Tap to Access voicemail.
  3. Next, Tap on a play for listening to voicemail, if it’s playing automatically.
    After that, We can push or Delete voicemail from more settings that appear just below voicemail. troubleshooting steps for Voicemail Won’t delete.

Access or Listen Visual Voicemail on iPhone

On AT&T Wireless Phone Follow the steps to access & Play Visual Voicemail on your iPhone that you missing on your iPhone. Next Tutorial is Play At&t visual voicemail from another phone if your phone is not in-network coverage.
  1. On your AT&T Wireless phone, Press and Hold 1 from the dial pad.
  2. Enter Voicemail Password in prompt. Get a new Voicemail. If not any Voicemail then play saved Voicemail.
  3. You will listen from the first unread or unsaved Voicemail message list. Checkout Voicemail message keys,
  • Rewind 10 seconds → 1
  • Rewind to beginning → 11 
  • Skip ahead 10 seconds → 3 
  • Skip to end of message → 33 
  • Delete message → 7 
  • Recover deleted message → 1 then 9 
  • Save message → 9 
  • Skip message → # 
  • Replay message → 0 then 4 
  • Hear more options → 0 
  • Return to the main menu → *

Another way to Check Voicemail on your Phone

  • Step 1. Once turn off your iPhone and remove your nano At&t SIM card using a Paperclip or SIM eject tool,
    • Now insert the SIM again and do turn on your iPhone back.
  • Step 2. If you get prompted, then select your device, Cell phone brand, and Model then Select Save.
  • Step 3. On-screen device instructions, Choose Calls, then select Access Visual Voicemail.
    • So check out how you play voicemail, delete, save, and share messages and Change voicemail greetings.
  • That’s it!
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Check & Access Voicemail from Another Phone

AT&T users can access visual voicemail from another phone using this way.

  1. Dial and Call your 10-digit wireless number from another phone.
  2. First, When you hear your voicemail greeting, press the * key to interrupt it and stop it.
  3. If you reach the main voicemail system greeting, enter your 10-digit wireless phone number, then interrupt your greeting by pressing the * key.
  4. Enter your voicemail password when prompted.
  5. Follow the voice prompts to listen to your messages. That’s it. Below are the different button actions.
    1. Rewind 10 seconds → 1
    2. Rewind to beginning → 11 
    3. Skip ahead 10 seconds → 3 
    4. Skip to end of message → 33 
    5. Delete message → 7 
    6. Recover deleted message → 1 then 9 
    7. Save message → 9 
    8. Skip message → # 
    9. Replay message → 0 then 4 
    10. Hear more options → 0 
    11. Return to the main menu → *

After the above ways are correct from your side, and At&t Visual Voicemail won’t work on iPhone. Then you’ve to need to contact your network At&t customer canter or Call (800.311.0500)/(800.901.9878) or get Support Customer communities.

We recommend you must take a fresh backup of your iPhone in iCloud or iTunes. However, you’ll get your Voicemail message again in the case of change iPhone, losing iPhone, device with a new SIM, and your Visual Voicemail messages older than 30 days no longer be available.

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