How to fix At&t Visual Voicemail not working on iPhone

Last modified on: September 22nd, 2018 04:00 am

Here’s a several troubleshooting to overcome At&t Visual Voicemail not working iPhone XS Max/ XS/ XR/X/8/7/6. We tried to serve you best way for your Apple iOS 12 or later.

My these troubleshooting ways of At&t network customers. Learn how to fix At&t visual voicemail not working on iPhone. New customer or some of the exits At&t customers have reporting their problems relates unable to Setup or Visual Voicemail not working on iPhone XS Max/XS/ XR/X/8/7/6S/6/SE correctly after correct setup.


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We know that the Visual Voicemail is much essential for you. Because through that you can easily see a list of the Voicemail message and that allows you to listen one of it then you can do delete also. Besides, you can change your Voicemail Greetings and password, your essential voice message you can get very fast as well as you can Store up to 40 messages and each up to 4 minutes long for up to 30 days.

We’re just trying to suggest the best way but not confirm because this is the issue from your network Side. At least, first of all, you’ve to make sure that the Setup of At&t Voicemail on your iPhone is correct. There are possible ways to fix At&t visual voicemail not working on Apple iPhone.

Fix At&t visual Voicemail not working on iPhone

How to fix At&t visual Voicemail iPhone 6 not working

1st Way: Make sure correct Visual Voicemail Setup on iPhone

Step 1. Go to Phone then tap on Voicemail; you can appear that on the right side of Keypad button.

Step 2. Now your iPhone displays set up button

Tap on set up button then Enter a 4-to 15-digit password and tap Save

  • Re-Enter your same Password again and Tap Save

Step 3. Choose your greeting type. Tap Default in case of to you have a prerecorded greeting, or tap Custom to record your custom greeting.

Step 4. Once you’ve selected your greeting type, tap Save therefore now your Visual Voicemail inbox will display.

You’re Done!

2nd Way: How can access Visual Voicemail on iPhone

Step 1. Once turn off your iPhone and remove your nano At&t SIM card using a Paperclip or SIM eject tool,

Now insert the SIM again and do turn on your iPhone back.

Step 2. If you get prompted, then select your device, Cell phone brand, and Model then Select Save.

Step 3. On-screen device instructions, Choose Calls, then select Access Visual Voicemail.

So check out how you play voicemail, delete, save, and share messages and Change voicemail greeting.

That’s it!

After the above ways are correct from your side, and At&t visual Voicemail won’t work on iPhone. Then you’ve to need to contact your network At&t customer canter or Call (800.311.0500) or get Support Customer communities.

We recommend you must take a fresh back up of your iPhone in iCloud or iTunes, though that you’ll get your Voicemail message again in the case of change iPhone, losing iPhone, device with a new SIM as well as your Visual Voicemail messages older than 30 days no longer be available.

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