Fix iOS 13.3.1/12/iOS 12.4 iPhone running slow down: Speed Up iOS 13.3.1/12/iOS 12.4

Fix iPad iPhone running slow after iOS 12 update

The iDevice’s on which the people using it becomes unstable. Because it is causing a lot of problems like iPhone freezing after iOS 12.3 update, iPhone running slow after iOS 12.3 update and much more. Not only the old iPhone’s or iPad’s are slowed down but also the newest iPhone XS max, XS, XR, X and iPhone 8 are freezing after iOS 12 update.

This issue spoils the experience of using the iPhone and makes people annoying. If in case you also belong to that annoyed iPhone user then don’t worry I can help you to troubleshoot iPhone running slow after iOS 12 update.

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iPhone Running slow after iOS 12.3 update: Get Fix

Fix iPad iPhone running slow after iOS 12 update

Fix 1: Enable Reduce Motion

Toggle on Reduce Motion will stop all the parallax of apps and animations which will result in an improved speed of iPhone.

Step #1: Go to “Settings” and open “General”.

Step #2: Click on “Accessibility”.

Step #3: Tap “Reduce Motion” to enable it.

sometimes due to disabled animation on your phone, you might face phone screen lagging. that’s why you should toggle on Reduce motion. This logic may also satisfied your slow phone issues.

Fix 2: Enable Reduce Transparency

Now we will turn off the reduce transparency which will reduce the background see-through effects of the device.

Step #1: Go to “Settings” and tap “General”.

Step #2: There open “Accessibility”.

Step #3: Next, “Increase  Contrast” and tap on “Reduce Transparency”. And Enable Reduce Transparency.

Fix 3: Hard Reboot your iOS device

Usually, a small problem can be fixed by rebooting the iPhone. Only you have to use your fingers intelligently.

For iPad/iPhone 6S or earlier 

Step 1: Press and hold the Home button and Power button same time until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

For iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus users

Step 1: Press and hold Volume Down button and power button simultaneously for a minimum of 10 seconds.

For iPhone XS Max/XS/XR/X/iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus users

Step #1: Press and quickly release the Volume up button.

Step #2: now Press and quickly release the Volume down button.

Step #3: Now, press and hold the side button until apple logo arrives on the Screen.

Fix 4: Turn off Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh creates the burden on the device and uses most of the memory and RAM of the iPhone. So it is advisable to turn off this feature when you face any difficulty while using the iPhone.

Step #1: Launch “Settings”.

Step #2: Open “General” and turn off “Background App Refresh”.

Fix 5: Stop Auto-Update Apps

As I said, it consumes memory and processor which ultimately result in slow down of iPhone. When storage gets low it may affect the performance of the device.

Step #1: Go to “Settings”.

Step #2: Scroll down and find “Apps and iTunes Stores”.

Step #3: There turn off “Auto Update Apps”.

Fix 6: Update your Apps

If apps aren’t responding properly then it may possible that they are not compatible with iOS 12, so go to App Store and update the apps.

Fix 7: Delete Unused Apps [You can Enable offload feature]

The apps which you don’t use delete them and free up some space in your iPhone. To get the detail of which app is using how much storage follows the steps. you can also take help of enabling offload Apps.

Step 1: In the “Settings”, tap “General”.

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Step 2: Next “Storage and iCloud Usage” and then “Manage Storage”.

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2 Replies to “Fix iOS 13.3.1/12/iOS 12.4 iPhone running slow down: Speed Up iOS 13.3.1/12/iOS 12.4”

  1. I’ve changed my setting to pretty much what you’ve suggested. We’ll see how thing work.

    My real bug-a-boo it when my iPhone is raised for me to do something, more often than not, iTunes comes up saying it is playing or not playing a certain song in the background. I then go in and double tap my HOME button locate the iTunes open screen and swipe it up and closed. The cycle repeats itself MOST frequently. How do I STOP iTunes from doing this.

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