iPhone touch screen stop working: iOS 9, iPhone 6/6S, SE

Unexpectedly, you feel surprise about your iPhone is giving low response time or iPhone touch screen stop working/ unresponsive. Here are the troubleshooting steps on release or unfreeze screen like never before. Mostly unbalanced or unmatched iOS version create problems related to hanging, Screen Freeze or unresponsive. From newly released iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus, iPhone SE model, apple seeds to gave faster processor for quick process and response from iPhone.

Although, are you feeling shocking follow the below steps carefully? also check which are the fault still there, And How to fix them?iPhone touch screen stop working or not responding

Troubleshooting: iPhone touch screen stop working, Low response: iOS 9

1 Work on Dry interface

Make sure your iPhone screen is dry, or moisture free finger. Sometime iPhone screen in pocket create sweating on screen. Or from the experience during charging your iPhone catch heat. For all the problem, Dry your iPhone screen using cloth then use.

2 Protector damaged

If you wear screen protector on screen, Low quality screen protector lost important touch features for all time. Just remove or replace with other screen protector.

3 iPhone Up to date

Your iPhone should be updated with latest iOS version, Know compatible iOS version for iPhone and Update if available. Go to the Settings > General > Software Update.

4 Restart iPhone

Running app in background may be interrupting your screen UI and process, in that case you can terminate or refresh iPhone by restart or Force restart it, for restart press and hold sleep/ Wake button until you see apple logo on screen.

5 3D touch low response/ Not working

Yes, 3D touch is totally adjustable or You can set touch sensitivity on screen using finger touch from iPhone setting app. Go to the Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch.

6 Screen Cracked or Damaged

Use screen replacement kit for your model and go with learning tutorial for replace own self at your home, without any technical knowledge.

Above are the technical reasons and in behalf solutions for any types of iPhone touch screen stop working or Unresponsive/ Low response. Share your support with us, which steps make you happy.


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