How to Fix iPhone Weak Signal Issue with iOS 17.3.1 Tips of 2024

Apple’s iPhone several models are available in two different modems models in the marketplace- one is the Intel modem iPhone X and the second is iPhone X with the Qualcomm modem. Many Folks say Intel Modem iPhone can get higher signal strength than other modems iPhone X. Hence, many iPhone users report iPhone cellular reception issues in case you have a similar problem, like extremely poor signal (two or three bars) in certain areas such as your town or at home or on the go. No Worry.

There are various reasons at the back of the issue listed below. Even I also experienced poor signal strength on my iPhone problem, but I tried the following workarounds, hope this will work in your case too. This tutorial also helps to fix Weak Signal Strenght on iPhones.

Different Ways to Fix poor reception on iPhone

Fix iPhone X Weak Signals problems to booster solution

The previous model didn’t have a signal strength issue, so what should I do to boost iPhone X signal strength?

What happens when you get a weaker signal on your iPhone: call keeps disconnecting randomly.

Reason for the weak signal on iPhone

Carrier issue: Try to check the coverage map on your carrier website

Location: in case you are in that region with a weaker LTE signal, you have to move to other places.

Defective modem brick iPhone signal strength

Cellular Bands

Re-designed iPhone X Signal antenna = larger impact on signal strength.

You should call your Cellular providers like At&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, or whatever. MacRumors thread reported and Blame to Carrier Service; T-Mobile Signal is Pretty Bad, So people are switching to Other Networks. That’s the fine solution.

Take out the SIM card from your iPhone X and then put it again. Turn on Airplane Mode, then turn it off. If the problem persists, then try to change the new SIM card and input it.

This would work for you.

Reset Network Settings

To resetting network settings on your iPhone X, Go with the following steps:

Lunch Settings App – Tap General – Scroll down the Screen, tap on Reset – Tap Reset Network Settings – Tap on Reset Network Settings again.

Reset Network Settings in iPhone X

Your phone will restart and power on the back.

In case if you found any best iPhone X Signal booster case or iPhone Signal booster App then reply in the comments! Our team will use it and then review it! Thanks for your cooperation in advance!

In Advance, You should submit a request at Apple iPhone Repair Center to fix your iPhone X Weak Signal issues in a standard Way.

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These all are workable methods to fix iPhone X’s poor signal issue. Share your idea if you have and that is not listed in a given post.

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